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Tokyo Disney Resort

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Tokyo Disney Resort (東京ディズニーリゾート) [15] in Chiba, Japan, was the first Disney theme park resort to open outside of the United States. It is by far the third most annually-visited theme park complex in the world, behind Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. It is noteworthy that it is not owned by Disney but by the Oriental Land Co., Ltd.


"To all who come to this happy place, welcome. Here you will discover enchanted lands of fantasy and adventure, yesterday and tomorrow. May Tokyo Disneyland be an eternal source of joy, laughter, inspiration, and imagination to the peoples of the world. And may this magical kingdom be an enduring symbol of the spirit of cooperation and friendship between the great nations of Japan and the United States of America." — E. Cardon Walker, 15 April 1983
"Welcome one and all to a world where imagination and adventure set sail. Tokyo DisneySea is dedicated to the spirit of exploration that lives in each of us. Here we chart a course for adventure, romance, discovery and fun, and journey to exotic and fanciful ports of call. May Tokyo DisneySea inspire the hearts and minds of all of us who share the water planet, Earth." — Michael Eisner, 4 September 2001

Tokyo Disney Resort consists of two theme parks. Tokyo Disneyland (東京ディズニーランド), a "Magic Kingdom" park just like all the others, was the first Disney theme park to be built on non-U.S. territory. The park opened in April 1983 (but had been finished for a few months and the company waited for better weather) and was an instant success. Tokyo Disneyland's sister park Tokyo DisneySea (東京ディズニーシー), which opened in September 2001, is an ocean-themed park exclusive to Japan. With 17.3 million visits in 2014, Tokyo Disneyland is the second most visited theme park in the world behind Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom; DisneySea follows in fourth place behind the original Disneyland with 14.1 million visits.

Tokyo Disney Resort also includes the Ikspiari (イクスピアリ) shopping and entertainment complex. On October 1, 2008, Montreal-based Cirque du Soleil unveiled ZED, its first permanent show in Japan, at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tokyo Disney Resort is something different from all the other Disney parks. People are more friendly, but you notice all the time that you are in the largest city on Earth when you are wandering, amazed at the fantastic shows and rides in both parks, as it is very crowded and you can expect huge queues even for the smallest attraction on a normal day.

This is no Walt Disney World; in other words, it is small and can be easily tackled in about two or three days, maybe more. Still, whatever effort you place into coming here is well worth it if you like Disney stuff.


Japanese is the primary language spoken in Tokyo Disneyland. Sometimes you may hear Chinese or Korean but they're spoken in a lesser extent. Don't put off though; all cast members are required to speak basic English. They can show you directions, tell you about the rides and help you with restaurant menus but don't expect complicated conversations.

Maps are available in Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese. (The English map will work fine.) All the maps do a very good job of letting you know how to get around. The Japanese maps, however, are a little bit more informative. They include highlights on some of the special events going on in the park, including special food menus and merchandise, most of which can be had for only a limited amount of time.

They also sort the restaurants, shops and shows into different categories. If you know katakana, hiragana, and a little bit of kanji, this might also be a helpful resource. Nearly any park attendant should have maps available if you lose your map or forget to pick one up.

Rides like Jungle Cruise are completely non-understandable for non-Japanese speakers but guests can still have fun even without understanding the skippers. Some 3D shows like Mickey's Philharmagic have let guests wear headphones with English narrative but it's unsure whether it will continue or not.

Special stage shows may be entirely in Japanese, entirely in English, or in a mixture of both. It is difficult to ascertain what language a show will be in or whether translations are provided before you get to see it. Signs in English outside a show are no guarantee that it will be in English or that translations will be provided.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Most international visitors would probably land at Narita International Airport (IATA: NRT) [16]. If you have a Mickey Mouse urge right upon landing, there are buses operated by Airport Limousine [17], albeit infrequent, that will bring you to Tokyo Disney Resort in 60-90 min at a cost of ¥2400 (children ¥1200). The alternative by rail is to take the Narita Express to Tokyo and transfer to the JR Keiyo Line. The ride takes 90-100 min and costs ¥2570 or can be boarded free with the Japan Rail Pass.

Tokyo International Airport (IATA: HND) [18], also known as Haneda Airport, is the closest airport to Tokyo Disney Resort and mainly serves domestic flights. Haneda also has a few international flights to Seoul-Gimpo, Shanghai-Hongqiao, Beijing, and Hong Kong. There are more buses [19], also operated by Airport Limousine, that run to the resort 3 to 5 times per hour. The one-way cost is ¥810 (children ¥405) and the ride takes 50-70 min.

The rail alternative from Haneda is cheaper than the bus, but you will need to take three trains: Keikyu Express Line (from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa) or the Tokyo Monorail (from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho), JR Yamanote Line (from Shinagawa/Hamamatsucho to Tokyo), and finally JR Keiyo Line (from Tokyo to Maihama). This costs ¥690 via Keikyu, or ¥760 via the Tokyo Monorail, and will take about 1 hour.

By train[edit]

  • Map of JR East Railway Lines in Greater Tokyo [20]

As with virtually all of the rest of Japan, the most practical way of getting to Tokyo Disney Resort is by train. Tokyo Station is the western terminus of the JR Keiyo Line, and Maihama (舞浜), which is adjacent to the park, is the sixth stop east. The ride costs ¥210 and takes about 15 min on an express train.

As you exit JR Maihama Station, the Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Center is immediately to your left. If you will be staying at one of the Disney Hotels or the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels (see Sleep below), this is where you check in, and your luggage will be shipped straight to your room for free while you enjoy the parks. The Welcome Center is also the place to purchase park tickets, the Resort Gateway Station of the Disney Resort Line monorail (see Get around below) is located above the center, and the entrance to Ikspiari is nearby.

By car[edit]

From the Tokyo/Yokohama region, follow the coast of Tokyo Bay to Chiba, exit at the Urayasu ramp and then go out at Route 357, go straight on the road about 1 km, and make a U-turn at Mihama Rittai Road (美浜立体道路). There are signs in both Japanese and English from the freeway and surrounding roads.

Tokyo Disney Resort has ample parking spaces, but be aware that parking at the two theme parks is ¥2,000 per day for passenger cars, ¥4,500 for buses, and ¥500 for motorcycles. For more information about the car park and traffic in the surrounding area, call the Tokyo Disney Resort information line: 81-045-683-3011.

Parking at the Ikspiari shopping, dining, and entertainment complex is ¥500 for the first hour and ¥250 for each additional half-hour. You will get two hours of free parking with a purchase of ¥3,000 or more at any Ikspiari shop or restaurant and three hours of free parking if you see a movie at AMC Ikspiari.

The three Disney Hotels charge a per-night fee for the use of their parking facilities, costing ¥1,000 per night at Disney Ambassador Hotel, and ¥1,500 per night at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.

By bus[edit]

Most visitors will have little reason to travel to Tokyo Disney Resort by bus, due to the more convenient JR Keiyo Line. However, some hotels around Tokyo Disney Resort have free transportation service to the resort.

Long-distance bus services come here from all over Japan, but the Shinkansen is much easier to use by non-native speakers of Japanese or persons who do not understand the language and also much faster.


Ticket prices seem decent by Japanese standards, but visiting Tokyo Disney Resort is really about as equally expensive as visiting any of the other Disney theme parks around the world. Children aged 3 and under are admitted free. Keep in mind that prices change depending on the season (e.g. prices during summertime or the Golden Week are much higher than those of October or February).

  • 1-Day Passport: You can enter Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea all day long with this ticket but not both.
    • Adult (18+) ¥6,400
    • Junior (12-17) ¥5,500
    • Child (4-11) ¥4,200
    • Senior (60+) ¥5,700
  • Multi Day Passport: You can enter one park on the first day, the other park on the second day, and then you may move between the two parks (called "park-hopping") on subsequent days. If you find that you need to upgrade your ticket, you can do so simply by paying the difference; this may be done at the Welcome Center, the park ticket windows, or the hotels. These are perhaps the most economical value possible, as the price per day actually decreases with each day.
Multi-Day Passport Prices
Days Child (4-11) Junior (12-17) Adult (18+)
Total Per Day Total Per Day Total Per Day
2 ¥7,600 ¥3,800 ¥9,800 ¥4,900 ¥10,700 ¥5,350
3 ¥9,800 ¥3,267 ¥12,700 ¥4,233 ¥14,200 ¥4,733
4 ¥11,500 ¥2,875 ¥14,800 ¥3,700 ¥16,500 ¥4,125

  • Starlight Passport: You can use this ticket in one of the two parks from 3:00 PM on Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays.
    • Adult (18+) ¥5,000
    • Junior (12-17) ¥4,400
    • Child (4-11) ¥3,500
  • After 6 Passport: You can use this ticket in one of the two parks from 6:00 PM on weekdays. It is sold from 5:00 PM for ¥3900 (all ages).

  • Annual Passport: You can use this ticket for a year in the parks regarding to the type of passport you have.
    • Tokyo Disneyland Annual Passport (valid only for Tokyo Disneyland) , Tokyo Disney Sea Annual Passport (valid only for Tokyo Disney Sea):
    • Adult (+18) &Junior (12-17) ¥53,000
    • Child (4-11) ¥37,000
    • Senior (+60) ¥41,000
    • Two Parks Annual Passport (valid for Tokyo Disneyland&Tokyo Disney Sea):
    • Adult (+18) &Junior (12-17) ¥82,000
    • Child (11-14) ¥55,000
    • Senior (+60) ¥61,000

Get around[edit]

Map of the Tokyo Disney Resort

A car is not necessary for visiting Tokyo Disney Resort. The resort has a well-developed transit system of buses and monorails. As with the rest of Japan, expect the transportation to be punctual.

By monorail[edit]

Disney Resort Line

The four-station Disney Resort Line monorail, with its spacious interiors and Mickey Mouse-shaped windows and pull straps, travels in a counterclockwise circle around the two theme parks. The stops are, in order, Resort Gateway Station (between JR Maihama Station and Ikspiari), Tokyo Disneyland, Bayside Station (gateway to the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels), and Tokyo DisneySea.

The fares are listed in the chart below; children age 5 and under ride free. Suica and PASMO farecards can also be used.

Disney Resort Line Fares
Ticket type Ages 12+ Ages 6-11
Single ride ¥250 ¥130
1 day pass ¥650 ¥330
2 day pass ¥800 ¥400
3 day pass ¥1,100 ¥550
4 day pass ¥1,400 ¥700
11 single ride tickets ¥2,500 ¥1,300

By foot[edit]

If you are going straight to the parks from Maihama Station, it is probably easier and faster (and best of all, free) to just walk from the station. There is an elevated walkway, about 1,090 ft (330 m) long, linking the station with the Tokyo Disneyland entrance. To get to Tokyo DisneySea, it is about a fifteen minute walk in the opposite direction. Simply walk along the wide tree-lined footpath in front of Ikspiari, then turn right and follow the monorail line after you pass under it, and enter via the pedestrian entrance to the bus dropoff area.

By bus[edit]

The Disney Resort Cruiser is a free bus service.

  • From Bayside Station on the Disney Resort Line, service is to the each of the six Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels.
  • From Disney Ambassador Hotel, service is to both theme parks.

See and Do[edit]

Do you know the story of Captain Hook?
If you meet Captain Hook, try to say "tick" towards his back. Then, Captain Hook will run away in fear. In the Peter Pan movie, Hook was nearly eaten by a crocodile, but the crocodile ended up eating an alarm clock instead. So when Hook hears the "tick" sound, he is afraid the crocodile is near.

Tokyo Disney Resort is mostly for doing, not seeing. But of course, you can see the same Disney characters, a castle, mountains, and live performances as at other Disney Parks. The seaside does make this park a bit different from the others. And, the people-watching is great.

If you can, it is a good idea to get a map ahead of time and plan out what rides and attractions you would like to get to first. Like any other large amusement park, Tokyo Disney Resort can be quite crowded. Even on weekdays, there can be a large amount of people in the park and if you want to maximize your experience, it's best to have at least an idea of what you would like to do before you get there. It may even get you on one or two more attractions. If a physical map cannot be had ahead of time, the park website is just as good, if not better.

The two theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, complement each other. The two major symbols, Cinderella Castle at Disneyland and Mount Prometheus at DisneySea, are exactly the same height, and from Ikspiari you can see them both.

Before you reach the ticket counters, your bag will be inspected by a clerk, but you do not need to show your ID card. Generally, the check is very brief and not at all thorough. At the ticket counter, you will not need to show any ID either. While not everyone speaks English fluently, most employees understand enough to get you the basics. You will receive a receipt, your passport (ticket) and a map.

Tokyo Disney Resort uses a time-saving tool called FastPass, available only for the most popular rides. Simply insert your ticket into a machine at the ride, and you'll get a FastPass ticket with a return time printed on it. If you return to the ride during the time on the FastPass (usually a time frame of an hour), you will have a shorter wait for the ride. You can have only one FastPass at a time, you can't FastPass another ride until two hours after you received your last FastPass. It's a good idea to always get your next FastPass when it becomes available. If you wish to use FastPass, you need to do so as early as possible. Even on regular working days most attractions have given away all FastPasses for the day around noon. They cover the machines afterward and then you will have no choice but to stand in the long lines. For more information about where and when Fastpass is useful check the attractions list below.

Visit the Screening Room [21] on Tokyo Disney Resort's website for a collection of short videos showing all of the attractions in both parks.

Tokyo Disneyland[edit]

Tokyo Disneyland main entrance

Tokyo Disneyland [22] is a "Magic Kingdom" park just like all the others. It's the signature Disney Park that can be found in all resorts around the world with its central castle. The nice thing about Tokyo Disneyland is that it is a combination of Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. The rides in Tokyo Disneyland, unlike Tokyo Disney Sea, are also found in the parks previously mentioned, but they aren't exact clones. There are two notable exceptions: Pooh's Honey Hunt and Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek which are completely unique to the park.

The park is divided into 7 areas: the World Bazzar (similar to Main Street USA, except for the fact that all walkways are covered by a triangular-shaped ceiling made out of glass), Tomorrowland (showcasing the future of human innovation), Toontown (based on the stories of Mickey Mouse and identical to the one found in Disneyland), Fantasyland (the place where all Disney fairytales come to life), Critter County (home to the iconic Splash Mountain), Westernland (inspired by the stories of the Wild West) and Adventureland (based on the natural wonders of the world and with some pirate presence!).

World Bazaar[edit]

Resembling a carefree, small American town from the early 1900s, the World Bazaar is the first land that guests encounter upon entering the park. It bears some similarities to Main Street USA, except for the fact that it is covered by a triangular-shaped glass ceiling. In addition, the Bazaar has two walkways that cross each other in a central junction: the Main Street and the Center Street, allowing guests to access Tomorrowland and Adventureland quickly and without having to walk to the Hub (the area in front of Cinderella's Castle).

  • Omnibus — This bus that used to roam the streets of New York City in the early years of the last century is here to take you through a scenic tour from the World Bazaar to the Hub and back again. Only one bus is available for guests and operation starts 30 minutes after park opening and stops several hours before closing. Check the schedule.
  • Penny Arcade — This beautifully illuminated building features a collection of classic, old fashioned, coin-operated arcade games.


This part of Tokyo Disneyland directly left of the World Bazaar showcases the future of the world. Embark on fantastic journeys across the galaxy, catch a glimpse of other-worldly wonders and see the pioneering human spirit, all of these with a touch of some of your favorite Disney characters. While the land saw the closure of the Tomorrowland Speedway and Star Jets, it will a get completely new ride similar to Alice Tea Party themed after the 2014 movie Big Hero 6.

Fastpass offered: Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, Buzz Lighyear Astro Blasters, Space Mountain, Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek

  • Space Mountain (1.02m height requirement) — Board your iconic spaceship in this mountain-shaped futuristic space station and take off! Your journey will take you through the outmost reaches of the galaxy to see for yourself the wonders of the cosmos. The ride is considered a disney classic and it's prominently featured in 5 out of 6 disney parks on the planet. While the rollercoaster doesn't feature any loops or big drops, it is described as a "thrill ride" and takes place in almost complete darkness, so any guests with health problems should avoid it. The ride is popular with thrill-seekers in the park and regularly gets lines that exceed 60 minutes. Experience it early in the day or last thing at night (Tomorrowland remains crowded even after nightfall) or use Fastpass (can run out before 12pm).
  • Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters — Evil Emperor Zurg is stealing batteries from helpless toys. Become a Space Ranger and shoot at the targets with your laser canons to defeat him, all of this with the help of your favorite friend from Disney-Pixar's Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear himself! The ride is a typical interactive ride like Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek and Toy Story Mania (although more old-fashioned). The ride does attract big crowds and lines are usually around the 60-minute mark. It's better to acquire a Fastpass for Monsters Inc. and then head there immediately after. The queue also features an animatronic Buzz Lightyear to entertain guests (Fastpass users will bypass it).
  • Stitch Encounter — Guests can enter the Stitch Monitoring Station and communicate with Stitch live via a satelite connection in a big screen! People who enter the show can talk with Stitch in a large screen where his movements and words are controlled by cast members backstage. The show develops a line above 20 minutes only on busy days. The show is entirely in Japanese.
  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (1.02m height requirement) — This 3D motion simulator lets riders board a Starspeeder 1000 and go for an adventurous journey in a galaxy far, far away. There they can visit some well-known planets such as Naboo and Tatooine and help the Resistance defeat the Empire. The Star Wars franchise doesn't have a big audience in Japan, unlike other countries, so Star Tours doesn't usually see waits that exceed 30 minutes and it is typically one of the last attractions to run out of Fastpass. You might not want to use Fastpass since the standby line is themed after an elaborate intergalactic space station and the Fastpass distribution point is on the other side of Tomorrowland, a little past Space Mountain.
  • Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek — Boo, Mike and Sully are playing a special hide and seek game and guests are invited join them. Hop on a small tram and experience the world Monsters Inc., while directing the light from your flashlight to the "M" targets. The newest attraction in Tokyo Disneyland (opened in 2009) is similar to Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters on the other side of Tomorrowland except for its more technologically advanced nature. While its popularity has died down it is still very popular. Lines form very quickly and peak waits usually range from 80 to 120 minutes, depending on the crowds and Fastpasses are gone within 1-1.5 hours from park opening. Better experienced with Fastpass (the queue is one of the least pleasant in the resort) or first thing in the day. Keep in mind that if the line is long the queue is cut earlier than official park closing and even if you get in line 1 hour before, the wait will probably still be above 60 minutes. The best strategy is to obtain a Fastpass for the ride right at park opening and then go immediately to ride any other headliners.
  • Meet the Robinsons


This wonderful and colorful metropolis is the place where many of the Toon characters call home. Inside houses full of topsy and turvy architecture is where some of your favorite characters like Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse rest!

  • Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin — In this classic dark ride, jump in a cab and go for a wild ride in the back alleys of Toontown as you try to help Roger Rabbit escape from the villainous weasels. The guests aren't able to control the direction of the cart (sits on a predesignated track) but can control the direction that they are facing. The ride is quite popular (40min+) but unfortunately doesn't offer Fastpass. Go here early in the day or after 6pm as Toontown empties considerably after late afternoon.
  • Gadget Go Coaster (90cm height requirement) — This small rollercoaster in the back of Toontown is Gadget's latest invention. While the kids may find it enjoyable, most adults consider it an underwhelming experience mainly due to its very short duration. The queue is full only on the busiest of busy days and you should have no problem even if you visit during midday (the queue is outdoors).
  • Chip n' Dale Tree house — A small tree house based on the story of Chip and Dale.
  • Donald's Boat — A small boat - that also serves as a playground - is sitting on Toon Lake and it is based on the story of the most famous duck!
  • Toon Park — Another playground in the entrance to Toontown, this one is significantly smaller and is located outdoors.
  • Minnie's House — Inside a small pink structure is the home of Minnie Mouse! This is a typical walkthrough attraction and not a meet n' greet with Minnie Mouse. The attraction's expansion is set to be completed in 2019 and it will include a new room, "Minnie's Dressing Room" where guests will finally be able to meet her!


The most iconic land of any disney park, just behind the magnificent Cinderella's Castle, is the place where fairytales from famous Disney classics come to life. Soar high in the sky above Neverland with Peter Pan, travel through a honey pot in the Hundred Acre Woods or go on the happiest cruise around the world, this land has something to please every person regardless of age. A big expansion is currently under construction for Fantasyland in the place of the former Tomorrowland Speedway that will feature a completely new area based on Beauty and the Beast that will also house a new trackless dark ride.

Fastpass offered: Pooh's Honey Hunt, It's A Small World, Haunted Mansion

  • Pooh's Hunny Hunt — Board an oversized hunny pot and go for a journey through the famous Hundred Acre Woods as you follow Winnie the Pooh in search of honey. You can also meet some friends along the way such as Tiger, Eyeore, Piglet, Rabbit and more! The ride is considered one of the best dark rides ever made and it is also one of the costliest ($130 million). When it opened in September 2000 was revolutionary since it utilised a "trackless ride system" that haven't been developed anywhere else in the world and because of this the honey pots move freely meaning not the same experience twice. The ride was for many years the largest crowd-drawer in the park until the opening of Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek. Still waits can still reach and surpass 90 minutes and fastpasses go out quickly (within the first 2-3 hours). The ideal strategy is to grab a Fastpass for Monsters Inc. and then immediately go and ride Pooh's Honey Hunt (Monsters Inc. develops long lines much quicker and the queue for the Honey Hunt is worth experiencing at least once). Otherwise keep in mind that waits drop significantly during and after the fireworks show.
  • Cinderella's Castle — This iconic castle is the symbol of disney parks around the world and comes in many variations. Here in Tokyo Disneyland it comes with the form of the castle from the famous disney-animated film from 1950, Cinderella. Its highest point is 51 meters above the rest of the park and it is identical to the Magic Kingdom version except for the gold trimmings.
    • Cinderella's Fairytale Hall — A walkthrough attraction inside Cinderella's Castle where guests can see the room of Cinderella and even try to see if their foot fits in her slipper!
  • It's A Small World — Step on the happiest cruise ever sailed and go for a relaxing tour around a cartoony version of the world as children from every continent sing the catchy tune of "it's a small world" in Japanese. The song of this classic boat ride has received an international award for his message about peace and prosperity. The ride offers Fastpass but it isn't a great use as lines usually hover around the 30-minute mark. Better experienced early in the day or after 6-7pm.
  • Haunted Mansion — Rumors say that this ominous Gothic mansion is haunted. Step inside and meet for yourself the 999 ghosts, ghouls and goblins that are now the residents of this building and be careful for other supernatural surprises along your way. Unlike the other versions of the Haunted Mansion, this one hasn't introduced any projections or state-of-the-art special effects and has kept its original character. Fastpass is offered but this is the reason that the line for the Haunted Mansion can occasionally reach 1 hour. Experience it with Fastpass or avoid it between 11pm and 6pm.
  • Dumbo The Flying Elephant — Jump on Dumbo's back and soar up and down, round and round above the skies of Fantasyland with the only elephant that can fly. This classic spinning attraction is featured in every disney park around the world and lets guests control the height of their vehicle. Due to its low capacity and central location Dumbo can develop a 30min+ wait as the day progresses and the queue is outdoors so it is better avoided during midday.
  • Castle Carousel The classic Fantasylamd carousel lets guests young and old board a horse and feel like a real prince or princess! Very rarely has a line above 20-25 minutes.
  • Alice Tea Party — Board wide array of colorful, spinning cups inspired by the character Mad Hatter from Disney's classic Alice in Wonderland and take control of your teacup from the wheel in its center. Guests are only able to control the speed that the teacup spins around itself and not its direction. Rarely has a wait above 20 minutes.
  • Mickey's Philharmagic — A magical concert performed by a Mickey takes a wild turn thanks to none other than Donald Duck! Many disney friends appear as Donald sweeps through the world of animation. This indoor 3D show is performed entirely in Japanese, lasts 10 minutes and rarely has a line above 20 minutes.
  • Snow White's Scary Adventures — A classic, old-fashioned Fantasyland dark ride that tells the story of Snow White and shows guests how the Seven Dwarfs helped defeat the Evil Queen. The ride can hit a wait equal to 30 minutes but anything above that is rare. The attraction features some scenes that may frighten young children.
  • Pinocchio's Daring Journey — Another classic, old-fashioned Fantasyland dark ride, this one lets guests board a minecart and journey along with Pinocchio in his quest to become a real boy. The ride rarely spots a wait above 30 minutes and has some scenes that may frighten young children.
  • Peter Pan's Flight — Board an enchanted, flying pirate ship and through Wendy's Room soar high in the moonlit sky of London and then, off to Neverland! There pirates, mermaids, Indians and even the Lost Boys await you! The ride is a disney classic and a guest favorite and that's the reason it is featured in 5 out of 6 disney parks on earth. The ride's nature of evoking nostalgia and attracting both adults and children has made it very popular in the other disney parks but in Tokyo Disneyland it is overshadowed by the massive popularity of Pooh's Honey Hunt. Even so long lines above 60 minutes can be seen on some days and the ride doesn't have Fastpass. Running here immediately after experiencing Honey Hunt, Monsters Inc. and Splash Mountain is not a bad idea. Otherwise experience it during or after the fireworks.
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • The Aristocats
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Dumbo's Circus Fairs
  • Bambi
  • Alice in wonderland
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Black Cauldron
  • The Sleeping Beauty

Critter Country[edit]

This beautiful, rustic, calm and small land here walking, talking critters sing songs of woodland delights. The land was specifically built to house the iconic Splash Mountain but also features Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes on the north-west side.

Fastpass offered: Splash Mountain

Single Rider offered: Splash Mountain

  • Splash Mountain (90cm height requirement) — One of the most well-known attractions in Disney parks, this log flume ride immerses guests to the world of the classic movie Song of The South and also features a 16 meter, 45 degree drop in the end! Don't forget to spot Br'er Bear, Br'er Fox and Br'er Rabbit! While the ride is similar to the ones found in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, it has some unique differences and it is worth experiencing it at least once. Despite the opening of Pooh's Honey Hunt and Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek, Splash Mountain is surprisingly the most popular ride in Tokyo Disneyland. Wait times very frequently surpass 100 minutes and can reach 3 hours when the park is crowded. Experience as early or as late as possible. Fastpass is useful but usually runs out in the first hour of operation. The Single Rider Line is probably the best way to experience the attraction since it offers the opportunity to ride the other headliners earlier.
  • Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes — Explore the Rivers of America on a canoe that you and the other canoe riders paddle together yourselves. Just don't be the one saying you're tired or critters will have a laugh on you! The canoes close much earlier than the rest of the park so check the schedule. The ride rarely spots a 20min+ wait.


Forge onward into the rugged region of Westernland! From the heights of Big Thunder Mountain down to the Western River this land celebrates the american wild west of the 19th century. This is exactly like Frontierland found in Disneyland Paris, Magic Kingdom and Disneyland with a different name ("Frontierland" can't be translated in Japanese).

Fastpass offered: Big Thunder Mountain

  • Big Thunder Mountain (1.02m height requirement) — This mountain houses a mine that flourished during the Gold Mining Boom but now sits abandoned and left to root. The only thing moving are some mine trains transporting guests in and out of caves, up and down on hills for a thrilling adventure. Big Thunder Mountain is one of a few attractions in Tokyo Disneyland that are completely identical to the Magic Kingdom's and Disneyland's. The only difference is the queue that weasels up the mountain offering great views of Westernland. If you want to ride it, catch it early during the day after the other headliners as peak waits regularly reach 70 minutes. Fastpass is available and is useful as a 3rd choice but keep in mind that they can run out before 2pm. Finally give it a try at night; it is a completely different experience.
  • Country Bear Theater — A show featuring 18 animatronic bears with their fabulous dancing and singing in a country-western music. Performs on select times during the day so check the schedule.
  • Westernland Shootin' Gallery — Test your gunning skills in this small building in front of Big Thunder Mountain and see how many targets you can shoot. When you’re done, you’ll get a score card with a message from Goofy!
  • Mark Twain Riverboat — Board the Mark Twain Riverboat, an elegant, 3-deck old steam paddler and enjoy a leisurely trip around the Rivers of America. Not busy. The boat stops operating earlier than the rest of the park so check the official hours.
  • Tom Sawyer Island — Right in the middle of the Rivers of America sits an island filled for adventurers. Injun Joe's Cave, Huckleberry Swamp and the Tom Sawyer Treehouse is one of the many places that kids can enjoy while the parents enjoy a stroll in the beautiful scenery. And don't worry; the island is completely cut off from the rest of the park as it is accessible only by a raft that leaves every 10-15 minutes on the right-hand side of Big Thunder Mountain. The island also closes much earlier than the rest of the park so check the schedule to see when the last raft will be leaving.
  • Western River Railroad — Jump aboard a real steam train that will take you non-stop from Frontierland to Critter Country and Adventureland (in this order) and back again. The ride isn't the typical "railroad" that is found on other parks and has stops in multiple lands. That's because the law in Japan says that every train route that has 2 stops or more must have a fare attached to it, which would be very inconvenient for guests. The railroad closes earlier than the rest of the park.
  • Bug's Life: the Ride


Step inside this land showcasing the tropical regions of the world. Jump inside a boat for a cruise in the world's most famous rivers, see the era where pirates ruled the seas and even climb a giant treehouse built by a family of adventurers! Adventureland is also the least crowded area of the park.

  • Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions — Jump on a boat with a brave and funny skipper and take a tour through the world's most famous rivers. Elephants, crocodiles, lions and other wildlife will accompany you through this journey, but there are also some more surprises to watch for. The attraction also remains open during nighttime giving it a whole new mystical atmosphere. The skipper unfortunately speaks entirely in Japanese, something that makes it extremely difficult for non-Japanese speakers to understand. The ride doesn't usually accumulate a wait of more than 30 minutes and it is good to head to all day. Also try to experience it at night.
  • Swiss Family Treehouse — This towering treehouse, standing 19 meters high into the air, was build by the shipwrecked Robinson family - based on the 1960 movie Swiss Family Robinson - and is free for you to explore! Closes earlier than the rest of the park sometimes.
  • Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents "Aloha E Komo Mai!" — An enchanted show full of talking Hawaiian birds gets interrupted when Stitch shows up and gets guests and tiki gods to join the show! The show is quite different than the one found in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. Rarely has a line above 10 minutes and sometimes closes earlier than the rest of the park.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean — Step inside this small manor, hop on board a small barge and sail to a long-forgotten time when pirates ruled the High Seas. The ride was recently redone and now features Captain Jack Sparrow and other favorite characters! The ride lasts longer than Magic Kingdom version but shorter than both the Disneyland version and Disneyland Paris version. It is skippable if you have experienced it in other parks. Like Star Tours on the other side of the park, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise doesn't have a big audience in Japan so lines for the ride don't usually get above 25-30 minutes.
  • Continent Mountain
  • UP
  • Mulan

Parkwide Events[edit]

As part of Tokyo Disneyland's 35th Anniversary that will last from April 2018 to May 2019 many parades and shows have been added or changed. Shows are greatly dependent on weather conditions. Here's what is currently offered:

  • Dreaming Up — This fantastic grand parade is now running and it's the primary daytime celebration in Tokyo Disneyland. Guests can take a spot in Frontierland/Adventureland, the Hub or Main Street USA and join Mickey and his friends into a world of fantay and imagination. The parade doesn't have a fixed schedule and the program is usually given a month in advance so check the official website for details.
  • Tokyo Disneyland's Electrical Parade: Dremlights! — Disney stars are literally sparkling under many LED lights and fabulous music. The parade features characters from Aladdin to Mickey and from Elsa to Beauty and the Beast that recently made a comeback after being removed in 2011. Just like Dreaming Up is the daytime parade of the park, Dreamlights is the nighttime parade of the park. The schedule is more stable than the previous one (it runs around 7-7:30pm) but it's again better to check the official website.
  • Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland — This firework spectacular - filled with dynamic projections, fireworks, dancing fountains and rich music - is the brand new nighttime show was rolled out for the 35th Anniversary and replaced "Once Upon A Time". Cinderella's Castle is now cast with a magical spell and viewers are transported in the Kingdom of Dreams, featuring all sorts of favorite characters. The show is performed twice during the day (official hours vary).
  • Brand New Dream — A shorter show than Celebrate!, features fireworks and projections that all dance in the rhythm of the 35th Anniversary themed song. Performed on 8:30pm but not every day.

Tokyo DisneySea[edit]

Mount Prometheus, Tokyo DisneySea

The sister park of Tokyo Disneyland opened in 2001 and is themed after the seas. Unlike Tokyo Disneyland the park is completely original, only featuring one ride that is completely identical to some other parks (Toy Story Mania!) and it's considered the best theme park on the planet. Just like Cinderella's Castle on the other side of the resort, Disney Sea also has its icon, Mount Prometheus. The park is scheduled to undergo a major expansion between 2019-2021 which will include a similar but not identical to the other parks' "Soarin" and an entire new land called "Fantasy Springs" which will have 3 themed areas based on Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan along with a new hotel.

Starting from the main entrance and going clockwise around Mount Prometheus, the seven theme "ports of call" are Meditterranean Harbor (the entrance to the park themed after Venice.), American Waterfront (a reproduction of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States), Port Discovery (a science-themed area), Lost River Delta (a tropical rainforest based on the stories of Indiana Jones), Arabian Coast (heavy arabian influences and many attraction themed after Aladdin), Mermaid Lagoon (based on Disney's The Little Mermaid) and Mysterious Island (based on the books of Jules Verne, Journey to the Center and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).

Mediterranean Harbor[edit]

The entrance to Tokyo Disney Sea, the Mediterranean Harbor is designed to resemble a seaport in Italy. The buildings of this area have architectural touches from Portofino, Tuscany and Venice. The land also uniquely includes the first hotel inside a theme park, Hotel Miracosta. The Mediterranean Harbor is going to be the home of Soarin Around the World when it opens in 2019.

  • Venetian Gondolas — Hop on a gondola and enjoy the views as you set sail for a leisurely cruise around the romantic, Palazzo Canals, with gondoliers accompanying you through your way! The ride is moderately popular but very slow-loading since a gondola can only sit 10-12 people. That's why waits can reach 45 minutes on busy days. Better experienced early after the headliners or half an hour before its closing (operation stops several hours before official park closing). Check the schedule.
  • Fortress Explorations — A walkthrough attraction that features a fortress and a galleon where guests can see exhibitions on the study of the planets and the earth's rotation, operate cannons, and various nautical instruments. The attraction closes earlier than the rest of the park.
  • Disney Sea Transit Steamer Line — This small steamer operates as a way of leisurely transportation around the park and has stops in the Mediterranean Harbor, the American Waterfront and Port Discovery. Stops operation 1-2 hours earlier than the rest of the park. Rarely a wait above 15 minutes.

American Waterfront[edit]

This land in Tokyo DisneySea is inspired by the northeastern seaboard of the United States of the early 20th Century. The land is divided into two sublands, the New York Harbor (which is home to Tower of Terror) and the Toyville Trolley Park (where Toy Story Mania! is located).

  • Toy Story Mania! — This indoor interactive 3D dark ride, located in the Toyville Trolley Park and has been the highlight of the park since it opened in 2012. The ride takes guests through a series of interactive carnival games, based on the Toy Story franchise, where they can shoot at the targets and earn points (similar albeit much more technologically advanced than Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters in Tokyo Disneyland)! It also features some favorite friends like Woody, Jessie and Buzz! Since it opened, the ride is the single most popular attraction in the entire resort and peak waits always, no matter the crowds, surpass 100 minutes. During the busier season they can easily reach 3 hours. The only way to experience Toy Story Mania! without a big wait is immediately after park opening (that's what 90% of guests are doing) and lineup for Fastpass. Keep in mind that Fastpasses run out within the first 45 minutes that the park is open and the initial line to the distribution point can exceed 30 minutes. In fact, if you have done the other versions of the ride in Hollywood Studios and Disneyland it is highly recommemded that you skip Toy Story Mania as the ride is identical. The queue is much better than both of the american versions but it isn't worth waiting 2 hours just for it. The best strategy if you decide to skip it is to acquire a Fastpass for the Tower of Terror and then immediately go to ride Journey to the Center of the Earth.
Travel Warning

NOTE: The initial rush to Toy Story Mania! is not pleasant. It's a frenzy of thousands of people that decide to head there first thing in the morning. The crowd is so large that cast members are present on the pathway leading to the ride to ask guests not to run for the safety of everyone. Most guests though ignore them and run while bumping to other people in the front. In the first minutes from park opening, Toyville Trolley Park is chaotic and full of overflowing lines so keep checking for signs indicating the start of the queue. Also keep small children by the hand. There have been many cases of lost children in the initial rush to the attraction.

  • Tower of Terror — It is 1912 in New York. A majestic hotel, known as the "Tower of Terror" due to the mysterious disappearence of its owner 1899, sits on the waterfront renovated by a company that is now giving tours to guests. Something unexpected happens though when they step on board a haunted......elevator! This ride takes the free-fall thrill into a whole new level with breathtaking special effects and a very imaginative story. While the name the ride is also featured at 3 other disney parks, the storyline is exclusive to DisneySea so it is not a clone. Keep in mind that guests will experience strong negative gravity forces and those prone to problems caused by such are highly advised to skip the ride. The attraction has seen a spike in wait times since the opening of Toy Story Mania!. Still, substantial lines don't form until 45min-1hour after park opening. Be sure to head there in the first or last hour that the park is open because peak waits can reach 90 minutes or use Fastpass (runs out quickly).
  • Turtle Talk — Inside the Undersea Observatory in SS Columbia guests can chat and interact with Crush through a giant underwater window. The attraction just like Stitch Encounter in Tokyo Disneyland uses state-of-the-art technology as Crush's movements and Dory's (she appears sometimes) are controlled by cast members that also have the ability to talk to guests through Crush! The attraction can get 25min+ lines on some days but it's usually a walk-on during the morning or late afternoon and onward.
  • Big City Vehicles — This classic vehicles, that became prominent in the early 20th century, are here to take you for a relaxed tour of the American Waterfront! Closes earlier than the rest of the park
  • DisneySea Electric Railway — Right above the bustle of the American Waterfront sits this elevated electric trolley that takes guests on a small tour from here to Port Discovery and back again. Closes earlier than the rest of the park and very rarely has a line above 20 minutes.
  • DisneySea Transit Steamer Line — The steamer station in the American Waterfront.

Mysterious Island[edit]

Inside this land sits the towering Mount Prometheus (at exactly 51 meters tall), the icon of Tokyo DisneySea. The land - and the mountain itself - is inspired by two of the most famous stories of Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Fastpass offered: Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth (1.17m height requirement) — Board a unique subterranean vehicle and travel inside Mount Prometheus to see for yourself the beautiful underworld which human eyes have never seen before. But be careful. The beauty also hides a monster living very deep under the ground.... The ride is the most well-known of Tokyo DisneySea (not the most popular) and is considered one of the best and costliest rides ever made. It also uses the same ride system found in Test Track (Epcot) and Radiator Springs Racers (Disneyland), which means that the last part of the ride is very fast (that's the reason for the height requirement). The attraction used to be extremely popular but since the opening of Toy Story Mania!, the balance has changed. Now the ride doesn't get 60min+ waits until at least 1 hour after park opening and peak waits usually range between 80-120 minutes. The queue is awesome but and this is one of very few rides that are worth waiting 70 minutes for. If you don't want to queue for that long experience it during the first or last hour that the park is open, or use Fastpass (can run out before 12pm).
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea — Board a small submarine and take part in a mission to explore the fantastic undersea world, home to the ancient civilization of Atlantis, sunk in the bottom of the ocean thousands of years ago. The ride employs clever special effects to give guests the illusion that they are under water as they are never entering anything liquid. It pales in comparison to the neighboring Journey to the Center of the Earth the ride sees the longest waits from the "secondary attractions" in the park and lines can hit 50 minutes. Experience it during the first or the last 2 hours that the park is open. It is one of the last rides to run out of Fastpass.
  • The Good Dinosaur

Port Discovery[edit]

This port-of-call in Tokyo Disney Sea is themed after a marina of the future and with some Retrofuturistic touches. The land is different than the other lands in the park as it does have a very "metallic" look to it to represent the future.

Fastpass offered: Nemo & Friends SeaRider

  • Nemo & Friends SeaRider (90cm height requirement) — This 3D-motioned simulator lets guests board the "SeaRider", submarine that can shrink to the size of a fish! From there guests will be able to explore the underwater world from the perspective of Marlin, Nemo and Dory, while meeting many other sea creatures from Finding Dory such as Destine, the whale-shark and Hank, the octopus. This ride is the latest addition to both the park and the resort since it opened in Summer 2017 and replaced the Storm Rider that closed in May 2016. The ride isn't as popular as the other headliners in the park but can still reach 1 hour worth of wait by the time noon rolls by. Visit before 10am, use Fastpass (can run out quickly) or visit after 7pm since Port Discovery empties considerably 1-2 hours before park closing.
  • Aquatopia — Board a three-person watercraft that spins around in unpredictable directions inside this large pool. The ride bares some similarities to Alice Tea Party in Tokyo Disneyland but the vehicles don't have a specific direction (don't worry you are not going to bump into the walls or the rocks that are present in the pool). The ride is slow-loading and can ans waits can surpass the 30-minute mark occasionally. Experience it after 7pm as it's pretty far away from the entrance to catch it early.
  • DisneySea Transit Steamer Line — The DisneySea Transit Steamer station in Port Discovery.
  • DisneySea Electronic Railway — This elevated, charming electric tram takes guests from the American Waterfront to Port Discovery and back.
  • The Incredible: the Ride

Lost River Delta[edit]

This land located at the back of Tokyo DisneySea and is themed after a jungle in South America where lost mystics and spirits can be found. You also have a chance to meet one of your favorite adventurers, Indiana Jones himself!

Fastpass offered: Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, Raging Spirits

Single Rider offered: Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, Raging Spirits

  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull (1.17m height requirement) — This derelict Aztec Temple in the jungle of the Lost River Delta is home to a secret. Hop on a military vehicle and step inside for a wild adventure in your search to find the Fountain of Youth, with Indiana Jones helping you along the way. The attraction may seem similar to the one found in Disneyland but the story is completely different, as are the ride's special effects. This was the only opening day attraction for River Delta and despite the addition of Raging Spirits in 2004 it's still the land's headliner. The fact that it is located in the back of the park and in the path of other headliners means that the ride doesn't build substantial lines until at least 1 hour after park opening. Peak waits though can surpass 80 minutes so if you wanna ride it do it with Fastpass (run out quickly) or late in the day (the Lost River Delta empties considerably after 7-8pm). The attraction is also one of 3 to feature Single Rider Line which is extremely useful if you don't want to waste your Fastpass and don't have problem separating from your party. The queue is also unimaginably detailed and definitely worth experiencing.
  • Raging Spirits (1.17m - 1.95m height requirement) — This speedy rollercoaster next to the Temple of the Crystal Skull through the excavated ruins of a former ceremonial site in the jungle. This is the only looping coaster in the resort and it is a quite turbulent ride. It bears some similarities to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril in Disneyland Paris but it is much more detailed and also features fire and smoke effects. The ride is less popular than Indiana Jones but its lower capacity means that waits are usually equal to it (over 80 minutes on some days). It also fills slower than its neighbor and Fastpass isn't a really good use here. Try to ride it after 7pm or use the Single Rider Line (which is extremely useful for both rides).
  • Lion King: the Ride
  • Coco: the Ride
  • Dinosaur: the Ride
  • Triceratops Spin

Mermaid Lagoon[edit]

This colorful and vibrant land is based on Disney's 1989 animayed classic, The Little Mermaid. The land was specifically designed to appeal to children and it is described as a huge playground split into two sections: the "above sea level" (which is outdoors) and the excessively themed "under the sea" area, which is basically a huge indoor and air-conditioned area. The indoor area can get pretty crowded especially if the weather comditions aren't ideal so supervise children at all times.

Fastpass offered: Mermaid Lagoon Theater: King Triton's Concert

  • Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster (90cm height requirement) ("Above the Sea") — Ariel's best friend Flounder has come here to take guests on a ride in this small outdoor rollercoaster above a tide pool. The ride is similar to Gadget Go Coaster in Tokyo Disneyland and is redeemed as not so fun for adults as for children. Experience it early or late in the day as the queue is outdoors and waits can reach 30 minutes (not a good combination).
  • Scuttle's Scooters ("Above the Sea") — Board one of these colorful hermit crabs that seat two and go for a spinning ride around Scuttle who is also watching you from above! The ride is one of 4 flat rides in the Mermaid Lagoon but it's the only one that is outside. This, in addition to its low capacity can lead to 25min+ waits in the heat or cold of Tokyo. Try to experience it early during the day or after nightfall.
  • The Whirlpool ("Under the Sea") — This cups made out of kelp take you for a spinning ride, round and round in different directions. The ride is completely identical to Alice Tea Party in Tokyo Disneyland. Very low capacity but lacks popularity (waits rarely above 10-15 minutes).
  • Jumpin' Jellyfish ("Under the Sea") — Colorful jellyfish with shells attached are here to take you for a ride up and down under the sea. Like almost every other ride in the Mermaid Lagoon it has low capacity but it's the closest thing that children can get to the Tower of Terror so it is decently popular (20min+ waits). Even so you will usually have no problem with the crowds.
  • Blowfish Balloon Race ("Under the Sea") — Board a shell attached to the colorful, stuffed blowfish and go for a race up into the air around the ride's skeleton. Very similar to Filk's Flyers in Disneyland the ride is decently popular but the lines don't usually get above 20 minutes.
  • Ariel's Playground ("Under the Sea") — An interactive playground that features a ship, a statue of Prince Eric and much more! There are even water canons here!
  • Mermaid Lagoon Theater: King Triton's Concert ("Under the Sea") — This brand new show in the Mermaid Lagoon theater is set to enchant you as Ariel and her friends start to sing popular songs from Disney's The Little Mermaid such as "Part of Your World" and "Under the Sea". A very enjoyable show that also live performers and amazing special effects. The biggest and most crowded attraction in the Mermaid Lagoon the show can reach 45min+ waits. It is a good choice for Fastpass (along with the Magic Lamp Theater in the Arabian Coast) only if you have already experienced the headliners. Otherwise head here during the night.
  • Little Mermaid: the Ride

Arabian Coast[edit]

The final port-of-call that completes the puzzle of Tokyo DisneySea, this land is themed after a bustling arabian harbor of the 16th-17th century and it also features one of the most beautiful areas of the park: the Palace Courtyard. The land is heavily themed after the Arabian Nights and Disney's 1992 classic animated film, Aladdin.

Fastpass offered: The Magic Lamp Theater

  • Sindbad's Storybook Voyage — This water ride lets guests board a log and set sail on the arabian desert (quite a contrast) to accompany Sindbad and Chandu as they try to find a mythical treasure. This ride is the "sleeper hit" of Tokyo DisneySea and has the same charm as the Fantasyland dark rides. It's location (in the corner of the park and not very visible) means that many guests don't even notice that this ride exists. Waits very rarely get above 10-15 minutes.
  • Jasmine's Flying Carpets — Enchanted carpets from Disney's Aladdin are here to take guests up to the sky of the Arabian Coast and spin round and round. The ride is almost identical to the one found in Paris, Los Angeles and Orlando which means that guests are able to control the height of their vehicle. Waits are rarely above 20 minutes.
  • Caravan Carousel — In the Palace Courtyard this two-level carousel offers camels to riders and exotic music under its huge domed roof. The carousel takes theming into a whole new level and it's two floors mean very good capacity and lines below 15 minutes.
  • The Magic Lamp Theater — Step inside this grand palace for a show with the best magician in the world, Shaban as he presents his solo performance for the first time with his partner, the well-known Genie! The ride is a mix of live performances and 3D effects (the Shaban is a man and the Genie is shown in a large screen above the stage). This is by far the most popular attraction in the Arabian Coast and does typically see lines that surpass 40 minutes. Fastpass is a good use here (just like in the Mermaid Lagoon Theater) only if you have experienced the headliners. Otherwise, head here during the night.
  • Alladin and the Sky Journey

Parkwide Events[edit]

Tokyo DisneySea also has its share of long-running special events along with new ones rolled out for the 35th Anniversary. Here's the rundown:

  • Fantasmic! — The extremely popular, long-running show continues tireless after 8 years of performances. Taking place at night on the waters of Mediterranean Harbor, this spectacular entertainment features Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice who creates a fantastic world of Disney through his powers of imagination. The gargantuan water screens, lights along with water and fire effects only help to make the atmosphere even more energetic. It is shown every night at 8pm.
  • Brand New Dream — Just like the Tokyo Disneyland version, this nighttime show plays the 35th Anniversary song with fireworks filling the sky behind Mount Prometheus. Performed at 8:30pm on select dates throughout the month.
  • Happiest Celebration on the Sea — This brand new show in the waters of the Mediterranean Harbor is now the primary daytime event of the park. On board floating, decorated boats Mickey and Minnie along with other Disney characters will greet guests while dancing to the 35th Anniversary themed song. At 2pm every day.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Save money while shopping
Be sure to compare prices between different stores when shopping for souvenirs - it may be possible to find a more reasonably priced similar item in a different area. Obviously the cheapest option is looking for Japanese Disney products on the Internet or in shops in Tokyo or other Japanese cities.

Tokyo Disney Resort is a Disney merchandise fan's paradise. Of course, there are plenty of gift shops found within the two parks, but additional selections may be found in Ikspiari and the nearby Bon Voyage store.

The World Bazaar, Tokyo Disneyland's entrance area, is anchored by the Grand Emporium, which can be seen to your right immediately after you have entered the park. This is the largest store in the park with over 3,000 different types of merchandise.

The largest store in Tokyo DisneySea is Emporio which anchors Mediterranean Harbor. Other notable shops are McDuck's Department Store in American Waterfront; and The Sleepy Whale Shoppe, Mermaid Treasures, and Kiss de Girl Fashions, three interconnecting shops in Mermaid Lagoon.

Ikspiari [23], pronounced like "experience" without the last syllable, is Japan's answer to Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney, with more than 140 stores and restaurants, and a 16-screen movie theatre. It's no surprise that there is a Disney Store here, by the way.

Bon Voyage, shaped like a giant suitcase and hatbox and conveniently located on the elevated walkway linking JR Maihama Station with Tokyo Disneyland's entrance, is the answer to the World of Disney stores in Florida and California, which essentially are Disney Stores on steroids. Inside, you'll find the grandest selection of Disney merchandise available under one roof anywhere in Japan.

Major credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere. Remember that American cards allow only a one charge purchase, meaning that a ¥10,000 purchase will be charged once, instead of ¥5,000 now and ¥5,000 next month. (This system allows the Japanese to keep their interest low.) Employees will ask you (sometimes) if you want to be charged once. Say yes and the transaction will go smoothly, but say no and you will double your time at the counter.

If you haven't brought enough money, there is one ATM at each park entrance (at the information desk). But only Japanese cards will work in these ATMs. At Ikspiari, there is an international ATM on level 2F near "Local Motion".

Eat[edit][add listing]

Land of the rising popcorn
Popcorn is a treat here! In addition to the traditional salted popcorn, visitors can enjoy a myriad of flavored popcorn. They include Curry Popcorn, Hunny (Honey) Popcorn, Chocolate Popcorn, Strawberry Popcorn, Butter Soy Popcorn, Black Pepper Popcorn, and Caramel Popcorn. A box usually runs for ¥300 and a commemorative refillable (for a small fee) bucket runs at anywhere between ¥1400-2000. The flavors may also reflect the area of the park you are in. For example, Hunny Popcorn can be enjoyed near the Winnie the Pooh attraction and Curry Popcorn can be found in Adventureland.

You will have no trouble finding food at Tokyo Disney Resort. There are many places to eat throughout the two parks and Ikspiari, and all are listed on the maps. However, the food descriptions are either not 100% accurate or there is something lost in the translation. Also, understand that portion sizes are different in Japan so a large drink that you ordered may look like a small to you. This combined with the increase in cost normally expected at an amusement park may hit your pocket book harder than expected.

If you are arriving by car/bus you may consider having a cooler in the car and having a picnic. If you decide to eat in the park, scout out the restaurants before you intend on eating. This will give you a better idea of their menus and the fastest way to get there when it is time to eat.

Save money while dining

Expect food and drinks to be a bit more expensive and smaller than you would expect to find in other areas of Japan. Food starts at around ¥500 for a snack, while 500 milliliters of bottled water is around ¥200.

While technically it is not allowed to bring food into the parks, bag checks are lax and more focused on weapons. Since the lockers are placed after the checks, if your food is found, you can simply state you will leave it outside the park and eat it in the designated picnic area in front of the entrance. If you wish to follow the rules, this is also a sensible option as re-entry to the park is permitted during the day and you can simply leave the park for lunch and dinner. However, the lockers start at ¥300 paid each time they are closed.

There are many water fountains located in the parks, usually away from snack booths and main walkways. If you bring or buy a bottle, you can refill during the day whenever you happen to pass one.

In the parks[edit]

  • Tokyo Disneyland Restaurants [24]
  • Tokyo DisneySea Restaurants [25]

Most dining opportunities in the two theme parks are counter service restaurants, most of which serve Western, Japanese, or Chinese cuisine. If you really want to save cash, though, your best bet may be to stick to the many snack carts scattered all throughout the parks.

Table service restaurants are also found in the parks but are far less common than counter service restaurants. The finest in-park table service can perhaps be found on board the SS Columbia, the fake ocean liner in Tokyo DisneySea's American Waterfront.

The Crystal Palace, located on the World Bazaar/Adventureland walkway, is the only buffet in Tokyo Disneyland. Its Tokyo DisneySea counterpart is the Sailing Day Buffet, located in the "cargo terminal" adjacent to the SS Columbia.

Tokyo Disneyland has one buffeteria (Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall in Fantasyland), and Tokyo DisneySea has three (Cafe Portofino in Mediterreanean Harbor, Horizon Bay in Port Discovery, and Vulcania in Mysterious Island).

Priority Seating[edit]

Tokyo Disney Resort's restaurants do not accept reservations per se. A Priority Seating booking is essentially a restaurant FastPass. When you make a Priority Seating booking, you will receive a designated time to return to the restaurant, and you will then be seated with a minimal wait. Note that waiting times may vary, especially during peak periods.

Keep in mind that Priority Seating bookings will be held for no more than 15 min past your designated time frame for a restaurant in either of the two theme parks and no more than 10 min for a restaurant in any one of the three Disney Hotels. Also, that capacity is limited and bookings tend to fill up early, and that there may be times when Priority Seating bookings are not available.

Priority Seating may be booked through the Tokyo Disney Resort Reservation Center at +81-45-683-3333.

Priority Seating is accepted at the following in-park restaurants:

Tokyo Disneyland[edit]
  • Blue Bayou Restaurant (Adventureland)
  • Eastside Cafe (World Bazaar)
  • Restaurant Hokusai (World Bazaar)
Tokyo DisneySea[edit]
  • Magellan's (Mediterranean Harbor)
  • Restaurant Sakura (American Waterfront)
  • Ristorante di Canaletto (Mediterranean Harbor)
  • Sailing Day Buffet (American Waterfront)
  • SS Columbia Dining Room (American Waterfront)

At Ikspiari[edit]

Ikspiari has a broad range of dining options, one of which is Japan's only Rainforest Cafe.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Most drinks are soft drinks. Coca-Cola and Kirin sponsor attractions, and are the main soft drinks to be found. Mets (Kirin's "diet" brand) beverages may also be found, in a few limited cases.

Alcoholic beverages are available at 16 restaurants in Tokyo DisneySea. [26] Keep in mind that, under Japanese law, persons under 20 and those who plan to drive a car are prohibited from consuming alcohol.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Tokyo Disney Resort's combined reservations number is 81-045-683-3333, and is open 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (visit to find the local time in Tokyo: [27]).

Online reservations and contact information are available at official websites.

Within the resort[edit]

There are nine hotels within the resort, all rather expensive.

Disney Hotels[edit]

  • Disney Ambassador Hotel, (adjacent to Ikspiari), [1]. This hotel is themed to the Art Deco era of the 1930's. ¥28,000-¥300,000.  edit
  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, (outside the Tokyo Disneyland entrance), [2]. An opulent Victorian-style hotel with the best view of Tokyo Disneyland on the side. ¥33,000-¥500,000.  edit
  • Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, (within the Mediterranean Harbor area of Tokyo DisneySea), [3]. An Italian-style hotel complete with rooms overlooking Mediterranean Harbor. ¥33,000-¥500,000.  edit

Official Hotels[edit]

These hotels are accessed by taking the free Disney Resort Cruiser bus service from Bayside Station on the Disney Resort Line monorail (see Get around above).

  • Hilton Tokyo Bay, 1-8 Maihama Urayasu-shi, 81-047-355-5000, [4].  edit
  • Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay, 1-8 Maihama Urayasu-shi, 81-047-355-3333, [5].  edit
  • Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, 1-9 Maihama Urayasu-shi, 81-047-355-5555, [6].  edit
  • Sunroute Plaza Tokyo, 1-6 Maihama Urayasu-shi, 81-047-355-1111, [7].  edit
  • Tokyo Bay Hotel Tokyu, 1-7 Maihama Urayasu-shi, 81-047-355-2411, [8].  edit
  • Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, 1-34 Maihama Urayasu-shi, 81-047-355-1222, [9].  edit

Outside the resort[edit]

Because of the excellent connection to Tokyo Station, you do not necessarily need to stay in an on-site hotel. Cheaper accommodations off-site do exist, and arriving at the park when it opens is still easily possible.

Partner Hotels[edit]

The Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels Program is made up of five hotels located in the Shin-Urayasu area right next to the resort. All of these hotels are located within 1-2 km of JR Shin-Urayasu Station, from which Maihama is the first stop in the direction of Tokyo Station. For some it may be easier to get the complimentary shuttle service that runs frequently to and from the Disneyland park entrance.

  • Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay, 1-1-1 Hinode Urayasu-shi, 81-047-304-2727, [10].  edit
  • Mitsui Garden Hotel Prana Tokyo Bay, Akemi 6-2-1, 81-047-382-3331, [11].  edit
  • Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay, 1-8-2 Mihama, 81-047-350-8111, [12].  edit
  • Palm & Fountain Terrace Hotel, 7-1-1 Meikai Urayasu-shi, 81-047-353-1234, [13].  edit
  • Urayasu Brighton Hotel, 1-9 Mihama Urayasu-shi, 81-047-355-7777, [14].  edit

Good Neighbor Hotels[edit]

There are 15 designated Good Neighbor Hotels [28] around Tokyo and Chiba that offer free shuttle bus transfers to and from Tokyo Disney Resort.

Stay safe[edit]

Get out[edit]

I can go the distance
Fans of Disney's American parks who also visit Universal's parks on side trips may be disappointed to know that Universal Studios Japan [29] is in Osaka, some 250 mi (400 km) west of Tokyo.

However, a side trip to Universal Studios Japan from Tokyo Disney Resort is still possible. All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines provide frequent service, lasting about 1 hour and using widebody aircraft, from Haneda Airport to Osaka's Itami Airport. There is direct bus service from the airport to Universal [30], costing ¥900 (children ¥450).

Alternatively, a trip from Tokyo to Osaka via the Shinkansen takes 2.5-3 h. One-way fare is ¥14,050 via Nozomi or free via Hikari with the Japan Rail Pass.

  • Kasai Rinkai Koen (Sea Life Park) [31] is the first stop from Maihama in the direction of Tokyo Station. Essentially, this is Japan's answer to SeaWorld with an aquarium and a Ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is the biggest in Japan (117 m/385 ft).
  • Makuhari Messe [32] Messe is the German word for "trade fair", and that is just what to expect at this international convention center. You can get here from JR Kaihin-Makuhari Station, which is the sixth stop from Maihama in the direction of Soga Station.
  • Sanrio Puroland [33] An indoor theme park centered around Hello Kitty and her friendsand a must for little princesses. You will need to take three trains to get here from Tokyo Station: JR Chuo Line (from Tokyo to Shinjuku), Keio Main Line (from Shinjuku to Chofu), and finally Keio Sagamihara Line (from Chofu to Keio Tama Center). It costs ¥710, including the trip from Maihama to Tokyo, and takes about 180 min.
  • IKSPIARI It takes about 1 minute walk to get IKSPIARI from Tokyo Disney Land. It is a shopping mall having many fashionable shops and movie theaters. There are many shops which are popular among young people like GAP, DIESEL, ABC-MART, PLAZA, and so on. You can buy goods related with Disney, too. You cam also have lunch or dinner there. Especially, "Rain Forest Cafe" has a unique atomosphere - it looks like a jangle. IKSPIARI holds some events on weekends. For example, masicians, singers, and comedians come and perform in front of visiters, so not only young people but also small kids can enjoy there. IKSPIARI is a really good place to visit before or after visiting Tokyo Disney Land.

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