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The information below should really go in the Ulaan Bataar article, and please make sure to specify a license to those great images! --Stefan (sertmann) Talk 00:47, 14 December 2008 (EST)

Sight seeing in Ulaanbaatar city[edit]

left|400px|thumb|Zaisan Peak is a Monument dedicated to the Soviet and Mongolian soldiers who fought in World War 2 In UB city there are lots of Buddhist monasteries and some monuments for the socialist era. Gandan Monastery is the main center for the Mongolian Buddhist Religion. Inside the main building in the Gandan Monastery there is a big statue of a buddhist god called Megjid Janraisag, this god is the The God of Renaissance of Mongolia. There is also a big statue of Buddha right next to the ZAISAN MONUMENT FOR THE SOVIET AND MONGOLIAN SOLDIERS. If you want to see Buddhist sculptures you must go to the ZANABAZAR MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, CHOIJIN LAMA MUSEUM and THE BOGD KHAN MUSEUM.right|400px|thumb|Mongolia's last emperor Bogd Khaan's Museum Also not too far from the city there is a huge equestrian statue of Genghis Khan and it is the largest in the world. Always go to the central square. The central square is called SUKHBAATARYN TALBAI it is named after the Mongolian revolutionary hero Sukhbaatar. When you go to the central square you can see another statue of Genghis Khan in front of the Parliament Building.
Genghis Khan's statue
Most of the good stuff was destroyed during the Socialist era, because they didn't allow religion. Socialist thought that religion is a poison to brain. But there are lots of good stuff left. There is also a Mountain peak called HEEMORYN OVOO which means PEAK OF INNER SPIRIT. Only men are allowd on top of the peak. People believe that if you get on the peak and see the sunrise, your inner spirit will become strong. When the sun rises men on top of the peak say uuhaai three times by yelling very loud. Sometimes lots of rituals or events take place in Ulaanbaatar (UB CITY) such as No Car On Main Street. This is an event that takes place during spring and sometimes in autumn. What they do is The police closes the main street, which means no cars go on the main street. Only people would walk on the traffic road it was very fun. I experienced this by myself during my visit to Mongolia in April 2007. And also there was this very nice event which looked very beautiful. This is a event where people would light a lantern and let it fly in the air.
It looks nice