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Welcome to the Aburda page I'm back in California (after nearly seven years in Europe) doing my MBA at UC Davis. Haven't been doing much WikiTravel writing, although I'll be doing a road trip through Mexico and hopefully will have a lot to write about.

  • Name: Aaron Burda
  • Born: San Jose, California
  • Education: 2007 MBA Candidate at UC Davis
Bachelors in PoliSci - UC Irvine
  • Work:
5 years as a database programmer
2 years running a small company in Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Travel & Time abroad:
Lived for two years in Ireland (1 year in the north, 1 year in the south)
Spent 3 years in the Czech Republic
Spent 2 years in the Former Yugoslavia
I've Been to Italy, France, Ireland, U.K., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, The Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Mexico and the west coast of the United States.
  • Languages:
I can speak fluent Czech and Serbocroatian
  • Articles I've strongly contributed to
  1. Kosovo
  2. Crimea
  3. Montenegro
  4. Bosnia
  5. Czech Republic
  6. Monterey
  7. Pacific Coast Highway
  8. Carmel
  • Articles I'm planning on contributing to
  1. Slovakia
  2. Albania
  3. Bosnia, still needs work
  4. Macedonia
  5. South Moravia in the Czech Republic
  6. Serbia
  7. Lyon in France
  • Interests
  1. Open Sources Software (though just as a user)
  2. Languages
  3. Politics and History
  4. Motorcycles
  5. Hiking
  • Cool Site List - Travel site using WikiTravel Content - Czech News in English - Best Linux Distro - Socially Responsible Business in Davis

  • Current Project