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Travel news/2014

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Travel news : 2014
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Travel news/2014

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  • [[Travel news#Thousands join Hong Kong protest|Thousands join Hong Kong protest]] (30 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Catalans rally for independence vote|Catalans rally for independence vote]] (30 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#UK relaxes travel advice for Nairobi|UK relaxes travel advice for Nairobi]] (30 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Donetsk airport clash violates truce|Donetsk airport clash violates truce]] (30 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Japan volcano eruption intensifies|Japan volcano eruption intensifies]] (30 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Hong Kong's democracy protests turn violent|Hong Kong's democracy protests turn violent]] (28 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Floods hit north-east India states|Floods hit north-east India states]] (23 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Hong Kong HK students escalate protest|Hong Kong HK students escalate protest]] (23 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Yemen president warns of civil war|Yemen president warns of civil war]] (23 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Manila floods: Thousands evacuated|Manila floods: Thousands evacuated]] (19 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Australia raises terror threat level|Australia raises terror threat level]] (13 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Alert as Pakistan flood river peaks|Alert as Pakistan flood river peaks]] (13 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Eritrea Travel Warning|Eritrea Travel Warning]] (13 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Hurricane Norbert drenches Mexico|Hurricane Norbert drenches Mexico]] (7 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Nigeria militants 'seize' major town|Nigeria militants 'seize' major town]] (1 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Ecuador volcano increases activity|Ecuador volcano increases activity]] (2 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Cuba introduces new customs limits|Cuba introduces new customs limits]] (2 Sep)

  • [[Travel news#Dengue Fever Tokyo|Dengue Fever Tokyo]] (1 Sep)


  • [[Travel news#Strong quakes hit Iceland volcano|Strong quakes hit Iceland volcano]] (24 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Tension high as Libya airport seized|Tension high as Libya airport seized]] (24 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Dozens die in Donetsk fighting|Dozens die in Donetsk fighting]] (20 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Liberia troops enforce quarantine|Liberia troops enforce quarantine]] (20 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Iceland evacuates area near volcano|Iceland evacuates area near volcano]] (20 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Pakistan protesters head towards capital|Pakistan protesters head towards capital]] (15 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Mogadishu hit by intense gun battles|Mogadishu hit by intense gun battles]] (15 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Police fire on Tibetan protesters|Police fire on Tibetan protesters]] (15 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Donetsk rocked by heavy shelling|Donetsk rocked by heavy shelling]] (15 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Typhoon Halong batters Japan|Typhoon Halong batters Japan]] (10 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Fresh fears for Gaza talks in Cairo|Fresh fears for Gaza talks in Cairo]] (10 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Iranian plane crash 'kills 48'|Iranian plane crash 'kills 48']] (10 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Liberia health system falling apart|Liberia health system falling apart]] (10 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Deadly clashes with police in Pakistan|Deadly clashes with police in Pakistan]] (10 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Venezuela to close border at night|Venezuela to close border at night]] (10 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Sudan floods wipe off thousands of homes|Sudan floods wipe off thousands of homes]] (2 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#Massive landslide near Nepal capital|Massive landslide near Nepal capital]] (2 Aug)

  • [[Travel news#UK suspends Tripoli embassy services|UK suspends Tripoli embassy services]] (2 Aug)


  • [[Travel news#Mass casualties as Gaza market area bombed|Mass casualties as Gaza market area bombed]] (30 Jul)

  • [[Travel news#Rain, hail and lightning hit SE England|Rain, hail and lightning hit SE England]] (26 Jul)

  • [[Travel news#US evacuates embassy staff from Libya|US evacuates embassy staff from Libya]] (26 Jul)

  • [[Travel news#S Sudan food crisis 'world's worst'|S Sudan food crisis 'world's worst']] (26 Jul)

  • [[Travel news#First bodies from MH17 flown out of Ukraine|First bodies from MH17 flown out of Ukraine]] (23 Jul)

  • [[Travel news#Rio ramps up security for World Cup final|Rio ramps up security for World Cup final]] (12 Jul)

  • [[Travel news#New Kenya travel warning for Britons|New Kenya travel warning for Britons]] (12 Jul)

  • [[Travel news#Strong quake off east Japan coast|Strong quake off east Japan coast]] (12 Jul)

  • [[Travel news#Uganda Possible threat of attack|Uganda Possible threat of attack]] (03 Jul)

  • [[Travel news#Africa Ebola outbreak in Africa|Africa Ebola outbreak in Africa]] (02 Jul)


  • [[Travel news#Airlines halt flights to Peshawar|Airlines halt flights to Peshawar]] (26 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#France Travel Warning|France Travel Warning]] (25 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Large earthquake near Alaska triggers tsunami warning|Large earthquake near Alaska triggers tsunami warning]] (23 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Iraq key refinery 'seized by rebels'|Iraq key refinery 'seized by rebels']] (23 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Suicide car bomb rocks Beirut|Suicide car bomb rocks Beirut]] (23 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Ukraine to implement unilateral ceasefire|Ukraine to implement unilateral ceasefire]] (18 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#American Airlines cuts flights to Venezuela|American Airlines cuts flights to Venezuela]] (18 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Curfew lifted nationwide in Thailand|Curfew lifted nationwide in Thailand]] (13 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Ukraine forces win back port city|Ukraine forces win back port city]] (13 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#France rail strike halts many trains|France rail strike halts many trains]] (13 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Iraqi insurgents seize new city|Iraqi insurgents seize new city]] (11 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#European cities hit by strikes|European cities hit by strikes]] (11 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Egypt's government levies $25 tax on tourists|Egypt's government levies $25 tax on tourists]] (5 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Strike halts traffic in Sao Paulo|Strike halts traffic in Sao Paulo]] (5 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Mass jailbreak in eastern DR Congo|Mass jailbreak in eastern DR Congo]] (5 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Ukraine rebels attack border guard camp|Ukraine rebels attack border guard camp]] (2 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Strong sandstorm kills four in Iran|Strong sandstorm kills four in Iran]] (2 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Clashes at India gang-rape protest|Clashes at India gang-rape protest]] (2 Jun)

  • [[Travel news#Volcanic ash affects Bali flights|Volcanic ash affects Bali flights]] (2 Jun)


  • [[Travel news#Separatists shoot down Ukrainian helicopter|Separatists shoot down Ukrainian helicopter]] (29 May)

  • [[Travel news#Fresh Brazil anti-World Cup protests|Fresh Brazil anti-World Cup protests]] (27 May)

  • [[Travel news#Ukraine army recaptures airport|Ukraine army recaptures airport]] (27 May)

  • [[Travel news#Libya travel warning|Libya travel warning]] (27 May)

  • [[Travel news#Brazilian anti-World Cup protests|Brazilian anti-World Cup protests]] (16 May)

  • [[Travel news#Nairobi rocked by two deadly explosions|Nairobi rocked by two deadly explosions]] (16 May)

  • [[Travel news#Protesters, police clash in Turkey|Protesters, police clash in Turkey]] (16 May)

  • [[Travel news#UN warns on Ukraine human rights|UN warns on Ukraine human rights]] (16 May)

  • [[Travel news#Brazil launches border security plan|Brazil launches border security plan]] (12 May)

  • [[Travel news#Syria troops move into Homs Old City|Syria troops move into Homs Old City]] (9 May)

  • [[Travel news#Strong earthquake hits Mexico|Strong earthquake hits Mexico]] (9 May)

  • [[Travel news#Deadly clashes erupt in Ukraine|Deadly clashes erupt in Ukraine]] (5 May)

  • [[Travel news#Dozens killed in Odessa clashes|Dozens killed in Odessa clashes]] (2 May)

  • [[Travel news#Afghan landslide kills hundreds|Afghan landslide kills hundreds]] (2 May)


  • [[Travel news#Ukraine rebels storm Luhansk offices|Ukraine rebels storm Luhansk offices]] (29 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Syria blasts kill dozens in Homs|Syria blasts kill dozens in Homs]] (29 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Severe weather threatens eastern US|Severe weather threatens eastern US]] (29 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Iraq suicide bomb at rally kills 30|Iraq suicide bomb at rally kills 30]] (28 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Saudi Mers death toll passes 100|Saudi Mers death toll passes 100]] (28 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Dangerous tornado threat in Central USA|Dangerous tornado threat in Central USA]] (24 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Deadly car bomb strikes Nairobi|Deadly car bomb strikes Nairobi]] (23 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Ukraine clash ends in deaths|Ukraine clash ends in deaths]] (17 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Nicaragua on high alert after quakes|Nicaragua on high alert after quakes]] (17 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Fresh Syria gas attack alleged|Fresh Syria gas attack alleged]] (17 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Pakistan Taliban end ceasefire|Pakistan Taliban end ceasefire]] (17 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Clashes as squatters evicted in Rio|Clashes as squatters evicted in Rio]] (11 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Donetsk 'people's republic' declared|Donetsk 'people's republic' declared]] (7 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Ecuador volcano spews huge plume|Ecuador volcano spews huge plume]] (7 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Kenya Travel Warning|Kenya Travel Warning]] (7 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Powerful earthquake strikes off Chile|Powerful earthquake strikes off Chile]] (1 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Ebola outbreak in Guinea 'limited'|Ebola outbreak in Guinea 'limited']] (1 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Fresh street battles in Venezuela|Fresh street battles in Venezuela]] (1 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Brazil secures Rio slum in mass raid|Brazil secures Rio slum in mass raid]] (1 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Kenya in mass arrests after blasts|Kenya in mass arrests after blasts]] (1 Apr)

  • [[Travel news#Koreas trade fire across sea border|Koreas trade fire across sea border]] (1 Apr)


  • [[Travel news#Deadly ebola outbreak in Guinea|Deadly ebola outbreak in Guinea]] (26 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Nigeria conflict 'affects millions'|Nigeria conflict 'affects millions']] (26 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#US mudslide death toll rises to 16|US mudslide death toll rises to 16]] (26 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Pakistan holds Taliban peace talks|Pakistan holds Taliban peace talks]] (26 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Somali militants attack army hotel|Somali militants attack army hotel]] (20 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Earthquake hits LA area|Earthquake hits LA area]] (17 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Deadly bomb blast at Libyan barracks|Deadly bomb blast at Libyan barracks]] (17 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#NYC blast site rescue continues|NYC blast site rescue continues]] (14 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Clashes in Turkey|Clashes in Turkey]] (11 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Another storm to hit Midwest|Another storm to hit Midwest]] (11 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Flooding in central Montana|Flooding in central Montana]] (11 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Crimea military base stand-off over|Crimea military base stand-off over]] (7 Mar)

  • [[Travel news#Rio rubbish collectors strike|Rio rubbish collectors strike]] (7 Mar)


  • [[Travel news#Pollution hides Beijing skyline|Pollution hides Beijing skyline]] (25 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Kashmir villagers clash with Indian troops|Kashmir villagers clash with Indian troops]] (25 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Mass arrest of protesters in Russia|Mass arrest of protesters in Russia]] (25 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Clash erupts on Temple Mount in Jerusalem|Clash erupts on Temple Mount in Jerusalem]] (25 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Ukraine truce crumbles amid gunfire|Ukraine truce crumbles amid gunfire]] (20 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Violence escalates in divided Venezuela|Violence escalates in divided Venezuela]] (20 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Snowstorm sweeps into New York|Snowstorm sweeps into New York]] (13 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Anti-government protests in Venezuela|Anti-government protests in Venezuela]] (13 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Floods hit homes in England|Floods hit homes in England]] (13 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Bomb explosions in Somalia|Bomb explosions in Somalia]] (13 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Flood Emergency Declared, Bolivia|Flood Emergency Declared, Bolivia]] (4 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Ecuador Tungurahua volcano spews ash|Ecuador Tungurahua volcano spews ash]] (4 Feb)

  • [[Travel news#Heavy snow cuts power to Iran homes|Heavy snow cuts power to Iran homes]] (4 Feb)


  • [[Travel news#Bangkok state of emergency|Bangkok state of emergency]] (21 Jan)

  • [[Travel news#Thousands displaced by Jakarta deadly floods|Thousands displaced by Jakarta deadly floods]] (21 Jan)

  • [[Travel news#Shangrila destroyed by heater blaze|Shangrila destroyed by heater blaze]] (21 Jan)

  • [[Travel news#Military airstrikes in northwestern Pakistan kill dozens|Military airstrikes in northwestern Pakistan kill dozens]] (21 Jan)

  • [[Travel news#Australia heat wave sparks wildfires|Australia heat wave sparks wildfires]] (16 Jan)

  • [[Travel news#13 dead, 40,000 displaced in Indonesia floods|13 dead, 40,000 displaced in Indonesia floods]] (16 Jan)

  • [[Travel news#Tonga damaged by powerful cyclone|Tonga damaged by powerful cyclone]] (13 Jan)

  • [[Travel news#Tibetan town fire system shut off|Tibetan town fire system shut off]] (13 Jan)

  • [[Travel news#Blizzard to reach from NYC to Boston Thursday night|Blizzard to reach from NYC to Boston Thursday night]] (02 Jan)