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Top World Shark Dives

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Shark diving is a memorable, once in a lifetime experience. If you are new to diving, it's best to use an officially licensed tour company.

Great White Shark
Leopard Shark
Male whale shark at Georgia Aquarium
Divers get ready to go into the shark cage
US Navy 110901-N-HZ247-090 Master Chief Navy Diver Joe Howard, right, answers questions while swimming with the sharks
KwaZulu Natal Shark Dive
View from the cage
Hammerhead Shark
Great White Shark
Encounter with a whale shark

Island nations[edit]

Cocos Islands Galapagos and Malpelo. These 3 islands in the East Pacific are collectively known as the "Hammerhead Triangle" for it being the best spot to view hammerhead sharks. These locations are remote, so travelers should be prepared to spend quite a bit for the experience.

Guadalupe Island Hands down the greatest area to get up close with a great white shark (and live to tell the tale). Adventurous divers enter a re-enforced cage and are submersed into water with these apex predators.



Great Barrier Reef Along the 1400 miles of this vast collection of reefs, divers can encounter a world teeming with life including the nurse, blacktip, whitetip sharks and wobbegongs, a carpet reef shark named after their unique markings resembling decorative tapestry.

Neptune Islands Great white sharks are attracted to this area as the rocky cliffs and deep waters allow them to feed and escape quickly. The area is also notable as being used to film the underwater scenes in the movie "Jaws."


Fiji is probably one of the most famous destination for shark diving due to the abundance of bull sharks. There are a few operators doing shark diving with large sharks (bulls and tigers) in Fiji: 3 of them close to Beqa island and Pacific Harbor, and one in the South of the Yasawa group of Island from Kuata Island. However there are many other shark dives with smaller sharks such as grey reef, blacktip reef or whitetip reef sharks around Fiji.


The world's first shark sanctuary is also considered by many as the greatest shark dive in the world. Visit the Official Site for more info.

Cook Islands[edit]

As of December 2012, this 1.9-million sq km shark sanctuary is the largest in the world Divers can expect to see over 15 species of sharks schooling by the hundreds. The sanctuary page can be found here.

Marshall Islands[edit]

In 2011, The local government passed legislation banning shark fishing in the 1.9 million square kilometers surrounding the country. The area is home to over 30 species of sharks.

South Africa[edit]

Dyer Island[edit]

This rocky island is home to large communities of seabirds and seals making it a popular feeding ground for the great white shark. Due to these sharks constantly hunting in the area, and the wide range of sites to explore, this is considered to be a top diving destination.

KwaZulu-Natal [edit]

This area swarms with the biggest and baddest sharks on the planet including copper, bull, hammerhead, tiger and great white sharks. A popular time to visit would be during the annual sardine run, where hungry copper sharks snack on the millions of sardines migrating north.



Malapascua Island A popular dive site contains a huge array of marine life and lots of sites to explore. Island is world known location of diving with very rare Thresher sharks (on Monad Shoal). Whitetip and Hammerhead sharks (Kimud Shoal) are frequently found in the area.


Kuredu Popular scuba diving destination where the local reef and whale sharks can be observed. There are 2 main diving locations. The first being the "Kuredu Express" which has a strong current attracting large schools of game fish, barracuda and amber jacks. The second area has caves to explore on the windward side. There are also a few shipwrecks to explore around the island.

North America[edit]



Channel Islands Many species of sharks can be seen including soupfin, blue, angel and horn sharks. Park Site

Guadalupe Island Shark Diver Providing shark cage tours for all experience levels. The volcanic, deep water area is a popular breeding ground for the Guadalupe fur seal and therefore a popular feeding ground for great white sharks.


Hawaii Shark Encounters. No diving experience necessary. This popular tour ventures off the north shore of Oahu where observers can view sharks in their natural habitat from the safety of a cage.

North Carolina[edit]

Outer Banks A shipwreck diving location with the nickname "Graveyard of the Atlantic" has turned into a popular shark diving location where spectators can encounter the docile and easily approachable sand tiger shark.


Just a ten minute boat ride from Roatan will place you in the middle of a haven for Caribbean reef sharks, typically reaching 6-9 feet in length.


Since the ban on long line fishing, this island nation's economy has been thriving on the diving industry. With many companies to choose from, the Bahamas provides a wide array of dive experiences.

South America[edit]


Isla Mujeres This island in the Mexican Caribbean Sea is where summertime visitors may view whale sharks gathering in groups as large as 400.

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