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USA Most Haunted Locations

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USA Most Haunted Locations

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This article is an itinerary.
Haunted Cemetery

This tour explores the most haunted locations in the United States.

Amityville House
Lizzy Borden House
Union Cemetery
Stanley Hotel
Waverly Hills Sanitorium
West Virginia State Penitentiary
Marie Laveau Tomb
Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


Alcatraz, San Francisco, This famous super max prison is also home to some of the most odd, paranormal encounters in the city.

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, This mansion was once the home of Sarah Winchester, who continually built on the estate for 36 years for fear that spirits would kill her if she stopped.


Stanley Hotel, 333 Wonder View Avenue, Estes Park. Steven King's "The Shining" was inspired by this grand hotel. Numerous guests have reported unexplained activity and it is said to be haunted by the founder F.O. Stanley.


Union Cemetery, Sport Hill Road Easton. Known by many as the most haunted cemetery in the US. Many paranormal sightings have been reported including glowing orbs, moving mist, and the legendary "White Lady".


The Hampton Lillibridge House, 507 E St Julian St., Savannah. During a restoration in the 1960's, construction workers reported hearing footsteps and strange voices. Some even reported seeing a shadowy figure staring at them from across the room. The location has since gone through different owners, yet the unexplained events still occur to this day.


ʻIolani Palace, 364 S King St, Honolulu. Locals and tourists report strange events happening at the palace. Some believe it is the spirit of Queen Lili'uokalani.


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, 143rd St and Midlothian Tpke Midlothian. Known as the most haunted places in Chicago. This location is the site of paranormal encounters, some even captured on photographs. A famous photograph by Jude Felz published in the Chicago Sun-Times depicts a transparent woman sitting on top of a tombstone, gazing into the woods.


Waverly Hills Sanatorium, 4400 Paralee Ln, Louisville. Opened in 1910 to treat tuberculosis patients, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a hotbed of documented paranormal activity. The site hosts guided tours and hosts a haunted house during Halloween.


St Louis Cemetery, 3421 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans. The final resting place of Voo-Doo Queen Marie Laveau is located in cemetery #1 and is the 2nd most visited grave site in the US.


Lizzie Borden House , 92 Second Street, Fall River. Now a bed and breakfast. Widely known as the most haunted house in the US. Is the site of a notorious double murder in 1892.

Joshua Ward House , 148 Washington St., Salem. This mansion was built over the lands where those accused of being a witch were interrogated and executed during the Salem witch trials.


Exorcist House, 8435 Roanoke Drive. The actual location that was depicted in the movie "The exorcist" where a young boy was possessed by a demon in the 1940's.


Bannack Ghost Town , 721 Bannack Rd Dillon. In 1862, gold was discovered in Bannack and a bustling town emerged. Today, this ghost town offers camping and guided tours. Some visitors claim to have experienced ghostly encounters with spirits of the gold miners.

New York[edit]

The Amityville Home, 108 Ocean Avenue. In 1974 the tragic murder of a family happened in this home. The next family that moved in reported strange and unexplained events and moved out after 28 days. The events were popularized by the book and movie "The Amityville Horror".

Rolling Hills Asylum, 11001 Bethany Center Road East Bethany. A location well known for it's active paranormal activity including audio, visual and even physical encounters with the spirits who were once patients of the asylum.


The Shanghai tunnels, This underground city was once used to kidnap and smuggle prostitutes and immigrants to be sold as laborers. It is widely regarded as the most haunted location in Oregon.


The Devil’s Den, Site of the largest and bloodiest battles of the civil war. The site remains an area where visitors experience unexplainable events. Many claim the ghosts of fallen soldiers still roam the battlefield.

South Carolina[edit]

Dock Street Theater, 135 Church St, Charleston. It is said this location is haunted by 2 spirits. The first is a prostitute named Nettie who was struck by lightening by the theater. The second is the spirit of Junius Brutus Booth, a famous actor and the father of John Wilkes Boothe, who killed Abraham Lincoln.

West Virginia[edit]

West Virginia Penitentiary, 818 Jefferson Ave Moundsville. Known as one of the most haunted prisons in the US. This gothic style building hosts day and overnight tours promising a chilling experience.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, 71 Asylum Drive,Weston. This facility was built in the late 1800's housed nearly 2000 mentally handicapped, drug addicted and epileptic patients. Today, the site is a popular attraction offering ghost tours.