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My name is Marek BLAHUŠ and I am university student of informatics (natural language processing) at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. I have also lived and studied for a semester in Leuven, Flanders, Belgium.

I can speak several languages, my mother tongue being Czech and my favorite language Esperanto, which I also make use of most often while traveling. I have visited most of the countries in Europe, while so far only a single one (United States of America) outside it. An article I found particularly valuable in Wikitravel is Discount airlines in Europe.

I do minor edits from time to time, particularly when using the site myself. My major contribution to Wikitravel has been the article Crossing borders on budget, which is my own initiative to which I have contributed by several tens of tips, particularly based on my own traveling experience. Thus, if you'd need extra advice on pursuing one of the described transitions, chances are that I might be of help. You may e-mail me using the link at the bottom of the menu on the left.