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United States government buildings

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United States government buildings

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There are numerous government buildings in the United States, but the main ones are the state capitols and the important government buildings in Washington D.C.


Most government buildings, federal or state, are constructed in Greek- or Roman-style architecture and therefore stand out in the cities or towns where they stand. These buildings are usually in parkland areas, with the most beautiful of these probably being Washington DC's National Mall.

Government buildings are often similar to museums: they allow people to enter the buildings and explore some exhibits that have been created for tourists. These often give tourists an idea of the successes of that state or country, and local resources (such as minerals or rocks) and political portraits are commonly displayed in these exhibits.

However, there is also activity that goes on in government buildings that may result in parts of these buildings being closed to the general public. For example, court and congressional events take place in federal and state capitols.


Rather interestingly, there is a different spelling between the most important government buildings, capitols, and the cities they are in, capitals. You can get the spelling of each right by remembering that there is an a in capital, like there is an a at the beginning of atlas, and capital cities can be found on an atlas.

Meanwhile, capitols are individual buildings and therefore are rarely found on an atlas, and the word capitol doesn't have an a in it.


There are a few notable types of government buildings: the main ones are the capitol buildings, which are found in Washington DC and state capital cities. Capitol buildings are like the headquarters of the state or country. However, there are other government buildings, including police stations and libraries, which can also be found in smaller American cities.


All states have a capitol building in the capital city, and in these buildings the states are run.

Federal government

  • Washington, DC is the location of many important US buildings, including the White House, US Capitol Building, Library of Congress, and the US Supreme Court.

State governments

In each of these state capitol cities has a state capitol building. The cities here are listed in alphabetical order.

You may never have heard of these cities before and think, "Really? Maryland's state capital isn't Baltimore and New York's isn't New York City?" The interesting thing about United States capital cities is that many of them are not the largest cities in their state. Instead, they have a good location or were founded early in that state's history.

While Atlanta is not surprisingly the capital of Georgia, some of the cities on this list would be practically non-existent if they were not the capitals of their state. Further examples of small state capitals include Jefferson City being the capital of Missouri instead of St. Louis and Harrisburg being the Pennsylvania capital instead of Philadelphia.

Stay safe

United States government buildings are usually very safe places because they have security checks. BAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

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