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I was born in the city of Sari, Mazandaran.
Now i am living in Tehran, Mazandaran (Present-day Tehran province) of Iran.

Travels in Iran[edit]

I've been approximately in most parts of Iran (except South regions), Recently (February 2007) within about 5 mounthes i visit Tabriz twice, I prefer to travel by train, I leaved in Isfahan about 4 mounthes in 2003, I recommend you to visiting Mazandaran and Kurdistan, for their beautifull natures, Not to visiting just Caspian Sea which all of the Iranians love to visiting it, but the exclusive nature of my home land, Contact me if you wish to visiting Mazandaran, I personally find free accommodate for you if you wish to traveling Mazandaran, If some one asks me how about cities, i recommend Isfahan and Shiraz.

Out of Iran[edit]

I've been in Syria and Azarbaijan (Just Astara City) in childhood.
Last year i went to Germany and Australia (New South Walez).
I plan to visiting Iraq (After Peace), Turkey, Armenia, Turkmenistan by own car or Train.