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Aye Myat Cho IV TM 86

Shwe Sar Pathein Parasol Workshop

Pathein Parasol (Unique Icon of Pathein)

Pathein previously known as Bassein is famous for Pathein Parasol (Pathein Htee). Pathein Parasol is one of the well-known handicrafts and well known for its beautiful and unique creatures. The design of pathein parasol is different from Japanese and Chinese ones. These traditional hand-made parasols are stilled used by Buddhist Monks and Nuns. They can also be used for decoration in ceremonies. The Pathein Parasol can also be souvenir item for tourists. The production of Pathein Parasol is traditional family industry. We can discover and observe how Pathein Parasol are made at Shwe Sar Pathein Parasol Workshop. The address of Shwe Sar Pathein Parasol is No.653, Tawyakyaung Road. We can get there easily by taking taxi from downtown. At there we can buy Pathein umbrella and can observe how pathein umbrella are made, decorated and prepared. The people from workshop will explain the steps and procedures : how they prepare, how they painted with floral or landscape pattern on silk or cotton umbrella.

The craftsmanship (Pathein Parasol) was bought to pathein by U Shwe Sar who was a royal artist who served the King Thi Baw(the last king of KonBaung Dynasty). At first, umbrella was made of cloth and later then special designs were added. At that time, umbrella were only for high class not for the public. When the King Thibaw was abducted, his royal artist U Shwe Sar had to run away. He went to Pathein and started making parasol for his living and it became his professional career.

There are 56 stages to create a good Pathein Parasol. The cloth, bamboo frame, glue, silk, cotton, thread and fabric are essential raw material to make Pathein parasol. As there are so many steps , it requires a lot of team work. This traditional craft workshop are now difficult to survive. So we should conserve Pathein Parasol workshop to last forever as it is also one of the icon of Burmese culture.