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Traveling with pets

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Traveling with pets

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Traveling with pets can be difficult, owing to the widely varying laws from country to country. This article details pet legal restrictions in counries (guarantees, pet passports, vaccination); pet restrictions/prices on trains, buses; and pet safety (potential diseases like rabies or canina distemper, approach of locals, etc.

Also of difficulty when traveling with a pet is that many private businesses are less likely to allow pets on their premises.

Lodging with a pet[edit]

Having a pet will make your choice of lodging more limited. Some lodging facilities are pet-friendly and allow pets in accordance with their rules; others totally forbid them.

Regardless, be honest with the management about the presence of a pet. Do not try to hide the pet or sneak it in against their rules. Even those places that do allow pets frequently want the pets declared. They may have some rooms that are designated for pets, and therefore want the pets declared.

The consequences of bringing a pet to a place of lodging without declaring one may not be pretty. Many places will charge an undeclared pet fee after the fact. This could be a lot more than paying a pet surcharge. And be aware, they will find out. Staff are specially trained to recognize the signs a pet was present when you did not declare one, e.g. sounds made by the pet, fur left behind, driving off with the pet in your vehicle. Even if you try to cover your tracks, many places will vigilantly look out for signs you may have overlooked.

If you cannot bring your pet along[edit]

You will need a pet sitter in this case.

A pet sitter could be a professional who specializes in offering this service or a trusted friend or relative.

You will need to pay for such a service. Even if a friend or relative is providing the service, still offer them money, since they are doing work for you. Realize that they cannot necessarily do a perfect job, and they can only try their best.

Another option is a kennel. This you must also pay for. And this also takes the pet out of its familiar environment.