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CSS Dixieland is the entity name of P. A. Stonemann, a world-wide traveller, mariner by profession, who has been for many years of his life working and long-term residing in Northron Europe (Scandinavia), in Southron Europe (Iberian Peninsula), in North America (the Ohio Valley-Appalachia area), and in South America (Brazil), plus visiting many countries in the two Americas, in Europe and in Africa. He is a polyglot, fluent in a diversity of languages. As P. A. Stonemann, he has been a collaborator in the book "Work your Way around the World", by Susan Griffith. He is also a contributor to Metapedia.

Mister Stonemann is currently in Brazil, professionally engaged as a language teacher, interpreter, translator, or recording studio speaker for foreign language courses, activities mainly oriented to Brazilians or to foreign persons in Brazil. The contributions made to Wikitravel can freely be used, according to licence, by Wikivoyage, Wikipedia, Metapedia, or any other resource for travellers. Credit to CSS Dixieland or to P. A. Stonemann will be highly appreciated. For any relevant questions, please use the appropriate talk page.

Information for the Far East Zone of the City of São Paulo can be offered to persons properly requesting it, under provisions regulated by the concept of Docents in Wikitravel. Contact can initially be made at the Talk Page of CSS Dixieland. Eventually an electronic post address might be provided for detailed interaction with prospective visitors.

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