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USA Hidden Gems

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USA Hidden Gems

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USA Hidden Gems[edit]

Often times, places that are easily ignored or undervalued are the best place to be, whether if it's for their food, drinks, books, or even for a beautiful scenic view. Some of these places are very private and may want to remain undiscovered, so you may not even be able to get in - but it's always fun to go for a fun treasure hunt around the cities that you might one day find yourself in! Everyone loves to be part of that mystical world sometimes.

Club 33, Disneyland
Club 33 sign, Disneyland
Secret Door for Noble Experiment
LA Grand Central Market
Blue Hole - New Mexico
Bishop Castle2 Fairview CO
New Mexico Whitesands
Last Bookstore
Whispering walls


Club 33[edit]

Club 33 is a private club located in the New Orleans section of Disneyland, California. Rumor has it that Club 33 is the only place in Disneyland where they have the license to serve full liquor and alcoholic drinks but it is very tightly closed down to the general public. It is really hard to miss this place but it is located right next to the Blue Bayou Restaurant and has a teal door with the address plate number 33 on it. Some say that fees for joining this private club is very expensive - ranging from 10- 30,000 US dollars. Not just that, but there is also a waiting list where you may have to wait years until it's your turn to join.

Noble Experiment Bar[edit]

Located in San Diego, California- you can only get reservations to this bar through text messaging and the entrance to this bar is by pushing on the wall of kegs near their bathroom. You can try checking out their website for more information, but just to warn you, you won't get much.

Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar[edit]

Located in Chicago, Maria's Packaged Goods & community Bar is known as one of the best bars in Chicago. This bar is located behind this liquor store through an unmarked door and once you are in, you are about to be the luckiest person to be able to drink from the best beer draft list in town.

Death & Company[edit]

Death & Company is located in New York and it takes no reservations. You can go there and wait in line if you want, or they will take your number and contact you if the space becomes available. This bar offers a bit of spookiness but promises for fine wine, cocktails and food.

Shopping & Food[edit]

LA Grand Central Market[edit]

Located in Downtown, Los Angeles, 317 S. Broadway, you'll be able to enter this LA grand central market through three big garage doors. This place has fresh fruit, meat, and fish shops as well as new hip coffee shops and restaurants that you can check out. They also have desserts, jewelry shops and music events that you are underrated.


Blue Hole[edit]

New Mexico has it's own beauty as well it's own jewel. Located on the Route 66, there's a perfect swimming spot where the water temperature remains 64°F all year around. The water is so blue and clear that you'll be able to see the wall of it's hole.

Bishop Castle[edit]

San Isabel National Forest in Colorado has it's jewel and that is the Bishop Castle. This castle has been build with thousands of stones that are gathered by Jim Bishop and he has been working on it for over forty years.

Arches National Park[edit]

Not as famous as other parks like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite, Arches National Park is home to the world's greatest concentration of natural arches. The park is located in Utah's Canyon Country near the town of Moab.

White Sands National Monument[edit]

Snow? Nope, Sand! and it's white. Located in Alamogordo, New Mexico, you may run into this strange location where the sand is made of gypsum. White Sands National Monument is known as a place that holds one of the world's greatest wonders, and who wouldn't want to be part of that?

Antelope Canyon[edit]

Located on Navajo land, this incredible canyon is a walking tour that looks like a hole in the wall tourist trap complete with a trailer where you buy your tickets. Don't let the appearance fool you. Below the surface is some if the most beautiful and otherworldly scenery you will ever experience.


The Last Bookstore[edit]

In the heart of Downtown LA, California- The Last Bookstore, is known to be one of the most beautiful library in the world! It is located on the first floor of the building on 453 S. Spring st, and it is very hard to miss if you are not carefully seeking for it.

Whispering walls[edit]

Grand Central Terminal in New York City has it's own beauty and secrets. One of them being the Whispering walls/arch. This place is located right next to the Oyster Bar. If you and the other person stand facing the corner diagonally and whisper into the wall, the words you say will telegraph from one corner to another. You will be able to hear the words as clearly as if they are standing right next to you. This place is known to be one of the most romantic spot in New York City where a lot of lovers uses to propose to their special someone.