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This page holds all my past itineraries.



Planned Trip: May 2008



Planned Trip: August 2006

  1. Ormeno (bus) from Lima to Santiago
  2. Lan Chile from Santiago to Auckland
  3. Quantas from Auckland to Sydney


Planned Trip: January 2006

I want to live with my girlfriend in Peru after I finish working in Nuremberg. My contract will end in December 2005.

  1. Monday 9th January 2006: Air Berlin Flight from Nuremberg to Madrid (depart 11:25, arrive 16:00)
  2. Stay overnight in Madrid
  3. Tuesday 10th January 2006: Madrid to Lima via Caracas (depart 11:00, arrive 19:50)
  4. Stay in Lima for a few days
  5. Take a bus to Moyobamba
  6. Travel around Peru with girlfriend


Wales, Isle of Man and Norway[edit]

Days (7): During my holidays in December 2005

Liverpool was the centre of this trip.

  1. Sat 03.12: Train from Nuremberg to Berlin
  2. Sat 03.12: Berlin to Bristol with Easy Jet (14:30 > 15:30) booked
  3. ?: Bristol to Cardiff, Wales
  4. ?: Cardiff to Liverpool
  5. ?: Liverpool to Heysham
  6. ?: Ferry from Heysham to the Isle of Man and back again
  7. Sat 10.12: Liverpool to Oslo with Ryan Air (07:00 > 09:50) booked
  8. Tue 13.12: Oslo to Milan with Ryan Air (12:40 > 15:10) booked
  9. Start Slovenia / Croatia trip...

Since I lost my camera, I bought two cheap disposable ones.

Slovenia and Croatia[edit]

Days (6): During my holidays in December 2005

This trip follows on from the previous one.

  1. Tue 13.12: Arrive in Milan
  2. Train to Ljubljana, Slovenia
  3. Train to Zagreb, Croatia
  4. Night train to Munich
  5. Munich to Nuremberg

Note: Zagreb is only approximately 2 hours away from Ljubljana.

Baltic states and Finland[edit]

Days (6): Thursday 27th October to Tuesday 1st November 2005

Travellers (2): Aidan and Alaina

  1. Thursday 27.10.2005 - Frankfurt Hahn to Tampere, Finland with Ryan Air
  2. Tampere to Helsinki
  3. Cross the water to Tallinn, Estonia
  4. Travel to Riga, Latvia
  5. Tuesday 01.11.2005 - Fly from Riga to Hahn

Spain, Andorra and France[edit]

Days (7): Friday 30th September to Saturday 8th October

Travellers (3): Aidan, Mum and Dad

We went to Girona and hired a car. Then we visited Tato and his family in Pobla de Segur. After that, we went up north and visited Andorra. Then we went into France and stayed in Perpignan before returning to Spain and driving to Barcelona, where thieves stole my bag (lost my camera and mobile). We left hastily and went to the Costa Brava and stayed in Blanes. After that we returned to Girona and flew back to Germany.


  • Friday 30th September: Frankfurt Hahn to Barcelona (Ryanair)
  • Saturday 8th October: Barcelona to Frankfurt Hahn (Ryanair)


Days (1): 3rd June 2005

Travellers (1): Aidan

  1. Night train over Thursday night from Munich to Düsseldorf
  2. Transfer my UK visa at the UK Visa section to my new passport
  3. Visit Jülich
  4. Night train over Friday night from Düsseldorf to Munich

Copenhagen and Malmö[edit]

Days (3): 29th April to 1st May

Travellers (1): Aidan

  1. Friday: Nuremberg to Copenhagen in the night train
  2. Saturday: Day and night in Copenhagen
  3. Sunday: Day in Copenhagen. Trip over to Malmö, Sweden. Copenhagen to Nuremberg in the night train.


Days (2): 8th of April to 9th of April

Travellers (1): Aidan

  1. 2005-04-08: Night train from Munich to Budapest
  2. 2005-04-09: Day in Budapest
  3. 2005-04-09: Night train from Budapest to Munich


Days (7): 25th of March to 1st of April

Travellers (2): Aidan and Alaina

San Marino and Monaco[edit]

Days (5): 31st of January to 4th of February

Travellers: Aidan and Sascha

Work Ski Trip in Austria[edit]

Days (3): 21st of January to 23rd of January

Travellers: Aidan and colleagues

Rome and Vatican[edit]

Days (3): 31st of December 2004 to 2nd of January 2005

Travellers (1): Aidan

Got extremely drunk with random people in an Irish bar, thus celebrating the new year



Days (3): 24th of December to 26th of December

Travellers (1): Aidan

Yes, it's true, alone over Christmas

Dublin and Belfast[edit]

Days (4): 6th of December 2004 to 9th of December 2004

Travellers (1): Aidan

Guinness is good for you

Prague, Krakow and Vienna[edit]

Days (5): 29th of October to 2nd of November

Travellers (2): Aidan and Janek

Went to the salt mine at Wieliczka. Got very sick in Vienna due to food poisoning and had to go to the hospital.

Vienna and Bratislava[edit]

Days (3): 22nd of October to 24th of October

Travellers (2): Aidan and Alan

We stayed in Vienna for two nights

Scotland, Paris, Zurich and Liechtenstein[edit]

Days (16): 21st of August 2004 to 5th of September 2004

Travellers (2 then 3): firstly Aidan and Liz Price, then Aidan, Andrew Blyton and his friend (Luke).

  • The first half of the trip was spent with Liz Price. We drove around Scotland.
  • The second half started in Paris, where I met Andrew Blyton and travelled with him for the rest of the trip

Trier, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Munich[edit]

Days (16): 19th June 2004 to 4th July 2004

Travellers (2): Aidan and Emma Francis

  1. Nuremberg to Trier (visited Johanne from Mauritius)
  2. Trier to Amsterdam via Luxemberg and Brussels. Met Emma.
  3. Amsterdam to Berlin (night train)
  4. Berlin to Prague via Dresden
  5. Prague to Nuremberg (attended work summer party)
  6. Nuremberg to Munich via Regensburg
  7. Munich to Nuremberg


Days (4): Friday 9th of April (Good Friday) to Monday 12th of April (Easter Monday)

Travellers (1): Aidan (Simon was going to come too, but missed the train)

  1. Train from Nuremberg to Munich
  2. Train from Munich to Venice
  3. Three nights in Venice
  4. Train from Venice to Munich. A girl from Peru got on the train in Innsbruck and sat in my compartment. A few days later, we became enamorados.
  5. Train from Munich to Nuremberg


Days (3): Friday 26th March to Sunday 28th March

Travellers (1): Aidan

A ski trip organised by the radio station "Radio Energy".


Days (3): Friday 12th of March to Sunday 14th March

Travellers (2): Aidan and Manuel

Manuel's ex-girlfriend showed me around the area, including Frankfurt.

Failed Prague attempt[edit]

Days (1): In February 2004

Travellers (1): Aidan

I attempted to go to Prague before it became part of the EU (in May) and was turned back because I didn't have a visa.