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Ubon Ratchathani

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Ubon Ratchathani (อุบลราชธานี) is a city in Isaan, (North East Thailand). It is the Capital City of the Province of this name. It is often referred to as simply Ubon (อุบล), it should not be confused with "Udon" (Udon Thani), to the north.


Candle sculpture in Thung Si Muang Park

Ubon was founded on the northern bank of the Mun River by a group of Lao princes fleeing Vientiane in the late 1700s. They applied for King Taksin's protection, duly granted in 1779 along with the city's new name, meaning "Royal City of the Lotus". Modern-day Ubon was a U.S. air base during the Vietnam War and grew rapidly at the time, but little has happened since then. The town of Warin Chamrap, on the south bank of the river, is effectively a suburb of Ubon these days.

The sleepy Ubon office of the Tourist Authority of Thailand (264/1 Khuan Thani Road) is worth a visit to pick up useful English maps of the town and nearby provinces. Basic English spoken. Open daily 08:30-16:30.

Ubon is a bit of a bland, concrete jungle, but without the insane high rise buildings of Bangkok. There isn't a huge amount to do there unless you have friends, family or employment, and as such it may even seem fairly boring after places like Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. It's the people who make Ubon worth visiting, they are friendly, happy and genuine, don't be surprised if someone asks to have their photo taken with you!

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

The grandly named Ubon Ratchathani International Airport (IATA: UBP), (ICAO: VTUU) in reality serves only flights to Bangkok most of the year. Nok Air has 7 daily flights to Bangkok Donmueang. Thai Airways has two daily non-stop flights between Bangkok and Ubon and return. Air Asia has two daily non-stop flights between Bangkok and Ubon and return year-round. AirAsia operates 3 weekly flights between Phuket and Ubon from October to March and between Chiang Mai and Ubon from November to March. Flight time is 50 minutes in Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 aircraft.

The airport is at the northern edge of the downtown area of the city, almost within walking distance, but accommodation is scattered around Ubon, so better not to consider walking. Much better to go by either metered taxi or a fixed-fare car service company (limousine). The metered taxis are significantly cheaper, and are now finally allowed to pick up passengers at the terminal, just turn right when you exit the terminal building and walk 50 Meters where you will probably already see them and if not, at least the queue of passengers waiting for one. Destinations within 2-3 km of the airport will cost less than 50 baht, and virtually any destination with the city proper or Warin will be under 100 baht. As well, there are two limousine counters located in the arrival hall. Rates vary by destination and number of passengers, but are usually around 200 baht for a nearby destination within the city and go up from there.

Both taxis and limousines can serve destinations outside of Ubon such as Chong Mek and Mukdahan. Prices must be negotiated beforehand.

By bus[edit]

The main bus station is the 'บขส. (Bor Kor Sor) station in the north part of the city. As is common in Thailand there are many competing bus services to major and minor destinations. It is not easy to determine which window to go to for your destination or how to avoid the overcrowded, ever stopping but cheaper locals' buses (or to select them if you prefer) as there is very little written in English. Going through to the bus area itself can help as most bays have destination and route information and you can see what sort of buses are there, then start asking! (2014) Buses to Bangkok take 10 hours (due to stops).

The Nakhonchai Air private bus company has frequent, well-maintained buses that go to Bangkok, Pattaya, Chonburi and Rayong. Nakhonchai Air has its own private terminal in Ubon. Buses start their journey at this terminal and then continue to Ubon Bus Terminal. The company also has a private terminal in Bangkok. Bangkok bound buses first stop at this terminal and then continue to Mo Chit terminal. Bangkok bus ticket costs about 570 baht and journey takes about 8 hours. Bangkok bound buses operate between 8:20-23:00 hours and Pattaya bound buses operate between 6:30-19:45 hours. The company also has 2 daily buses going to Chiang Mai-Lampang, 1 daily bus going to Phayao-Chiang Rai and another one going to Uttaradit-Phitsanulok. Most expensive tickets are 1st Class, then Gold Class and Silver Class. Another trusted company is Phetprasert Tours ( ) that runs services to Chiang Mai via Roi Et, Maha Sarakham and Khonkaen several times a day. To Khonkaen it takes about 4.30 - 5 hrs. Check their website, there is some info in English too so you will be able to determine the schedule. They operate double-decker Buses that are reasonably modern and clean (as of January 2017). If you arrive at the Bus station, metered Taxis are available to send you to your desired destination in Ubon (and yes, they actually DO use the Meter, no need to even ask the driver to do so). There is a Taxi booth where you will be given a slip with a number on it so you know when it is your turn (the number will be announced by an attendant). very well organized and refreshing hassle-free compared to other places in Isaan (as of Jan 2017).

Ubon is less than 100 km from the Lao border at Chong Mek / Pakse. A regular bus service now operates direct from Ubon bus station (near the "Big C" shopping complex) to Pakse in Laos, and caters for travellers who wish to obtain a Lao visa on arrival (it waits for all passengers to complete immigration and visa formalities before continuing to Pakse). The fare is 200 baht. There are ATM's and private money changers at the border. (2014): If you are on a VIP bus you will go to a private terminal close to the area of Guest houses. On other lines once you come to a roundabout after crossing over the big Mekong bridge you should try to get let off as you could well end up at a bus station well out of town to the east or south east.

By train[edit]

Daily trains connect with Bangkok and stop at all the southern Isaan provincial capitals (Si Saket, Surin, Buriram, and Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat)). The station is to the south of the city on the opposite side of the Mun River in Warin Chamrap; buses 2 and 6 connect to the center.

One option is to catch the overnight night express train from Ubon (Warin Chamrap station) to Bangkok. Train departs at 18:30 and arrives Bangkok at 05:30. Travel first-class in a two berth private sleeper compartment with fresh starched sheets and pillows for a little over 2,000 baht per couple. Travel is also available in 2nd class sleeper seats and 3rd class seats for a lower cost.

Get around[edit]

A bus/songthaew network with 13 fixed routes operates around the city. Most routes are numbered and colour-coded; pick up a map at the Ubon TAT office. Songthaews stop working at 6:00 pm.

Alternatively, there are plenty of tuk-tuks puttering and samlors pedaling around. As always, agree on a fare before you get in, and expect to pay 20-40 baht depending on distance and your haggling skills. There are also meter taxis, but do not expect them to use the meter. Bargain to where you want to go.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, try renting a motorbike or a car to get you to one of the many national parks in the province.

To enjoy the beautiful tracks and peaceful ways outside the city, and to get to know more from Ubon, moving free toward the different neighborhoods, rent a bicycle.

  • My Dear Corner" "bicycle rent" "168 Ratchabutr Road A. Muang phone="+66 081-076 1399 price starts at 80 baht/day" email"[email protected]"
  • Jayjay car rent" "Motorbike and car rent" located at 137 Nakonban road, Ubonratchathani. Tel/Line/Sms/facebook messenger at +66896255823. Rapidly reply and provide very good service.Motorbike rental for 250-300 THB per day (1000 THB deposit) and car rental service start from 900 THB per day (Deposit 3000 THB cash, do not need credit card deposit)
  • Khunaek car rent Ubon"car rent"; tel/Line +66619749424. Car rent starts from 900 THB per day (Deposit 3000 THB in cash)
  • New car rent Ubon" car rent"; located at 4 Sappasit Road Soi 3, Ubon Ratchathani Tel/Line +66853113366

See[edit][add listing]

Chedi of Wat Nong Bua

Thung Si Muang Park[edit]

Located at the center of town in front of City Hall, this pleasant little park has several points of interest:

  • Ubon Ratchthani National Museum collected the aged rocks and stuffs from Yasothon, Amnat Chroen and Ubon Ratchathani province. Great to pay a visit for an hour. The Buddha sculptures,the clothes and the barge that display there are interesting.
  • A bright yellow elaborately carved candle sculpture, completed in 2000, standing 22 meters tall and dedicated to the King, showcases Isaan art styles and has become the symbol of the city. The candle is placed on a junk, with a garuda eagle at the bow and a naga serpent around it.
  • A statue of Phra Phatumvoraratsuriyawang commemorates the tersely named founder of the town.
  • A Monument of Merit has been erected by former World War II POWs to commemorate the kindness of the people of Ubon.


At one temple a local pointed out a small bus that tours at least 7 temples: useful for temple addicts! (no further details)

  • Wat Nong Bua (off Chanyangkun Rd, past the BKS station) is a highly unusual large white angular chedi, said to be a copy of the Mahabodhi stupa in Bodh Gaya, India. Quite stunning in appearance, but the decorations seem rather modern and with reason - the structure was built only in 1957 to commemorate the 2500th anniversary of Buddha's death.
  • Wat Thung Si Muang (Luang Rd) is primarily notable for its wooden scripture hall (hor trai), on stilts above a pond to stop ants and termites. The monastery itself was built in the reign of Rama III (1824-51) to house a replica of Buddha's footprint. The Ayutthaya-style bot is currently (2004) being repaired.
  • Wat Pah Nanachat (International Forest Monastery) is a famous forest meditation temple with more than 20 foreign/western monks from all over the world. If you come before 08:00 AM you can join in the morning meal, and maybe speak to a monk afterwards. You can take a red song-thaew (public shuttle bus/truck) from Warin Chamrab to Wat Pah Nanachat for about 10 baht.
  • Wat Nong Pah Pong is the forest monastery of the late venerable Ajahn Chah, one of the most famous meditation masters in Thailand in recent times. About 70 monks live here, and there is a small
museum and a stupa (or chedi) with the relics of Ajahn Chah to visit. A few foreign monks live here, also.
  • Wat Luang The ancient temple located at the River Mun Bank with the old wooden building and the old Buddha sculpture ages more than 100 years.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Ubon's biggest event is the Candle Festival, held in early July on Khao Phansa day, which marks the beginning of the rainy season retreat. During three months, monks do not leave their temple, unless for an emergency, and lay people vow to abstain from taking alcohol as well as to refrain from any negative action. Huge wax candles are displayed in Thung Si Muang park, which are carried around town in a procession the next morning.
  • A less well-known illuminated boat procession is also held in October to mark the end of the rainy season (Ok Phansa).
  • The only bowling alley, at the Nevada complex is now closed, although they still have a snooker hall for adults only who need to purchase a membership.
  • There are a couple of water parks in the city, including one on the roof of Sunee Grand, but it is fairly run down and not worth a visit.
  • Fishing is popular in this part of Thailand, but you would need to rent a car to visit the tackle shops and lakes.


Buddhist meditation[edit]

  • Wat Pah Nanachat (WPN) The International Forest Monastery, Ban Bung Wai, Amper Warin (12 km from Ubon Ratchathani). [4]. Established in 1975 by the late Ajahn Chah, the monastery offers full training courses in English. Full board and lodgings are available, though prior notice is required. Write to The Guest Monk, Wat Pah Nanachat, Bahn Bung Wai, Warin Chamrab, Ubon Ratchathani 34310.
  • Experience Rice Farms and local lifestyle at Ban Sa-Som Village,KhongChiam District Experience the true feeling of being a farmer and enjoy local life style in ฺBan Sa-Som village . You will learn how to do the rice farm, enjoy the real paddy field,cook your own Issan dish and having a nice trail in Sa-Som village in KhongChiam district with the lovely children in the village before heading to the Dong-Na-tam(ดงนาทาม) national park and get to see the first sunrise in Thailand at Pha ChanaDai or before heading South Laos.The best time to trek in Dong-Na-Tam national park is among October to February. Volunteers for a primary school in Sa-Som village is welcome. [For further information and arrangement email: [email protected]]

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Rawangthang handcraft Souvenir shop and cafe (8.00-19.00);located at Khuanthani road,opposite Thung Srimuang Night Market. Shop here for handmade souvenirs which the owners have selected the quality products from the locals for the buyers. Great coffee from the Zakka style coffee bar too.
  • D-Block (Formerly Thean Chai) for gardening products made by hand from Isan and concrete products for construction.
  • Phanchat Esan Folk Arts & Handicrafts for a wide selection of souvenirs and handicrafts. Has two beautifully designed locations downtown.
  • Yudee Bicycles for quality bicycles, components, and accessories, located down the road from Big C and the bus station.
  • M & C Computer Consulting is an authorized Apple dealer committed to providing great service. The owner Kitti can be emailed at [email protected]
  • Central Plaza. UBON has a big Central Plaza Mall now too with the usual offerings and brands and a TOPS market on the basement floor. Easy to reach by Taxi and even Sawngthaew  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • TaladYai Morning Market, Phrommathep Road (at River Mun Bank,near the bridge which cross to the train station to WarinChamrab). 5.00-13.00. The biggest fresh market which you can find any fresh ingredients or prompt-eat foods for very cheap price. Some stuffs you would not see anywhere else so explore this market if you have a chance. Take any Songtaew and tell them you are going to Talad-Yai 10+. (15.224369,104.858341) edit
  • Muen Thip, Phichit Rangsan Rd (east of intersection with Thepyothi). A popular two-storey place specializing in a Thai interpretation of Korean barbecue (Neua Yang Kaolee), grilled at your own table and dipped in fiery sauces. A plate of your meat of choice and a large tray of veggies, plenty for two, costs 90 baht. English menu available, not that you really need it.  edit
  • Peppers Restaurant & Bakery, 297/2-3 Uppalisan Rd (opposite the entrance to the air force base), +66 45-245-275 (), [1]. 9:00-20:00. Great Coffee, along with Cakes, Pies, Fruit Shakes, Milkshakes, Tea, Beer, Wine and Cocktails. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Serves American, Italian, German, Mexican and Thai Food. Credit Cards accepted. GPS Coordinates: 15.239702, 104.855480 89+.  edit
  • Risotto, Phichit Rangsan Rd (intersection with Phonphaen Rd, 100 m west of Laithong Hotel), +66 81-8791869. 11:00-23:00. Authentic Italian style pizza, pasta, and steak.  edit
  • Spago Original Italian Pizza, 420 Chaengsanit Rd, +66 45-281100, [2]. 11:30-14.30 and 17:00-22:00. The pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven and the flour and tomatoes are imported from Italy. Spago offers reasonably good pizzas by Thai standards, but is fairly expensive, only visit if you are desperate for pizza! A nice pizza with a couple of glasses of really good wine can run you over 1000 baht, but you get proper Italian style pizza as opposed to the Thai-style ones, and a real Western-style restaurant as opposed to a plastic chair by the side of the road.  edit
  • Delicious โพธ์ไทร์, Tambon Song Khon, Amphoe Pho Sai, Chang Wat Ubon Ratchathani 34340 (15 minutes from Sam Phan Bok), 089 217 8466. 0600-2100. A “delicious” place to eat with fusion food. You will enjoy the food here if you’re visiting Sam Phan Bok. (15.8228109,105.3663490) edit
  • Night food market, next to Ubon Square and BigC (next to Big C). next to the BigC at Ubon Square, there is a night food strip that offers inexpensive meals. Open every night, not to miss as it is right next to the BigC building. after finishing your meal, you can wash it down at one of the several Pubs and live music venues at the adjacent Ubon Square. A 24 hrs McDo with drive-through is located there too  edit
  • Nam Nueng Nai Lert, Khuanthani Rd (opposite the Chinese School 烏汶華僑公學), +66841670943, [3]. 06:00-15:00. This is a famous authentic Vietnamese foods which the locals love. The price is cheap,starts from 40 THB. GPS Coordinates: 15.225936, 104.858256 60+.  edit

Ubon has many of the ubiquitous fast-food chains, including a few McDonalds, Pizza Hut, The Pizza Company, and KFC (with some local brands like Black canyon etc), but sadly no Burger King. However, unlike in the West, these places are not cheap at all, and by Thai standards are very expensive, indeed if you are on a budget find a good noodle soup stand and eat like a local. You could have ten bowls of noodle soup for the price of a double big mac meal (as of Feb 2019). It's very different here. If you go into a London McDonalds at lunchtime, the place will be packed, and you might not even be able to sit. Go to McDonalds in Ubon, and you'll likely have the place to yourself! Remember that anywhere Thais are eating will be good, Thais hate bad food and word travels quickly.

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Miss Aree Coffee (Opposite Ubon University) serves freshly brewed coffee.
  • Life Roaster (7.30-18.00); located near the airport at 202/3 Suriyat Road, Mueang, Ubon Ratchathani. Provides great coffee and tea. The owner is a doctor who quited his job to become a roaster. The latte and MAtcha green tea are awesome,also Japanese cheesecake is remarkable.
  • Top Tube bike and cafe (open everyday,close someday) located at 169,PichitRangsan Road Tel +6695 605 8389. Try a very unique cofee,chillax at a unique atmosphere with a nice chat with the owners. Suitable for coffee lovers and the bike lovers. The owners are fond of bikes and provide bikes fixing and repairing for the touring groups/individuals too. If you wish to try Halal foods, ask in dvance and you will get the best Halal dish in Ubon Ratchathani.

Ubon is very much a non-touristy place, as such you will not find bars on every corner. Many of the bars are clumped together and only open at night time. Do not expect the kind of atmosphere you would find in Bangkok or Pattaya!

Sleep[edit][add listing]

It's not always easy to find the accommodation in Ubon, do not expect to be able to ask a taxi driver in English for a hotel recommendation. As well as the listed places below, there are about 10 budget hotel/motel/guesthouses in the area bounded by Chayaung Kun 28, Sukha Songkhro Ally and, Sukha Songkhro 1. They are about halfway between the main bus 'Terminal' (from which most inter provinces depart) to the north and the bus 'station' to the south, and very close to the Nong Bua market. If you cannot speak any Thai, try and print the name of the place in Thai or find out how to show it in Thai on your phone for the taxi driver.

  • [email protected] Hostel 324,Phrommarat Road, tel. +66 879045655 [5] A budget hostel 5 minutes walk for the open-air market in the center of the old town, near the Moon River. Within walking distance of Ubon Ratchathani Museum and Tung Sri Muang Park. The basic rooms are small but clean. Good location and overall service. 150 THB/Bed.2 Minutes walk to the Songtaew which heads to the main Bus station and the train station. 10 minutes walk to the tourism authority of Thailand(TAT).
  • Sri Isan Hotel Ratchaboot Rd, tel. +66 45261011 [6] Boutique hotel across from the open-air market, beside the Moon River. Within walking distance of Ubon Ratchathani Museum and Tung Sri Muang Park. The basic rooms are small but clean. Good location and overall service. From 450 baht.
  • Bua Boutique Hotel (Formerly Montana Hotel), 179/1-4 Upparat, +66 45-261-748,749,750. Rooms with air, cable TV and mini-bar. There is a karaoke attached to the hotel. It is a convenient location downtown with easy access to public transportation. Recently remodeled and renamed. 500/700 baht..  edit
  • Laithong Hotel Phichit Rangsan Rd, Tel. +66-45264271 [7] Advertises itself with the tagline "In Ubon, Luxury Equals the Laithong Hotel", which is probably true, if only for lack of competition. A little faded in decor, but kept in reasonably good shape, and features a pool, restaurant, nightclub, and karaoke bar. From 1400 baht.
  • Nevada in midtown. Has a Starbucks in front of the hotel, a cinema complex nearby and near enough to Tesco and Robinson (the town's biggest department store) to walk. From 1,000 baht.
  • The Outside Inn 11 Suriyat Rd, Tel. +66 88 581-2069 [8] Boutique guesthouse with 8 rooms. Garden setting with traditional Thai architecture and design. Restaurant with Mexican, Thai, and Western food and full drink/bar menu. Free Wifi. Located on the East side of town, near the large hospital and Laithong Hotel. All rooms include hot breakfast and brewed coffee. Two types of rooms priced 650 - 799 baht. As of March 2019, it is both the highest rated restaurant AND hotel in Ubon on Trip Advisor! Home-made from scratch Mexican food is world-class.
  • The Ratchathani Hotel, 297 Khianthani Rd. Tel. +66 45-244388-90. Boutique hotel with restaurant. Rooms from 450 baht.
  • River Moon Guesthouse is a 5 minute walk from Ubon train station, opposite the fire station. 120/150 baht.
  • T3 House Soi Sapphasit 1 (a small soi off Sapphasit Road between Phadaeng Road and Nakhornban Road - there's a sign on Sapphasit Road). Tel. + 66 45 244 911 [9] A 5 storey modern hotel with a car park out front. Rooms include Fridge, TV, A/C, Wet Room and Free wifi. 600 baht/night.
  • Tohsang City Hotel, 251 Palochai Rd. Tel. +66 45245531-9 [10] Same owner as Tohsang Khongjiam Resort. From 1,200 baht.
  • Tohsang Khongjiam Resort 66 Moo 7, Baan Huay-Mak Tai, Khongjiam (over an hour away from the city). Tel. +66-45351174 [11] A classy resort on the banks of the Mekong River near the Lao border. From 2,000 baht.
  • Tokyo Hotel, 178 Uparat Rd. Tel.: +66 45-241739, Has an old and a new wing. Cheapest single rooms with a fan for 220 baht as of Feb 2010. In the new wing a fan room is 360 baht, A/C 450 baht (Aug 2012) with hot water, 2 bottles of water, TV and free WiFi. Songthaew No. 2 runs from bus station opposite to the hotel for 10 baht.
  • Ubon Buri between Muang Ubon amd Warin Chamrab. Resort hotel by a lake in the town's outskirts. From 1,000 baht.


Ubon has an immigration office located on the campus of Ratchathani Rajabhat University, it's easy to find and the staff are polite, friendly and helpful. Visa extensions generally cost 1900 baht.

Get out[edit]

  • Preah Vihear (Prasat Khao Phra Wihaan in Thai) - Khmer temple accessible as a day trip from neighbouring Si Saket Province (currently closed to the public) but you can visit Pha Mo E Dang in Kantharalak district of Sri Sa ket Province to experience the fog cloud and watch Preah Vihear from the far-sight.
  • Pakse, Laos - There are two common methods to get to Pakse across the border in Laos. One is to catch the VIP bus leaving from the main bus station (bor kor sor) in the north of town. There are two buses per day, 9:30am and 3pm. If you can't make this bus there are regular minivans leaving from the main bus station (stand 18) every half hour until 5:00pm. The cost to the border town of Chongmek is 100 baht. From the Chongmek minivan terminal you can take a tuktuk the extra 1km to the border for 20 bath. Once on the Lao side it's 30,000 kip (about 120 baht)(2014)by minivan to Pakse. Cheaper Songtaew's make the trip from the border to Pakse for 15,000 kip but take quite a bit longer as generally locals who are not going the whole way to Pakse take this option. Both options are not available after 5 pm. You can take a taxi for 200,000 kip to go to Pakse. If you don't know where to get off in Pakse get off soon after you cross the Mekong Bridge - or you might end up way out of town!
  • Amnat Charoen A minibus goes from the bus terminal regularly, and costs B60. Depending on which one you catch, you may end up at the intown (close to the 4 way intersection), or very distant out of town bus stop in Amnat which is some 10Km north of the City. So get off as you see the main 4 way intersection in Amnat(there is only one of these!)
  • Buriram A first class aircon bus goes from here for B263 and takes 4.5 hours.

Routes through Ubon Ratchathani
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