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Activity listings should ideally be in this format:

  • Name of Activity (local or alternative name if necessary - possibly in local script or language), Address of the activity (directions to the activity), phone number (, fax: +1 234 567-8901, other contact information if necessary), [1]. Days and times open. One to three sentences describing the activity. $lowprice-highprice (extra price info). (latitude,longitude)

Here's the wiki markup that produced the listing above:

* <do name="Name of Activity" alt="local or alternative name if necessary - possibly in local script or language" address="Address of the activity" directions="directions to the activity" phone="phone number" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 234 567-8901, other contact information if necessary" url="" hours="Days and times open" price="$lowprice-highprice (extra price info)" lat="latitude" long="longitude" tags="comma,separated,tag_labels">One to three sentences describing the activity.</do>

Listing fields

Go out, watch some Kabuki theatre
All fields above are optional. If you don't know some information, just leave the empty field intact, so somebody else can fill it out later.
The name of the activity. Don't include the city name unless it's needed for clarity.
If the activity has a significantly different name in the local language, add it here. Non-Latin scripts like Japanese, Devanagari, Cyrillic etc can be used.
Just the street and number of the activity, plus district if applicable; not a full postal address. Don't repeat the city name unnecessarily. Postal codes may be used for activities in those countries where they offer useful additional precision {currently Argentina (only 8 character CPA or Código Postal Argentino, Argentine Postal Code), Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal and the UK}.
  • If the location of the activity is different from the locality it is listed in (for example, in a suburb), add that, too.
Additional directions for how to find the activity (if necessary) .
Direct telephone number of the activity's operator in international format with the local calling part joined with a hyphen (like "+1 514 555-1000" or, for US areas with 10 digit dialling: "+1 514-555-1000").
E-mail address of the activity.
Fax number of the activity.
Fully formatted link to the activity operator's official website.
Include "http://". If there's no official Web site, just leave that part out.
Operating times. If seasonal, dates or months of operation first, then the days of operation, then the operating hours for those days of the week. Days and dates should be abbreviated (M Tu W Th F Sa Su), times should be 24 hour clock except where local AM and PM usage is overwhelmingly prevalent (eg: USA).
The price of admission, or one turn at the activity. Prices should be in the local currency.
Decimal latitude (GPS coordinates) for map output. Not yet displayed.
Decimal longitude (GPS coordinates) for map output. Not yet displayed.
comma-separated list of free-text tags. Not yet displayed.
One to three sentences describing the activity.
* <do name="" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" 
url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" tags="">description</do>

Example activity listing

Seriously, San Francisco, Segway polo?

Here's an example from London/South Bank:

  • Shakespeare's Globe (''The Globe Theatre''), 21 New Globe Walk SE1 9DT (along the south embankment), +44 20 7902-1475 (, fax: +44 20 7401-9919), [2]. Oct-Apr daily 10:00-17:00, May-Sep daily 09:00-21:00. Sam Wanamaker's largely authentic reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, built using traditional techniques, stages plays in the Summer months. Around the year, there is an exhibition ending with either a tour of the theatre itself (in winter, and mornings in the summer), or a virtual tour (summer afternoons). Tickets for plays are often available on the day, particularly if you are prepared to stand in the yard.One to three sentences describing the activity. £15-32 (''£5 standing-only tickets available''). (51.506770,-0.094677)

Listing subdivisions and order

Creating subdivisions by activity type (tours, events, etc.) or location can make long lists of listings more manageable for users. Within each subdivision, when no other standard of ordering listings is used, alphabetical order should be the norm. If another standard is used, it should be clearly stated in commented remarks on the article page (or on the article's discussion page) so any new listing can be added in the appropriate position.

Tour listings

Trapeze set to music should do

Tours can be listed on Wikitravel as long as they constitute a value-added activity. If a traveller could fulfill the substance of the tour on their own, the tour should not be listed!

Here are a few guidelines to assist determining whether a tour should be listed in our guides:

  1. The operator must have a "real world" office with a phone number and address in the location where the tour operates.
  2. Tours should offer something as a supplement, rather than as a replacement for Wikitravel guides. They should count as an activity available at a destination (e.g., a helicopter tour of a city, or a camel expedition into the Sahara).
  3. If the tour operator is providing a booking service or general travel planning then it should not be listed.
  4. Do not list resellers of tours; only list the actual tour operators.
  5. Always list tour operators if they are essential to visit a certain area. Examples include tours required by law (e.g., Panmunjeom) and tours required due to exceptional danger (eg: war zones and extreme environments such as the Amazon, Antarctica, Space, etc).

In practice this policy disallows listings for most audio tours, walking tours, and guided tours since the substance of such tours can generally be fulfilled by an independent traveller, and the information provided on such tours should ideally be included in the appropriate Wikitravel article. If you have a question about whether a tour can be listed, or feel that an exception is warranted, please use the discussion page of the appropriate article to discuss your concerns.