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British living in Indonesia.


I have a very good knowledge of Bali, some other areas of Indonesia (especially East Java) and many of the inner London districts.. I can act as a Wikitravel Docent for all those destinations. Please leave me any questions you have on my talk page or if necessary send me an email.

Bali became a project[edit]

It was only supposed to be a bit of tidying up...... A microcosm of my life really.

When Bali is done.... perhaps Java, region by region. That's a hell of a task. Let's see how it goes with East Java. Update: East Java has gone as far as I can take it - three or four articles short of guide region status. It is nonetheless now a very developed guide, certainly better than any other available for this region.

On December 30th 2009, Bali became Wikitravel's first ever star region guide.

Other projects[edit]

  • Working on as many region maps and the associated country regionalisation as I can find time for, as part of the Region maps expedition. This is my biggest commitment of time and energy to Wikitravel.
  • As well as maps for Africa, a lot of work on various African articles. There is a considerable amount to do to knock the continent into Wikitravel shape.

Articles taken to star status[edit]

With varying degrees of help, I must add.

  • On December 30th 2009, Bali became Wikitravel's first ever star region guide.
  • On January 26th 2010, Hampstead became Wikitravel's first British star guide.
  • On March 7th 2010, Nusa Lembongan became only Wikitravel's second non-developed world star guide using a city template.
  • On April 4th 2010, Ubud followed Nusa Lembongan and became Wikitravel's third non-developed world star guide using a city template.

Cleaning the family silver[edit]

Yes, I am an administrator here and do my best to keep things clean and tidy. If ever you feel I have acted incorrectly over the treatment of an edit, please let me know on my talk page.

Loves, hates and wishes[edit]

Thanks to Peterfitzgerald and Globe-trotter for the (adapted) table lay-out.




Upcoming travel plans[edit]

Sadly none..... I am far too busy :(


I am slowly getting to grips with producing Wikitravel style maps and those below are my favourites. All of the maps I have drawn for Wikitravel are catalogued here.

  • Bali-NusaLembongan-Map.png
  • Burma Regions Map.png
  • Uganda Regions map.png
  • Kenya Regions map.png
  • United Kingdom map.png
  • London Bloomsbury district.png
  • Ghana Regions map.png
  • PNG Regions map.png
  • Madagascar Regions map.png
  • Bali temple diagram.png
  • London Hampstead district map.png
  • Vietnam Regions Map.png
  • Central Java Region map.png
  • Guatemala Regions map.png
  • Bali-Ubud-Map.png
  • Croatia Regions map.png
  • Belize Regions map.png
  • Congo Dem Rep Regions Map.png
  • Patrolling[edit]

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