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On the way to the drop zone (front-right)
On the way to the drop zone (front-right).
I currently live in Beijing where I'm studying Mandarin and working part time on a website SEO project [1]. I grew up in Victoria, British Columbia and graduated from the University of Victoria.

My primary interest in travel is in interacting with different cultures, and being able to live every day life in a whole different way. Growing up, I was fortunate to be able to live in Fiji for two years. More recently, I worked in Namibia for a year with a local human rights organization (developing databases of course).[2] I have travlled extensively in Southern Africa and China somewhat in Europe, Japan, a lot in the South Pacific, throughout western North America and an amazing ten days in the United Arab Emirates. Also to more obscure places like Liechtenstein and Kiribati.

My current extra-Wikitravel amusements include curling, ballroom dancing, and various duties as a member of the Board of FIPA.[3] I'm also learning Mandarin. Maybe one day I'll be fluent enough to help out with 維基旅行中文版/Chinese Wikitravel!

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I'm a docent for Namibia, Fiji, Victoria and Vancouver. Feel free to post something to my talk page if you have a question about one of these destinations.


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