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Nationality: British

Region: Southern England

Languages: UK English (native), French (conversational), tiny bits and pieces of others where I can pick them up

Lived in: England, France, USA

Backpacked in: New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

Other travel in: Canada, Ireland, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Iceland, Czech Republic

Would love to travel to: All the Scandinavian countries, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South America and Africa (and anywhere else I've not already mentioned!)

I'm a Uni student here in England, and am very lucky to have had opportunities to travel all my life - Wikitravel was very helpful when I was backpacking this spring, and I'd like to return the favour. I love meeting people from different countries, and experiencing the culture and environment of places which contrast with my home country. So pretty much like anyone else here.

If anyone has any questions or feedback, I'm very happy to communicate via my talk page, assuming of course that I can work out how to use it.