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Many people travel for New Year to remote destinations; for them New Year a reason to travel in itself. While many of them don't like to follow popular routes, they still need to learn from experience of others.

Thus, overall goal is to help travellers get most of their New Year trip.


Specific goals for this expedition are:

  • to find a way to detail New Year-related information into Wikitravel articles (i.e. destination guides and/or travel topics) while respecting Manual of Style
    • possibly, to develop a travel topic New Year Travel
    • possibly, to demonstrate an ideal format through several reference (Star status?) articles
  • to help traveler to choose destination for his needs: some countries celebrate NY heavily, while others don't at all--and traveler's preference may be either.
  • to identify and list main sources for further reading when the matter goes beyond Wikitravel goals

Things to do[edit]

  • find potential contributors who already have a relevant travel experience to share; invite them to the expedition
    • start with those who contributed NY-related content listed below
  • initially create a list of articles that already have significant amount of New Year-related content
  • define types of content that we would ultimately want for a Star NewYear-complete article
    • summarize what we already have in articles below (use this search [1])

Content to develop[edit]

What we would like to cover in country articles:

  • traditional food and drinks (like stewed peas in Latvia that symbolize tears: eating peas you leave all tears in a year behind)
  • things locals do in the New Year night
  • whether it's more common for locals to spend New Year night in a restaurant, outdoor, with friends or with family
  • sights and attractions that open for New Year night only, or are otherwise a good choice for New Year eve and celebration
    • outdoor places to celebrate
  • christmas specialties shopping; christmas discounts when they extend to Dec 30
  • (more to come)



Substantian content in destination guides[edit]

Places claiming people come specially there for New Year:

A dedicated section, listing or paragraph:


(Content that should go to a travel topic)[edit]

New Year night celebration patterns[edit]

The following list can give you some ideas on how your New Year night celebration may look like:

  • having a dinner in the evening, then going to a sea / lake / river to make a fireplace and prepare a hot wine
  • find authentic cafe that can work overnight for you during the New Year, but doesn't offer any program or set menu, but can serve any dishes à la carte
  • book a seat in a dedicated New Year program in a restaurant or club

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