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da Denne bruger har dansk som modersmål.
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About me[edit]

I am from Copenhagen, Denmark and have lived some years in Beijing, China. Have travelled extensively through most of Europe and Asia


Below is what I plan to work on going forward

Denmark [1][edit]

  1. Establish relevant articles (done for Zealand)
  2. Improve articles to usuable

China [2][edit]

  1. Beijing (much done already)
  2. Establish subregions for provinces with well above nine city articles (done for a few)
  3. Mos existing content (already done for many articles)
  4. Add content to articles to usuable (done for some)
  5. Add content to region articles
  6. Create maps for regions
    1. Northeast
    2. Northcentral
    3. Northwest
    4. Southwest
    5. Southcentral
    6. Southeast
    7. East
  7. Create maps for provinces
    1. Anhui
    2. Fujian
    3. Gansu
    4. Guangdong
    5. Guangxi
    6. Guizhou
    7. Hainan
    8. Hebei
    9. Heilongjiang
    10. Henan
    11. Hubei
    12. Hunan
    13. Inner Mongolia
    14. Jiangsu
    15. Jiangxi
    16. Jilin
    17. Liaoning
    18. Ningxia
    19. Qinghai
    20. Shaanxi
    21. Shandong
    22. Shanxi
    23. Sichuan
    24. Tibet
    25. Xinjiang
    26. Yunnan
    27. Zhejiang
  8. Create maps for subprovinces
  9. Create overview maps for districtified cities
  1. Beijing
  2. Shanghai
  3. Guangzhou


  1. Establish subregions for states with well above nine cities and redirect from regions not needed (done)
  2. Mos existing content (just started)

Top regions[edit]


  1. Patrolling (trying to help a bit every day)
  2. Welcome (plan to do more on this)

Awaiting discussion[edit]

* Oltenia

* Lower Saxony

* Saxony



  • BeijingInnerDistricts.png
  • BeijingOuterDistricts.jpg
  • ShanghaiInner.png
  • ShanghaiOuter.jpg
  • SoutheastChina.png
  • SouthCentralChina.png