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This is my user page for Wiki Travel. My project is Across Canada Trails

About The project[edit]

The OSM profile as a bit more info, and has a good summery also.

How I will be contributing to WikiTravel[edit]

I plan on posting Tourist maps, using for towns across the country of Canada. Using the power of Wiki, i think my 1st focus is on the actual map book, and includes the tourist maps. .. The description about each town, it would end up being a real huge book. .. and what people need is a map book with just all the maps that they need when traveling across the country. the second part of it would be the written guide. .. it's always a question of 'How much tourist information does the tourist actually need?' If the town your visiting... really doesnt have much to offer, who draws the line on how much information to give the visitor, before actually being there? ... but thanks to Wiki, i think we have are answer. ... As much as we want.  :)

Trans Canada Trail[edit]

What I need to be clear about is that the mapbook will NOT in anyway undermine the hard work of the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, and those who made guidebooks for. As these guidebooks are a wonderful resource to have. This mapbook (Across Canada Trails Guidebook), will be FREE and OpenSource, showing the Routes Across Canada... which does include the Trans Canada Trail segments. The map will only show the local area 'routes' and the names of the routes.. as well as show the invisable (unmarked) 'Across Canada Trails' connecting routes. A route for each type of recreation.

So then an open question i have would be this: Would i be permitted to create on openstreetmap the connecting route, and call it 'Across Canada Trails: Hiking route' and 'Across Canada Trails: Mountain Bike route' and 'Across Canada Trails: Road Bike route' and 'Across Canada Trails: Motercycle route'? ... even though they don't physically exist, these show the most obvious (to the experienced user who did the route before) routes between physically marked signs. ... so if it's a sign that says 'no bikes on trail' .. i would be able to provide the alternate that bikes CAN use.