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Travel transportation

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Travel transportation

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Transportation is a concern of every traveler, whether he is planning how to reach a destination or trying to hail a taxi. Numerous transportation options exist, ranging from one-way trips in a first-class jet to budget accommodation on a freighter.

General transportation concerns[edit]

By plane[edit]

General information[edit]

Travel by plane is often faster—when travelling very large distances, such as between continents, the difference is a choice between a day in transit flying versus several weeks any other way—and safer than other modes of transportation but it can be more expensive and generally involves dealing with security checks and baggage issues that travelers by bus or train might not have to face.

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Ticket buying[edit]

Purchasing airline tickets can involve a mind-numbing array of fare classes, date restrictions, and price options. Two travelers sitting next to one another on a plane have almost always paid different fares, so finding the best prices can be a challenge.

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Modes of travel[edit]

Airline travel varies from cramped economy cabins to large suites that may even offer a full-length bed. Prices vary according to class of service, but frequent flyer status and other methods offer ways of getting upgraded travel without the upgraded price.

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Round the world flights[edit]

Several airlines offer round-the-world flights, perfect for backpackers with a lot of time and a loose schedule. These flights offer travel to any location, provided the traveler is always moving east to west (or vice versa) and often limit the traveler to a maximum number of flights.

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Security issues[edit]

Airport security has become more strict in recent years and offers a host of hassles for travelers. Arriving at the airport in time to make it through security checks, traveling with proper documentation, and avoiding transits through countries with strict security constraints are all considerations for air travelers.

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Air charter[edit]

Air Charter is the official name for air taxi operations, defined by the FAA and operated under a series of rules, primarily the US Federal Code of Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 135, which specifies specific rules for experience, safety, and maintenance.

Air charter is the business of renting a complete craft (i.e., chartering) as opposed to individual aircraft seats (i.e., getting a price ticket through a conventional airline). whereas the airlines specialize in selling transportation by the seat.

Air charter companies fly point-to-point, at the time requested by hiring customers, so that customers don't need to wait in-line at major hub airports. Safety, pilot qualifications, and many other considerations are overseen by the FAA.

Air charter companies often fly smaller aircraft that the FAA approves, with room for 3-9 (or more) passengers. Since aircraft with more than 9 passengers start to fall into the "commuter" size range, there are a number of extra requirements and costs that occur with more than 9 passenger seats per aircraft.

The new VLJ (very light jet) aircraft being delivered by Eclipse Aviation and others will typically seat 4-5 passengers, and offer a new set of choices for point-to-point flights.

General Aviation[edit]

Travelling at the controls of a small plane as a private pilot can be one of the most fulfilling travel experiences possible. You get to see the world from a perspective entirely different from the ground or from commercial aviation. Most parts of the world have some form of General Aviation; in western countries such as the United States and Europe small airports are everywhere. Costs are somewhat higher than commercial airline seats; travel time is less than by car but usually somewhat more than by airline. Becoming a pilot can take a significant amount of time and money, but most will agree the rewards are outstanding; for most travel pilots the journey is the reward.

By train[edit]

General information[edit]

Travel by rail often invokes a past era, with tracks winding through mountains and forests, comforts including dining cars and sleeper cabins, and other amenities not available to air and motor travelers.

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By boat[edit]

Freighter travel[edit]

A less crowded, cheaper alternative for crossing a sea or ocean, not using airplanes or commercial cruise ships or ferries. For more in-depth information see:

Yacht charter[edit]

Yacht Chartering is known as the best kept secret in the holiday industry. It is where you hire a yacht (either a sailing yacht or a motor yacht) and to sail in a different part of the world each year.

As well as the flexibility it offers it can also be surprisingly excellent value for money, often working out cheaper than booking hotel rooms, especially if there are a good number of people going on holiday together.

It also usually works out cheaper than owning your own yacht if you charter for up to six weeks a year.

In order to charter a yacht you will need to demonstrate that you have a qualified skipper and at least one competent member of crew. if you are not able to supply your own skipper (this is known as "bare-boat charter") you can pay to have one supplied which is known as a "skippered" or "crewed" charter.

When you charter a luxury yacht or any other yacht world wide, the rate works as a base and on top you add the countries VAT , fuel expenses , food & beverage expenses which all included on the clause APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance). APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) is the standard structure to pay your expenses on a luxury yacht charter. The APA essentially creates a bank account for the Captain (and chef) on the yacht to provision on your behalf. APA is generally calculated as a percentage of the charter fee, usually 30- 35% of the charter fee which you then pay in advance prior to embarkation.

There are plenty of yacht charter companies, one with thousands of yachts to compare online is Yachtico or the Denison Super Yacht Division.

Popular locations include Croatia, Greece, Caribbean, Seychelles, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand,Caribbean and the Whitsunday Islands.

See also Cruising on small craft.

Cruise ships[edit]

Cruise ships range in size from vessels holding a handful of passengers to floating cities that hold thousands of passengers and offer all of the amenities that one would expect of a luxury resort.

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By road[edit]

Automobile travel[edit]

In some countries such as the United States of America a car is a nearly indispensable tool for travel. Cars allow flexibility in destination planning but require maintenance, insurance, and valid driving permits.

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Ridesharing, or carpooling, is the sharing of car journeys so that a driver does not travel alone in a car. Websites such as BlaBlaCar safely connect drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride.


Hitchhiking is an inexpensive and sometimes dangerous way to get from one place to another. Hitchhiking has its own codes and rules, and can be an effective and enjoyable means of travel for some.

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Cycling trips can range from day trips to adventures that last for months, with the cyclist using manpower to traverse the countryside.

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Bus travel[edit]

Taking the bus is a comfortable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Coach fleets have upgraded their services over the years and now rival those of airplanes. In certain countries, locals rely on the bus as some routes aren't served by popular modes of transport, like the plane or the train. Companies like Busbud, make finding the right bus easier as they work with operators all over the world to help travelers find bus tickets.

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