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Tiraspol is the capital of Transnistria.


You might enjoy a visit to the main street with its parliamentary building boasting a relatively new Lenin statue. Opposite, a T-34 tank from the Great Patriotic War era forms part of a monument which also contains soil from the pivotal battle of Stalingrad. You probably won't miss the Soviet-style banners either! On the other side of the city, in the Balka district, there is a monument with an old MiG-19 fighter, erected in 1975 on the 30th anniversary of victory in World War II in commemoration of Soviet fighter-pilots.

Contrary to popular perceptions, Tiraspol is a quiet and peaceful city with no military activity since 1992. The only people in uniform you will usually see are military officers and policemen. Military parades are held annually on Independence Day (2 September) and on Victory Day (9 May).


The Palace of the Soviets

Tiraspol has a relatively modern infrastructure. The state-run bus service is a simplistic, fairly accessible method of transportation operating at peak hours during the day. Tickets can be obtained on board, and cost 2,50 roubles (Rup) for trolley buses and 3,5 roubles for maxi taxis (Aug. 2017). Night-time operations were halted due to an increase in criminal drug trafficking, which became rampant on the bus system during the mid 1990's. Subsequent reforms by president Smirnov and other officials enabled the bus-system to remain open for at least the better part of the day, restoring a much needed public service to the Transnistrian population. In 2012 delivery of new-generation trolley buses from Belarus started under the guidance of the new Transnistrian president, Shevchuk.

Tiraspol is landlocked and is largely closed off from the outside world due to a lack of transcontinental infrastructure. There is neither an airport nor a seaport in Transnistria. The nearest international airport is located in Kishinev in neighbouring Moldova. In 2012 plans were announced to rebuild the old Soviet-era military airbase near Tiraspol as a civil airport.

The local sewer system and electrical grid are state of the art. Recently adapted from models based in western Europe, the Transnistrian basic infrastructure was built in the mid 1990s after the profits gained after the war of independence in 1992.

Get in[edit]

Suvorov Monument, a symbol of Tiraspol.

There is regular bus and maxi-taxi service to Chisinau (30 Moldovan Lei), Bender, Causeni, Odessa, and other Ukrainian and Moldovan cities. The main bus/train station is about a kilometre from the city centre and has clearly posted schedules. No visa or payment is officially required for EU, Moldovan or US citizens when staying for less than three days, but you must remember to register with the police unless you are just on a day trip.

Most visitors these days visit the country with no problems and are not asked for bribes. In the past there were stories of visitors facing demands for bribes from the border guards either on entry or exit from Transnistria (or both).

The combined bus/train station does not have a luggage depot.

See[edit][add listing]

Supreme Soviet (Parliament) Building

You can see most of what there is to see in Tiraspol by walking up and down October 25th St., the main drag. There are several nice parks in the city, including the Culture Park near the university. This has abundant trees and a mixture of abandoned and enthusiastically used amusement park rides, and is a good place for people-watching. Most of the big monuments are at the south end of the city, about 2 km from the Palace of Soviets.

Do[edit][add listing]

Visit many Soviet monuments that remain in Tiraspol since the days of USSR. You may also want to visit the local drama theatre, which is located near the university, and local museums in the central part of the city. The Museum of Local Lore near the parliament is also quite interesting; note that foreigners have to pay ten times more than locals - 20 rubles. There are cheap boat tours on the Dniester which take about 30 minutes; just enter the boat, the guide will collect the money after the ship departs. There is also a War Museum located in the building of the Defence Ministry of Transnistria, but it is only accessible by local citizens.

  • Visit the recently opened (May 2017) Tourist Information Office, funded by the EU and staffed by helpful locals. They provide an excellent map, many attractions are listed on a things to do page. Open weekdays, 135 Sovetskaia Street, opposite Kvint big office.
  • Iceskating - near where the mashrutkas from the Ukrainian border arrive is an icerink. 65 rubles.
  • Relax on the Dniestr beach in the city center with a cool beer.

Visit the Banya; a male only Russian bath at 57 Strada Sacrier (visited September 2017, appears to have closed despite signage in Russian for "Russian Sauna). This is a real taste of authentic Transnistria, where local men of all ages go to socialise, eat and drink. The complex includes showers, a sauna where men whip themselves with birch branches to release toxins and an iced plunge pool. Nobody is likely to speak any English, but everyone will want a chat. As with all banyas, you go naked the whole time and remember to bring drinks, towels, flip flops and shampoo/soap. Cost is 40 rubles and the banya is open every day 10am to 9pm.

Buy[edit][add listing]

New Sheriff Stadium

In order to purchase goods, services or souvenirs in Tiraspol, or in any Transnistrian locale you must exchange your outside currency into Transnistrian rubles. The Transnistrian central bank sets their own exchange rate and prints their own money, so the amount of rubles you will get on any given day for your euros varies significantly from week to week. Currency exchanges are everywhere, including inside many popular stores, and will change most local and major currencies. Some exchange booths (e.g. those of the Agroprom Bank which are located at the Sheriff stores) will ask for your passport. You can't pay with credit or debit cards in Transnistria. Also be aware that there is only one ATM in Tiraspol, on 25th October street, from which you can withdraw only Russian Rubles or US dollars. These can be exchanged promptly at the nearest exchange kiosk.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Museum bottle [5] Tourist complex where you can taste wines and brandies produced in Moldova and the Moldovan sample dishes of national cuisine, decorated in the Moldovan national style. A good atmosphere will not leave you indifferent.
  • Andy's Pizza provides a mix of Western-style foods such as the "English Breakfast" and other Eastern European favourites at reasonable prices. The menu is in English/Russian, which is excellent if you don't know too much Russian. One waiter when we were there spoke good English also. The atmosphere is clean and modern, but the toilets are the Eastern European squat variety, which starkly contrasts the rest of the restaurant. Decor is on par with Western standards. Free WiFi.
  • La Placinte is another Moldovan chain with a branch in Tiraspol. Provides traditional Moldovan food at reasonable prices and free WiFi. Menu in Russian but with pictures.
  • 7 Пятницъ (7 Fridays), 25. October Street 112, 9-22-10. Western-style restaurant on the main street. Very modern and clean, with some English-speaking staff and a comprehensive menu with various international dishes of high quality including a wide selection of sushi, but no local specialties except for the local cognac (Tiras). An average meal with salad and main course costs about 80 Transnistrian roubles, 50cl beer ca. 17 roubles and 5cl cognac 9 roubles. Free WiFi (broadband)  edit
  • Cafe Eilenburg, Sverdlov Street 1 (Located at the corner of Sverdlov Street and 25. October Street). German-style restaurant with view over the main square with monuments and government buildings. The menu is in Russian, English and German, with the staff being fluent only in the first one of these 3 languages.  edit
  • Cafe-Bar VOLNA (Кафе-Бар ВОЛНА), Sverdlov Street 54a (Located between of Lenina Street and Manoilova Street), +373 533 8-48-31, [1]. 10:00-23:00. Free Wi-Fi  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

There are many shops and markets to purchase local food, drink and their famous Transnistrian Vodka drink commonly referred to as a "smirnovka" - appropriately named after president Igor Smirnov. Along the river downtown, a handful of bars and restaurants can be found, usually open till about midnight.


"Nightlife" is all night in Tiraspol.There was never a curfew at night, neither in Tiraspol nor in Bendery! You will see no police on the street! There are MANY large and modern discos in the center. They are open all night, seven days a week. Tourists are rare and the few English speakers that might be around are often very happy to communicate with foreigners. (Update) The borders are now easy and free to cross! You can take any mini bus from the central bus station in Chisinau! They depart every 30 minutes. Normal people of Tiraspol are great and super friendly! You will be invited to many house parties, with lots of natural food and vodka! The hottest new Disco is in the basement of Hotel Russia! Full every night! Tiraspol Hostel gives free day and nightlife tours. Just one block away is Plazma Disco, half a block from there is the best Restaurant in Tiraspol! 7 Fridays! A 5 star Restaurant with a McDonalds Price! Also located in Balka is a new disco named Vintage! .

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Tiraspol Hostel, Oct. Street, Tiraspol Transnistria (We will be your Free Tour guide.), +37368571472. The only backpacker hostel in Tiraspol! We give FREE tours of Tiraspol and Kitskany. Always email in advance - [email protected]  edit
  • Tiraspol Hostel, v. Ternovka st. K. Marksa, h. 13 (We are 15 minutes from the bus station by a taxi.), +373 533 8-36-76 or +373 778 0-60-02 (), [2]. Part of Butylca Muzei complex. €30 - 60.  edit

There is a Gostinitsa near to train station for price of a hostel bed.

There is a choice of cheap and nearly cheerful hotels. A five star hotel is due for completion in 2007 at Sherrif stadium. Be aware that in some hotels hot water and showers are not standard. They often cost extra on top of the price of a basic room, although often no more than a few dollars on top of the base price. Hotel Timoty is currently the best hotel in town until the 5 star Sherrif hotel is completed. Rooms at Hotel Timoty with standard Western amenities are available for around $50, depending on the size of the room, the date of your reservation, and your nationality. Note that many hotel rooms at cheaper hotels may not come with a private bathroom. And even if you have a private bathroom, hot water is not guaranteed. Ask in advance.

Hotel Aist is a Soviet museum of a hotel but is well located near the main square and overlooks the river. A two-room ensuite twin without hot water costs 250 PMR rubles, 400 with hot water.

A cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel is to rent a private apartment.

  • Transnistria Apartments, [3]. Apartment rentals arrangement, for both long and short term visits to the PMR. Price is dependent on number of people, style of apartment and duration of stay.  edit
  • Tiraspol Apartment 4 Rent (Тирасполь Квартира в Аренду), +373-77-83-70-09, [4]. 1-room apartment. Center of Tiraspol. $35 per night.  edit

Get out[edit]

The last bus to Kishinev leaves at 18.30 from the train station (39 MDL single or 70MDL return, or 40 Transnistrian Roubles return). A taxi ride from the city centre to there costs 50 roubles (39 if you speak Russian without accent).

If you miss the last bus, you can take a taxi to any place in Kishinev for 30USD.

If you're heading the other way, there's a train to Odessa which leaves 15:58 - and bus to Kiev ( if you ask nicely, the driver will let you go as far as the Ukrainian border where you can jump on a bus to Odessa ) leaves around 16:30 - after that, there is no scheduled transport to the Ukraine - you might get lucky with a maxi-taxi, but don't count on it. if you get to the bus / train station too late - a taxi to Odessa will cost about $50 : a lot in local terms, but 80 miles for $50 is a bargain by western standards, and is a lot less hassle then finding a place to sleep and getting an extension on your visa.

You may go to the Ukraine border by bus which goes to Pervomajsk (it's not on railway station, but on the auto station near the park of Victory (park Pobedy in Russian) and swimming-pool), cross the border and take another bus in direction you need. Besides, it costs a bit cheaper.

You can head to the Transnistrıan 'seaside' south of the territory on a big Dniestr artificial lake. Take a minibus to 'Limon'.

Stay safe[edit]

Get out[edit]

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