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Unique New Years Traditions around the world

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Unique New Years Traditions around the world

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If you are not yet to be part of any New Years Tradition, you may want to partake in one of these unique traditions!


Philippines Japan
New Years Traditions: 1. Dress in polka-dots or display round fruits on the dining table because roundness signifies prosperity. 2. All doors must be left wide open to allow good luck to enter right before the clock strikes midnight to the New Year. 3. Be Frugal on the first day of the New Year to set the tone for wise money management for the rest of the year
New Years Traditions: 1. Stores in Japan sells boxed meals including foods that are considered lucky, so you must have some. 2. Cleaning the house towards the end of the year signifies purification throughout the year. 3. Must visit a shrine to ring the bell and worship. At a Buddhist temple, bell is rung 108 times at midnight to purify the listeners of the 108 sins or evil desires that exists in ever human being. 4. Wear a costume or send in cards of drawings of the next year's zodiac animal (in 2014: horse)


Spain Denmark Belarus
New Years Traditions: 1.Eat 12 grapes. Grapes are eaten at every stroke of the clock as it strikes 12 on the New Year Eve. Each grape signifies 12 months and it is believed that it will bring good luck and prosperity throughout the year.
New Years Traditions: 1. Breaking old plates and glasses against friends' and relatives' doors as a sign of friendship. 2. stand on chairs and jump off together at midnight, it is suppose to banish bad spirits and bring good luck.
New Years Traditions: 1. Mirrors can determine a girl's marriage in the New Year. If two mirrors are placed correctly, it is believed that a girl will be able to see the face of her future husband in one of the glasses. 2. A rooster and one pile of corn can help a girl to see if she'll get married in the New Year. If the rooster circles around a girl and eating corn frequently from her hand, she is the one to be the next bride.
Estonia Ireland Scotland
New Years Traditions: 1.Lucky numbers are 7, 9 and 12. People should eat 7, 9 or 12 times on the New Year day. This signifies abundant food in the New Year. However, not all the foods should be eaten, some should be left out for the ancestors and spirits who are believed to visit the house on New Year's Eve.
New Years Traditions: 1.Banging on Christmas bread on wall and doors are believed to chase away the bad luck out and bring the good luck in.
New Years Traditions: 1.Giant fireballs on poles overhead (representing the sun to purify the coming year) are swung by townsmen parade. 2."First Footer"- The first person to come into your house on New Year's day decided the family's luck for the rest of the year and they usually have to carry a gift for luck.

South America[edit]

Brazil Ecuador Chile
New Years Traditions: 1. Jumping seven waves at the beach after midnight to honor the goddess of the waters, and to bring good vibrations. 2. Wearing new colored underwear, red, purple, yellow, etc- each color represents your biggest desires for the following year. 3. Hop three times on your right foot with your glass of champagne in hand, this represents starting the year on the "right" foot.
New Years Traditions: 1. Burning of the 'ano viejos' dummies are represented as the old year. Some of these dummy's are often stuffed with firecrackers and Chinese rockets. Also, Dummy faces are masks representing everyone from the city.
New Years Traditions: 1. In Talca, Chile, people spend the night in a cemetery to keep company of dead loved ones.
New Years Traditions: 1. Walking around your neighborhood with an empty suitcases is to greet a new year full of travel.

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