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Tomohon is the third-largest city in North Sulawesi after Manado, the capital and then Bitung, the harbor city. It is south of Manado.


  • North - Tinoor, Kinilow, Kakaskasen, Wailan, and Kayawu. The first region to be discovered in Tomohon from Manado. There is mat production, fruit and flowers vendors in several parts such as in Tinoor for fruits and Kakaskasen for flowers.
  • Central - Talete, Kamasi, Kolongan, and Matani. Downtown of Tomohon, center of public activities, hospitals, and Mayor office and city hall.
  • West - Woloan and Tara-Tara. Traditional House (knockdown type) production, Woloan Ancient Park where Waruga, the ancient tombs are collected in one area, in the same area are 9 springs.
  • East - Paslaten, Rurukan, Kumelembuai. Vegetable Farms on the slope of Mt. Mahawu and Mt. Masarang, and the famous Tomohon Traditional Market.
  • South - Walian, Sarongsong, Pinaras, Lahendong. Hotspring areas, the outstanding Lake Linow is located in Lahendong.


Tomohon is a town in Northern Sulawesi. this town is one of the most favorite tourist destination in the province. The panorama of nature of Tomohon attracts visitors from all over the world. People of Tomohon are friendly too. Furthermore, this town lies between two volcanoes, Mt. Mahawu and Mt. Lokon. The panorama of nature and building of the town shape like a starfish, with long tentacles visible from higher ground. Due to the position of Tomohon in the highland of North Sulawesi main land, mild climate portrays its situation whole time of the year. This is very popular destination even to the people of the province.

People of Tomohon are mostly dominant by Christians. The value of Christianity are visible in many aspects of life of the town. The Christians in this town are diligent churchgoers. Most of the congregation are Protestants, members of Gereja Masehi Injili di Minahasa, abbreviated as GMIM [13] /ghemeem/. Moreover, the synod of the churches that spread over the Minahasa Land is in Tomohon. Christianity has been being developing in the area ever since the time of Dutch Indies era. Every village in Tomohon has a church from this denomination. The oldest one is GMIM Pniel Kakaskasen 2.

Besides the Calvinists, there is also many Catholic congregations, which is the second biggest in Tomohon. Several parishes exist in town. The catholic parishes that exist in Tomohon are St. Francis Xavier or Santo Fransiskus Xaverius in Kakaskasen, The Sacred Heart of Jesus or Hati Kudus Yesus in Tomohon. Next is Divine Mercy or Paroki Kerahiman Ilahi and then St. Anthony of Padua or Santo Antonius Padua. There is a Monestary called Biara Bukit Karmel or Karmel Nunnery. This Nunnery is a destination for pilgrimage tour in Tomohon.

There are also other congregations from other denominations such as Pentecostal, Adventist, Assembly of God and Charismatic and several other minor denominations. Every village from north to south and east to west of Tomohon has luxurious building of churches (or at least it appears luxurious for its congregation). Furthermore, one village would normally has more than one building of church according to the number of the denominations. This is one reason visitor will every several hundred meters when visiting Tomohon.

Apart of Christianity, there are also Muslim congregation, Buddhist and Three Teaching Congregations. There is three mosques in town. One is in Kinilow, the other one in Matani and the last one in Kampung Jawa. While temples exists in Kakaskasen II and Kayawu.


  • Christian

During holiday times, the people will decorate their houses, the lanes, the streets and so on with special themes. For example during Christmas and New Year, Christmas ornaments are visible in town. Many corners and intersections of the main road are decorated with Nativity Ornaments or other Christmas ornaments. The churches has a big white artificial candle standing up and illuminating the dimmed surrounding. Big Christmas trees are everywhere. One lake of Tomohon, namely Danau Sineleyan are decorated with christmas decoration too to make the holiday more festive. Christmas musics start playing as early as September. The people in Tomohon normally say "the months end in '-ber' are Christmas." During 1st - 24th December, smell of Christmas cookies usually feels the air. Well, Christmas cookies in Tomohon such as nastar or Pineapple pie, kaasttsengels or cheese stick, rambutan, biji-biji, sultana, snow white, kacang koek, corn flakes, and so on. The names of Christmas cookies are varied too. Christmas season would normally end together with New Year on January 31st. For the Protestants, there will always be Pre-Christmas celebration. While the catholic will celebrate Christmas after December 25th to epiphany. In one month, a person could attend more than 10 Pre-Christmas celebration, for example Pre-Christmas of the office, of the church, of the neighborhood, the school, the relative, family, youth organization, woman organization, from NGO, Sunday schools and so on. All the celebration will end in a certain day called "kuncikan", literally means closing day.

  • Chinese's Holiday

The Chinese in Tomohon also still maintain their tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year and the biggest festival is on the 15th day after Lunar New Year, called Cap Go Meh. There will be a procession of calling the spirits of the Chinese Gods or Goddesses to possess the mortal (human bodies) and they will be carried on sedan chairs from the temple around downtown to bestow their blessings on its believers. In this procession, the possessed mortal will perform magical things such as piercing his own cheek with some solid and sharp stick from one side to the other without bleeding, a sword carrier will hit his own back with a very sharp sword without injuring himself, the other will cut his own tongue without injuring his tongue as well. This procession usually attracts attention of the whole town.

  • Islamic Holiday

Islam believers, although, a few, but they still have number in Tomohon. There is a special community in Southern Tomohon, they lived in a village called Kampung Jawa, literally means Javanese Village. Ied al-Fitr or Idul Fitri in Indonesian and the Month of Ramadhan are also celebrated here. There is no special procession for the holidays as to the other cities in Indonesia but praying in the open field on the day of Ied al -Fitr. The festive day usually comes after a week of the Ied al-fitr. The people call it, Lebaran Ketupat.


Tomohon is one of Minahasa Tribe region. Therefore, the people of Tomohon belong to the people of Minahasa too. However, The tribe of Minahasa is divided into several sub tribes, Tomohon belongs to a sub tribe called Tombulu. Pakasaan Tombulu spreads from Tombuluan in the east of Pineleng and Tombariri in the west and from Rambunan of Minahasa Regency in the south to Tikala Manado in the north. Tomohon is right in the middle of the region of Tombulu Region. Pakasaan Tombulu speaks Tombulu Language, Manado Malay, and Bahasa Indonesia. It is believed that Tomohon is the center of Pakasaan Tombulu. Pakasaan Tombulu in Tomohon, especially those who lives in the region of Kakaskasen has special customs that is still maintained up to this day.

  • Bakerah Tradition

This is a tradition of steam bath to a woman in forty days after delivering a baby in a normal way, But if the giving birth is by Cesar operation it takes 12 months to perform this bakerah. This is a traditional body cleansing process. The process of bakerah will be started by a special woman who has ability to arrange the process. She will boil a pail of water and in the process she will put in several herbs such as leaves of lemongrass (cymbopogon nardus), Kaffir Lime (citrus hystrix), Ginger leaves, Curcuma Mangga, Curcuma zanthorrhiza, goringo or karimengah plant as well as cordyline plant. After the water boils, she will prepare a bucket or pail and pour the water and the herbs in side a container. The new mother will be asked to seat on special chair where the bucket is placed under it. She will be sitting and having steam bath for around one hour. She will repeat the process for 7 days in a row. Several days before and after Bakerah, the woman usually will drink tea of the flower of hummingbird tree.

  • Mapalus

This is a tradition of working together in the farm. Long time ago when modern technology of cultivating was still a dream and rare to be found, people in the highlands of Minahasa especially in Tomohon created a system of working the land together called mapalus. Mapalus is a group of male and female farmers who were associated in a system, bounded with their own or the village regulation to cultivate their farm lands. The farmers usually were divided into a timer and the workers. The timer had function to watch the time while working, carrying the drum and hitting the drum or another instrument called tetengkoren. The process starts at the dawn around 04.30 AM by the sound of the drum. As the timer hit drums with special pattern of hitting, the other member of the group would come to the appointed time and place that could be at a house of one member, at the intersection, at street corner or anywhere possible for the meeting. And then by the guiding of the drum carrier, they would go to one member's farm. They would work as the sun ray started showing up. While working, the worker usually sang songs either with group or repeating one person to the other.

  • Kumawus

This is a first or second Sunday of mourn after funeral. Kumawus derives from kawus means finish. I kawus ola, means just finish it, which means the mourn shall be finished. Kumawus means an activity to finish the mourning and all things or issues regarding to the late person. The other point also is that the left family will not have any more customs debt of those who have gone. Also with kumawus, the family was relieved, comforted and strengthened through meetings, fellowship with even more devotions.

The name of this activity at first was 'muntep remdem' or 'Maso Itang' the meaning 'enter in black'. It is because the family usually wear black clothing when they come to the worship in the church at 09.00 as a symbol of mourning. Another custom in Kumawus is the people will eat on the table covered with banana leaves. Here a number of food will be placed in in front of two people. Then these two persons will share the portion. While eating food, they use nothing but hand. Thus while eating the pair of the one who eat together are usually very close relatives or member of family. Very rare happens that the pair come from different group of people.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Tomohon is reachable from any place in Indonesia. The nearest airport is Sam Ratulangi in Manado about 33 km and can be reach in 1 hour via Ring road or 1,5 hour via Manado. There are many airlines destination in this airport are from Jakarta, Makassar, Bali, Gorontalo, Tahuna, Ternate, Sorong, Singapore, Balikpapan and several other minor cities. The airlines with route to Sam Ratulangi airport are Garuda Indonesia, Silk Air, Lion Air, , Sriwijaya Air, , Wings Air, and several chartered air lines.

By Ship[edit]

Tomohon is also reachable by ship and the nearest harbor is Manado harbor for provincial area, and Bitung Harbor national and international service. There are several ship route by PELNI harboring at Bitung Harbor.



MAKASSAR (South Sulawesi) - BAUBAU (South East Sulawesi) - BITUNG (North Sulawesi) - SORONG (Irian Jaya) - MANOKWARI (PAPUA) - JAYAPURA (PAPUA)


MAKASSAR (South Sulawesi) - BAUBAU (Buton Island, S.E Sulawesi) - AMBON (Maluku) - NAMLEA (Maluku) - TERNATE N.Maluku) - BITUNG (North Sulawesi)


BALIKPAPAN (East Kalimantan) - PANTOLAN (Central Sulawesi) - BITUNG (North Sulawesi) - TERNATE (North Maluku) - SORONG (Irian Jaya) - MONOKOWARI (West Papua) - NABIRE (West Papua) - SERUI (West Papua) - JAYAPURA (West Papua)


BENOA (Bali) - LEMBAR (Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara) - BIMA (West Nusa Tenggara) - LABUAN BAJO (Flores, East Nusa Tenggara - MAKASSAR (South Sulawesi) - BAUBAU (Buton Island, S.E Sulawesi) - RAHA (Muna Island, S.E Sulawesi) - BITUNG (North Sulawesi)

By car[edit]

  • Bus

Tomohon is reachable also by BUS or Car from cities in Sulawesi or Celebes Island such as Makassar, Pare-Pare, Toraja, Poso, Tentena, Palu, Toli-Toli, Ampana, Gorontalo, Bitung, Kotamobagu, Manado and other minor cities.

Bus Terminals to Tomohon is from Tondano, Kawangkoan, and Manado and destined to Terminal Beriman, Tomohon.

  • Rental Car

Get a rental car direct from the airport on arrival. Cost around Rp. 500,000 per day Included Driver, or Self Drive aproximately Rp.300,000.- per day, can be used for around minahasa. For Central Information tel +62-852-4022-0620 or +62-431-892-979

  • Bluebird Taxi (Bluebird), (Manado to Tomohon, Airport to Tomohon and other areas), +62-431-861234. Rp.100.000.  edit
  • Mikrolet Tomohon Tondano (AB), Terminal Tondano (Tondano-Tomohon-Tondano). 06.00-20.00. Rp. 4.000,-.  edit
  • Mikrolet Tomohon Sonder (AC), Terminal Sonder (Sonder-Tomohon-Sonder). 07.00-19.00. Rp. 3.500,-.  edit
  • Mikrolet Tomohon Tanawangko (AF), Terminal Tanawangko (Tanawangko-Tomohon-Tanawangko). 07.00-15.00. Rp.6.000,-.  edit
  • Bus Tomohon Manado, Terminal Karombasan, Manado - Terminal Beriman Tomohon (Manado-Tomohon-Manado). 05.00-20.00. Rp. 6.000.  edit

Get around[edit]

In Town[edit]

  • By mikrolet
There are several ways to get around Tomohon area. The first one is by Mikrolet. Mikrolet is the light blue Mitsubishi Colts and can be found everywhere with various destinations. They operate on set routes with established fares but also can be chartered when it is empty. The passenger seats in a Mikrolet face forward with maximum 9 passengers. Some mikrolets are fully furnished with a small LCD TV, CD Player or music player, comfortable seats and so on. All regular routes begin and end in the main terminal called Terminal Beriman.
  • By cart
Bendi is a local name for horse cart and can be a second option to go around Tomohon. Just like Mikrolet, Bendi also operates on set limited routes. Only from downtown to areas such as Matani, Walian, Kamasi, and Kolongan. This bendi is the old transportation along with oxen cart called Roda Sapi. While bendi served for public transportation in town, roda sapi served the route to the farm or rice fields. Nowadays, the fare for a trip by bendi is Rp. 4.000. And can be chartered up into 4 hours to go around downtown Tomohon.
  • By ojek
Ojek is an Indonesian term for Public Motorbike. The fares are various depend on the distance of a particular destination but it usually starts from Rp. 3.000 until Rp. 20.000. This Ojek can also be chartered daily. The chartered fare is around Rp. 50.000 / per day without Fuel. By ojek, we can reach the places unreachable by Mikrolet or Bendi, even by Rental cars.
  • By taxi
Daily in front of Bethesda Hospital, at downtown, you can find many cars lining up. They are called black taxi or Rental Cars. The cars can be hired daily, weekly, monthly and even annually. The rate is various between Rp. 250.000,- up to Rp. 500.000/day. The service can be include driver and fuel or without them as well. Online Taxi such as Grab and Gocar are available in Tomohon. You can download the application into your smartphone.

Out of Town[edit]

You also can reach other destination in Main Land of North Sulawesi from Tomohon.

  • To Tangkoko Nature Reserve, in Bitung (TWA Batu Putih), Batu Putih, Bitung (Via Tondano or Manado), +62-898-0000285 (), [1]. Starts from 8 AM. Tangkoko National Park is reachable from Tomohon also. It is two hours driving by rental car. You can ask the service from hotel but also from the address mentioned in the listing. €35 - €40/day (max 8 hours).  edit
  • Manembo-nembo Nature Reserve, (Via Tomohon or Manado), [2]. Manembo-nembo, a nature reserve just 30 km from Manado! This 6.500 ha large wildlife reserve was founded in 1978 to protect the animals and for its watershed value. Manembo-nembo is a word in the local Tontemboan language and means "view from above". One of the last primary rain forests in Sulawesi around Mount Tanuwantik (665 m), a lot of clear rivers and steep terrain. Home for many endemic animals like the crested black macaque, tarsier, kuskus, sulawesi woodpecker, knobbed hornbill, lilac-cheeked kingfisher, ruddy kingfisher, sulawesi hanging-parrot, ... No tour operators or travel agencies offer trips to this reserve. Two years ago a couple from Australia were the last visitors but they did not enter the jungle area. The team of Mountain View Resort explored this small paradise and offers overnight trekking trips into the deep forest, sleeping in tents and camp fire in the night!  edit
  • Lake Tondano, Rental Car Service | Kakaskasen - Tomohon Utara (Via Kawangkoan and Langowan), +62-819-4047804. Lake Tondano is more or less 15 km from Tomohon. To reach the lake, someone can hire a motorbike starting from Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 75.000 a day, or chartered a Mikrolet about Rp. 125.000 - Rp. 150.000 a day, or if preferred extra privacy and comfortable someone can rent a car for Rp. Rp. 250.000 - Rp.350.000 a day. You can call the phone number above or send text message for more information.  edit
  • Mt. Soputan (Gunung Soputan), Tombatu (Via ''Langowan''), +62-898-0000285 (), [3]. Start from 8 AM. Mt. Soputan is also reachable from Tomohon, it is about 2 hours of driving to the southern area of Minahasa. If you are interested to go to Mt. Soputan you have to plan the trip very carefully. It is better to hire a guide who know the area very well. Mt. Soputan is one of the most active volcano in the region, even in Indonesia. € 50 per pax.  edit
  • Mt. Lokon (Gunung Lokon), (). Lokon-Empung is a twin volcano lying on the rim of the Tondano Caldera. These volcanoes with its Tompaluan crater (1.100 m) are among the most active volcanoes of Sulawesi. Follow an old lava flow to the rim of Tompaluan crater. It takes about one hour. Have a look inside the crater and enjoy the view until the islands of Bunaken Marine Nationalpark.  edit
  • Mt. Empung (Mountain of the God), (). The crater of the 1,340 m high strato volcano has a diameter of approximately 400 and is 150 meters deep. Its last eruption was in the year 1775. The crater floor is covered with dense jungle vegetation. Carnivorous pitcher plants proliferate on its flanks. From there you have a beautiful view to the Celebes and the Moluccas sea, even to the Tondano Lake.  edit
  • Tekaan Telu Waterfalls (Tinoor Waterfalls), (). One of the most beautiful and rarely visited waterfall. Follow a small path until the river. From there trek through the river to reach these unforgettable place with four waterfalls surrounded by forest. The way can be slippery after rainfall. You have to wear trekking sandals.  edit
  • Bentenan Beach.  edit
  • Bukit Kasih (Hill of Love), in Kawangkoan.  edit
  • Batu Pinabetengan.  edit
  • White Water Rafting (Nimanga River), (Timbukar), (). Surrounded by dense forests and adjoining villages Nimanga river is famous for its outstanding whitewater levels ranging from WW grade III (difficult) to WW grade V (extremely difficult). The rafting distance is about 9 kilometers long and has to cope with a short break in about two hours. Every trip starts with a safety briefing before you will start an ultimate whitewater rafting with defeating high waves, boat flips, steep descents, rolling waves, obstacles … Experienced rafting guides master the difficult passages together with you in a strong team. If you are lucky, you can observe monitor lizards on rocks, kingfishers, which cross the river or monkeys which are searching for food.  edit

See[edit][add listing]

Tomohon Traditional Market: The main reason to come to Tomohon is this unique market. Nowhere else in the world can you see dogs, rats, bats, snakes, or monkeys being burned and sold. Note that this is not for everyone. If you go to the market, you will see cages with live dogs as well as burned dogs. If you're (un)lucky you can see the animal getting killed (hit to the head) and burned. Please don't judge; this is Minahasa culture and it's amazing to see that even in the 21st century there are still places on this earth where people haven't lost touch with their former livestyle.

As a cool highland, Tomohon has some very pleasant hiking and walking.

  • Lake Linow (Danau Linow)
  • Mount Mahawu (Gunung Mahawu)
  • Mt. Lokon
  • Mt. Masarang
  • Tintingon Hill
  • Tetetana
  • Mt. Empung
  • Mt. Tampusu
  • Bukit Doa Mahawu
  • Tumimperas Waterfall
  • Wawo Hill
  • Traditional House Woloan - Kamasi
  • Ancient Site and Amphitheater Woloan
  • Tinoor View Point
  • Inspiration Hill (Bukit Inspirasi)
  • Tinoor Waterfall
  • Temboan Hill, Rurukan
  • Geothermal Lahendong
  • Palm Sugar Industry
  • Pagoda Buddhayana Temple
  • Mahoni
  • Pelangi
  • Taman Hutan Kota Tomohon
  • Sony Art Gallery (Painting Gallery)
  • Tekaan Telu Waterfall
  • Kandera Watu Waterfall

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Sightseeing Around Tomohon, Flowers Lane Vacation | Jl. Kel. Tangkawarow No. 2 Kakaskasen, [4]. 08.00. When you stays in one of the resorts in Tomohon, having nothing to do, one of the option is go around Tomohon. FLV can arrange your sightseeing trip. USD 55 / per pax. (1.339082,124.835123) edit
  • Tomohon Nature Trekking, Flowers Lane Vacation (Jl. Kel. Tangkawarow. No. 2 Kakakaskasen), [5]. 05.30 - finish. There are several and special as well as incredible birds can be found in Mt. Mahawu and Mt. Lokon in Tomohon as well as the other part of North Sulawesi such as Rufus Bellied Eagle; Brown Cuckoo Dove; Mountain White Eye; Dark Fronted White Eye; Scarlet Honey-eater; Crimson Crowned Flowerpecker; Sulawesi Spotted Goshawk; Sulawesi Serpent Eagle; Bay Coucal; Yellow Bellied Malkoha; Superb Fruit Dove; Citrine Flycatcher; Streaky Headed White Eye; Grey Sided Flowerpecker; Island Verditer; Sulawesi Dwarf Woodpecker; Mountain Tailorbird; White Browed Crake; Cinnamon Bittern; Scaly Breasted Munia; Cinnamon Munia; Little Egret; Wandering Whistling Duck; Ziting Cisticola; Lesser Coucal; Glamorous Reed Warbler; Javan Pond Heron; Black Kite; Bhraminy Kite; Blue Breasted Quail. USD 60 / person. (1.339082,124.835123) edit
  • Horse Riding, Flowers Lane Vacation (Jl. Kel. Tangkawarow. No. 2 Kakakaskasen), [6]. 9 am - 2 pm. There is a very interesting activity can be done in Tomohon, Horse Riding. The 4 hours trip is to Wawo hill. Start from US$40. (1.339082,124.835123) edit
  • Bukit Doa Mahawu (Jalan Salib Mahawu), Jl. Lingkar Timur, Kakaskasen Dua, (+62) 431 3358833. A quiet area made for Christian pilgrimage to remember the sacrifice of Jesus. Inside the area are a Way-To-The-Cross or Via Dolorosa, The Grotto of Mother Mary, a Chapel of Virgin Mary, an amphitheater and many cafes. This site is one of the best area to look the town of Tomohon from higher ground. Rp.2500 per person.  edit
  • Pagoda Ekayana (Buddhist Temple), Sunge, Kakaskasen Dua, (+62) 431 3360881. a site for Three Teachings such as Buddhist, Taoism and Confucianism. A pagoda signifies this locations. Chinese architecture surrounds the park. If any visitor wish to do meditation, this temple is a perfect place for the activity. The temples in side the location are such as the house of Buddha, The House of Guan Yin, The Pagoda, The House of Ma Zu or Tian Shang Sing Bo - the goddess of sea protector Free.  edit
  • Tampusu volcano caldera (1200), Pangolombian (Tondano), +6281340310671. 3hours. Nice crater volcano caldera $500 pp. (,3hour) edit

Tomohon International Flower Festival[edit]

Tomohon International Flower Festival is an annual event, which is held in Tomohon on 8-12 August. Initially, the idea of the festival was created due to the people of North Tomohon, specifically Kakaskasen, Wailan and Kayawu had the habit of planting flowers for various purposes. Whether it was for Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, Christening and so on. Thus in 2008, the government of Tomohon initiated a flower festival.

This flower festival has main agenda called The Tournament of Flower. Tournament of Flower (ToF) is an event where many florist compete in performing how they decorate a float with various kind of flowers. In the year 2008, during the festival Tomohon made the biggest carpet made of flowers. It was as big as a football field. Eleven years after, a variant of Lily flower was launched during the 9th Tomohon International Flower Festival to be a new variant of Lily flower in Indonesia.

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Grand Central Supermarket, Jl. Raya Tomohon. 9 AM - 9 PM. The first supermarket in Tomohon, very close to Bethesda Hospital. Selling many kinds of daily needs as well as fashion, computer, multimedia and so on.  edit
  • Cool Supermarket, Jl. Raya Tomohon, Walian - Tomohon Selatan. 9 AM - 9 PM. Very nice Supermarket in Southern Tomohon. Selling many kinds of daily needs such as vegetables, herbs, fruits and the other stuffs as well as fashion, books, mechanical tools.  edit
  • Century Supermarket, Jl. Raya Tomohon.  edit
  • Pasar Beriman Tomohon (Tomohon Traditional Market), Pasar Tomohon (besides the Bus Station). 05.00 AM - 02.00 PM. Sell various kinds of vegetables, spices, herbs, fish, meats, fruits, flowers, clothes.  edit
  • Gecko Art, Jl. Raya Tomohon, Kinilow (near by the intersection to Onong Palace and Highland Resort). 09.00 AM - 05.00 PM. This is one of the souvenir shops in Tomohon. There are various kinds of souvenirs showed in this small shops. Travelers can choose according to their preferences. Rp. 20.000 + / Items.  edit
  • BLPT Kaaten, Jl. Raya Tomohon Tondano, Kaaten (Beside the road to Tondano). 9 AM - 3 PM. Locates in Kaaten, Matani 1 - Central Tomohon, BLPT is a coconut wood and arenga palm production. They make knockdown house from Coconut Wood and also various kinds and models of furniture such as tables, chairs, desk, cupboards, beds as well as small stuffs like toys. Rp. 20.000 - Rp. 500 million / Item.  edit
  • Industry Rumah Panggung Woloan (Knockdown House Industry), Jl.Tomohon - Tanawangko, Woloan 1 (about five minutes from downtown of Tomohon), +6282226358668, [7]. 8 AM - 5 PM. One of the famous product in Tomohon comes from the Knockdown house Industry. There are various type of house made in this area, all the houses are made by wood. These houses are very good in the area prone to earthquake. Beside that, the house is able to be dismantled and reassembled. After the house is done, it will be dismantled and be shipped to the new owner's land and reassembled there. Rp. 70 Million - Rp. 350 Million.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Tomohon is very famous for Minahasan cuisine. Minahasan food or Manadonese food is usually very spicy. Among Indonesian Cuisine, Minahasan Cuisine is one of the spiciest cuisines. Traveler must pay attention to what they are asking in the restaurant. If you are not accustomed to spicy food, you will have to communicate with the waiter or waitress.



  • Sup Ubi / Bete - is a very tasty home-cooking for appetizer. It's made by Xanthosoma root with edible hibiscus leaves and or Water Spinach leaves.
  • Braunebonen - literally red bean soup. Cooked either with cow bones or pig legs with herbs such as clove, nutmeg, white pepper. The minahasan likes to eat this together with rice.
  • Sup Kacang Ijo - literally green bean soup. The preparation is very similar with braunebonen.
  • Kua Asam / Kua trang - Sour soup or Clear Soup. The local people has a riddle about this food. "Salt from the sea and Sour from the Mountains meets together in a pan, what is that?" - and the answer is Sour Soup, because it's made by several herbs such as spring onion, lemon leaves, lemon basil, tomatoes, a little bit chilli, red ginger and fish with little bit salt and lime. Very tasty.
  • Sup kentang - Potato Soup cooked in Pasta such as macaroni or rice vermicelli.

Main Course[edit]

  • Tinorangsak, pork cooked with herbs such as spring onion, lemon leaves, lemon grass, chilli, and other kinds of herbs; it is cooked in bamboo. Several prepare it using frying pan.
  • RW /err weh/, dog meat cooked with chilli, lemon grass, lemon leaves, spring onion and other kinds of herbs.
  • Paniki, bat cooked in coconut milk with spicy herbs.
  • Paku Popaya Bulu, Vegetables of Edible Fern and Papaya leaves (sometimes with flowers too), cooked in bamboo with spices and herbs. Some people likes to add the salty pork fat.
  • Ayam Bulu, Chicken cooked in bamboo.
  • Ayam Bumbu RW, Chicken cooked with spices for RW.
  • Bebek Bumbu RW, Duck cooked with spices for RW.
  • Bebek Bulu, Duck cooked in bamboo.
  • Ayam Garo, literally means scratching chicken, because the preparation is a fast mixing of the herbs and spices on the frying pan similar to scratching it. This food is categorized to spicy food because of the amount of chilli.
  • Babi Garo, literally means scratching pork, the process is similar to Ayam Garo.
  • Babi Tore, literally means crisp pork.
  • Kapala Babi, literally means Pig Head. It is pig head boiled in spiced soup.
  • Acar, made of young bamboo, carrots, cucumber, peanut, herbs and other spices such as turmeric and onion.
  • Ikan Woku Blanga, any fish cooked in Main Minahasan Spices: chilli, turmeric, ginger, lemon grass, lemon leaves, lime, candle nut, lemon basil, turmeric leaf. It's called blanga because it's prepared by using frying pan.
  • Ikan Woku Daong, any fish cooked in Main Minahasan Spices: chilli, turmeric, ginger, lemon grass, lemon leaves, lime, candle nut, lemon basil, turmeric leaf. It's called daong because it's prepared by using palm leaves called woka.
  • Ikan Woku Kring, any fish cooked in Main Minahasan Spices: chilli, turmeric, ginger, lemon grass, lemon leaves, lime, candle nut, lemon basil, turmeric leaf. It's called kring because it's prepared with less of water and when it's cooked, we can barely see any soup in it.
  • Rica Rodo, made of corn, aubergine (egg plant), long bean with spicy herbs, chilli, and smoked fish.
  • Sayor Pusu' made of florescent or banana heart, cooked with entrails of animals, normally chicken or pork, such as intestine, heart, and liver.

and so on.


  • Buah segar - literally fresh fruit, it is prepared from various kind of fruits but mainly papaya, apple, avocado, pudding or gel, young coconut, rambutan, longan, and soursop in syrupy and milky water.
  • es braunebon - red bean ice, prepared from red bean cooked in traditional made of palm sugar and then later mixed with blended ice and sweetened condensed milk.
  • Es Kacang Susu - Milk and Peanut Ice, prepared from peanut and served like red bean ice.
  • Gohu - prepared from chopping papaya with spicy syrup containing red ginger, chilli, vinegar (palm vinegar is better), sugar (brown sugar is better), onion. The local likes to add more chilli.
  • Klapertaart - literally coconut tart, prepared from young coconut mixed with milk, eggs, maize flavor, sugar and raisin and frozen in the fridge.

Minahasan Cookies[edit]

  • Kukis Kalapa, literally means Coconut Cookie, made of unripe coconut, rice flavor and brown sugar.
  • Binyolos, made of sweet potatoe and brown sugar.
  • Onde-Onde, made of rice flavor and brown sugar, after cooked it is rolled on grated coconut. It is good to have it while it's still warm but be carefull not to eat it while it's still fresh from the boiling pan. It can be very tricky that the outside could be cool while the inside is killing hot. The other variant is Onde-Onde Pulo, the difference between this two are the type of the rice. Onde-onde Pulo is made by sticky rice flavor.
  • Cucur, made of rice flavor and brown sugar, some people put anise or aniseed.

Curut, Apang, Apang Coe, Apang Polote, Nasi Jaha, Dodol, Bobengka, Ongol-Ongol, Geto', Gabin Fla, Biapong, etc.


  • Galilea, (+62)431352841. The best pig ribs in town. A full meal of white rice, 3 pig ribs (costellata), braunebonen (red beans) soup and vegetable only cost Rp 15.000 (US$ 1.5) (1.317759,124.838282) edit
  • Kobong Cafe, Jl. Raya Tomohon. (1.304904,124.832521) edit
  • Kit Sang Restaurant, Jl. Raya Tomohon. (1.325047,124.838448) edit
  • Restaurant Sineleyan, Jl. Raya Tomohon. (1.330249,124.839108) edit
  • Risoma Restaruant (Restoran Risoma), Jl. Raya Tomohon - Manado, Tinoor (On the way to Manado). 11 AM - 9 PM. The best Minahasan Cuisine. It locates out of town and unfortunately the restaurant is hard to achieve just by microlet service. The menu includes Pangi, Acar, Tinorangsak (pork cooked in Bambu), RW (dogmeat), Paniki (Fruit Bat meat), Braunebonen (Red bean soup), Sayor pait (bitter vegetable) and many more. Rp. 20.000 / Person.  edit
  • Heng Mien Restaurant (Restoran Heng Mien), Jl. Raya Tomohon Manado, Tinoor (On the way to Manado). 10 AM - 10 PM. The famous Minahasan Cuisine Restaurant in town. Unfortunaley, this restaurant also locates out of town on the road to Manado. The menu are almost all the famous of the Minahasan cuisine such as RW, Paniki, Pangi, Sayor Pait, Acar, and so on. To get here, you can charter a mikrolet the fare starts from Rp. 75.000 per trip, or ask the hotel to arrange the Dinner here. Rp. 20.000 / Person.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Cap Tikus and Saguer are two kinds of famous drink in Tomohon. Cap Tikus is distilled beverage from Palm sap. While Saguer is the palm sap harvested from palm tree. Saguer has several tastes that are sweet, sour, bitter, sweet and sour, sweet and bitter, bitter and sour, all the tastes comes out depend on the technique of the farmers harvesting the zap.

There is also a certain kind of drink called Sukur, made of red ginger cooked with traditionally made of brown sugar in a clay pot. This drink is very good for health. Often time used when somebody get cold or cough.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Highland Resort & Nature Tours, Kinilow Jaga VI, (+62) 431 353333/353888, [8]. Located in Kinilow, a small village situated between Manado and Tomohon, the resort itself is set back from the main road and the bustle of the traffic. The cottages face the hills and ravine and offer beautiful views. There are five types of rooms: Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Highland Suite and Highland Grand Suite. All have private bathrooms with hot and cold water showers. Other amenities that are provided are satellite TVs and large, comfortable beds. Standard Room: IDR 340.000, Superior Room IDR 430.000, Deluxe Cottage IDR 520.000, Highland Suite IDR 750.000, Highland Grand Suite IDR 850.000. (1.368868,124.833957) edit
  • Mountain View Resort & SPA, Jalan Kali-Kinilow, Lingkungan VI, Tomohon Utara (north of Tomohon), +62-431-3158666, +62-853-42468866, [9]. checkin: 1 pm; checkout: 12 am. Tomohons Mountain View Resort & SPA is located in a green valley about 25 minutes from Manado city and 10 minutes from the bus station in Tomohon. View upon the forest covered mountains and Mahawu volcano. Offers 10 traditional wooden cottages and 2 family cottages. Each cottage is comfortably furnished with private bathroom, mirror, washbasin, western toilet, hot shower and own terrace. Standard bungalow: Rp. 405.000, Deluxe bungalow Rp. 495.000, Family bungalow Rp. 708.000 all included breakfast, free parking and free WiFi.  edit
  • Cekakak Hostel Tomohon, Jalan Kali-Kinilow, Lingkungan VI, Tomohon Utara (north of Tomohon), +62-431-3158666, +62-853-42468866, [10]. checkin: 2 pm; checkout: 11 am. Cekakak Hostel is managed by Mountain View Resort. Bunk bed dorm: Rp. 140.000 per bed, Private room Rp. 290.000, bathrooms (shared with other travelers) with western toilets and hot water showers. Small breakfast, free parking and free WiFi included. 5% discount for accommodation by direct bookings.  edit
  • Gardenia Country Inn Tomohon, [14]. About 30 minutes from downtown Manado, this countryside inn has bungalows, chalets, and standard rooms. Rates start at $88 for a single bed in the chalet, including free breakfast, welcome drink, a fruit basket, mineral water, tea and coffee in your room, afternoon tea and coffee with traditional snacks, and free Wi-Fi. It has a garden with fishponds.
  • Mountain View Homestay, Jl. Raya Tomohon, Walian Tomohon Selatan (In front of Cool Supermarket), +62-431-353423. located fifteen minutes ride on a public Microlet from Terminal Beriman Tomohon. Mobile contact +62-81340363553 Rp.100.000 - Rp.175.000.  edit
  • Onong Palace, Kinilow, +628124423362, [11]. A ten minute walk from the Highland Resort. The bungalows are spaced further apart from each other than the Highland Resort and are also quite new. 250,000 Rp. per night  edit
  • Jhoannie Hotel, Jalan Lingkar Timur, Kakaskasen III Kota Tomohon.. checkin: 14.00; checkout: 12.00. Located by the east ring road of Tomohon. It is very easy to reach this hotel. This hotel offers a peaceful stay for every traveler who wants to travel to Tomohon. 300,000-500,000.  edit
  • Apelez House, Jalan Waruga,kinilow,lingkungan IV,Tomohon Utara, 085240109300, [12]. a simple room, bed and eat at house with family.  edit

Get out[edit]

There are daily flight from Manado to several cities in Indonesia, and several days a week of Silk Air from Singapore. And Tomohon is only 33 Km from the Sam Ratulangi International Airport, if you need a flight 1.5 hour from the check in time is the best time to go.

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