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Tilburg [2] is a large city in southern Netherlands. It started to grow during the Industrial Revolution, when wool factories were set up, thus making it the wool city of the Netherlands. Because wool was treated with urine during processing, employees had to bring along a full bottle to work every morning. This gave the Tilburgers their nickname of Kruikezeikers. As of april 1 2011, Tilburg has 206.186 inhabitants.



Tilburg already existed in the late medieval period, when there was West-Tilburg and East-Tilburg (Which is now in Oisterwijk). The lordship was known as Greater Tilburg, of which it was first Oisterwijk also with it, later it was Goirle. It was a part of the Bailiwick of 's-Hertogenbosch. Around the late 15th century, Tilburg contained a castle and Herd Places. These small places, streets with houses along it and agriculture between those streets formed the structure of which would once become the city of Tilburg.

Going further to the 18th century, slightly the first herd places became filled. In 1809, Louis Napoleon gave Tilburg city rights, after centuries of neglecting by the Dutch politics due to the catholic background of the city. However, the King William II, had found his nice place in Tilburg, and gave the mission to build a palace. Sadly, three weeks before completion in 1849, William II died. The palace is still standing as one of the few who survived the mayor Becht's destruction terror in the '60s.

The city expanded rapidly in the coming century, from being not much more than a village, to one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. The industrial revolution meant that hundreds of looms were standing in the city, filling the rest of the former herd places. Wool and textiles from Tilburg were very known at the first half of the 20th century. These times gave Tilburg the name of Kruikenzeikersstad (Jars-pissing-people city).

As the 2nd World War was over, Tilburg shortly retained this position until halfway the 1960s. Since then, the economy would implode, that did not happen due to government money to attract Tilburg for modern industries. Many monuments have not survived the renewal terror from Cees Becht in the 1960s. Beautiful historical buildings have made place for wider roads and gray flats. Also the train station was a historical one, but isn't anymore.


Music. Tilburg is home to two concert halls: the Concertzaal in the Schouwburg Tilburg at the Louis Bouwmeesterplein 1, and 013 (being called after the net number) at Veemarktstraat 44, which gives more pop music.

On smaller venues, there are a couple cafe's with a music stage in the city. Paradox is the most well known. It's a jazz stage but gives also room for experimental and independent music. Within the jazzscene it's a well known musicpodiun througout the Netherlands. Other bars with musicstages are The Little Devil (metal), Cafe Extase, Hall of Fame (both often local artists) and Cul de Sac. Out of the city center there are more bars with musicstages. Cafe Berlijn at the Korvelseweg and Kaffee Lambiek at the Wilhelmina Park.

There are also museums:

  • Textielmuseum
  • Museum 'De Pont'
  • Natuurmuseum Brabant
  • Peerke Donders Paviljoen

In the entire city you'll find many gallerys and local artists. Tilburg is kind for amateur artists. One example is Duvelhok at the Sint Jozef Straat. Museum 'De Pont' is a great museum for modern art. It had a permanent collection and temporairly exibitions. These are often for upcoming and promising artists.

There are three theaters known in Tilburg.

  • Theaters Tilburg, de schouwburg. This is the largest of the three theaters. It's also home to the concertzaal, a concerthall mainly used for classical concerts.
  • Theater De Nieuwe Vorst. This is a smaller theater. It has exibitions of upcoming and often local artists and artist groups. There is also a cafe and a garden, where they show films as an outdoor cinema during summer.
  • Midi theater. This theater has a story. Now a theater, but it was originally build as a cinema.In the past the council fell after having problems with the finance of this theater. It been unused for several year but since the end of 2015 bought and restored as a theater by a new other. It's also often used during the festivals in Tilburg as a concerthall.

Three cinemas are known well throughout Tilburg. All cinemas have movies in English, while Cinecitta has many movies in French, Spanish and Italian languages.

  • Cinecitta Willem II Straat 29, Tel:(31-)013 542 1379,‎

Cinecitta is an arthouse cinema, with arthouse movies, documentaries and is cosy, has no pauses and in a historical building.

  • Euroscoop Olympiaplein 2, Tel: (31-) 013 581 28 20 ( from 1pm and later)

Mail: [email protected] Euroscoop is a large cinema in the south of Tilburg, with twelve halls of cinema with many Hollywood movies, has large seats, pauses and automatical ticket sale.

Pathé is also a large cinema, but is in the city center, in opposition to Euroscoop. It has 7 halls, large seats, no pauses and online reservation.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

Tilburg is connected to the rest of the country by a twice an hour Intercity service, bound to both Eindhoven - Venlo and Breda - Rotterdam - The Hague.

A second intercity goes twice an hour from Flushing-Middelburg-Bergen op Zoom-Breda to Tilburg and goes further 's-Hertogenbosch-Nijmegen-Arnhem-Zwolle. Trains in the Netherlands usually drive from 5.30/6.00 AM up to 12AM.

Intercity trains will drive in the night on friday and saturday nights from and to Eindhoven, 's-Hertogenbosch and Breda/Rotterdam/The Hague from 12AM to 4AM.

By car[edit]

Tilburg is connected by highway from Breda (with Belgium, Rotterdam-The Hague) and Eindhoven (Limburg, Ardennes, Rhine-Ruhr). To Waalwijk, it goes partially on a highway, It's also directly connected with 's Hertogenbosch but strangely enough not by a highway but through a standard motorway with a lot of traffic lights and speed-controls. Tilburg is also very well connected to Belgian cities like Antwerp and Brussels.

By bus[edit]

An exception for the buses from Waalwijk, the Efteling, Oosterhout and Turnhout, buses are useless. Tilburg is the largest Dutch city without Eurolines connection! This makes the trains to Breda and Eindhoven useful to go to another destination of Eurolines.

  • Efteling with 169 or 137
  • Oosterhout with 127
  • Turnhout with 450 (De Lijn)
  • Waalwijk with 137

By boat[edit]

No timescheduled ferries come along the Wilhelminakanaal, but if you've got your private owned boat, you can reach it from Eindhoven and the Meuse on the Wilhelminakanaal.

Get around[edit]

Tilburg has three railway stations, and around ten city bus lines, going through all of the city, so every neighborhood is connected easily with the city centre. Some night buses drive through Tilburg, but not in every neighborhood. Tilburg is a very bicycle-friendly city, and has, like many other Dutch cities, red bicycle lanes. Bicycling might be faster than driving in a car or bus, and brings you much closer to many places. On the Heuvel, Pieter Vreedeplein and at the train stations are bicycle parkings.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Statue of Willem II (d. 1849) and many more throughout the city center.
  • City Hall (Paleis raadhuis)
  • Spoorzone (south of the trainstation, creative urban industrial area)
  • Indoorskatepark at the Spoorzone (also has a music podium)
  • 'Kroepoek-dak' (Trainstation roof)
  • 'Dwaalgebied' (older part of the center, tuinstraat, noordstraat, nieuwlandstraat, willem II straat, stationstraat. There are some nice small shops).
  • Piusharbour (upcoming area, nice to chill out at a bar or have dinner)
  • Suleyman mosk
  • Reitsehoevestraat (old woolworkershouses)
  • the Hasselt chapel (oldest building of Tilburg, arround 1500)
  • Main building of Tilburg University
  • West-Point. (The highest building of Tilburg. Not the most pretty building, but it stands as symbol of Tilburg that became a real City. It gives a great view over the entire city, if you menage to get on top of it)


  • Stadspark
  • Wilhelmina park
  • Leijpark
  • Wandelbos
  • De Oude Warande (This is the oldest 'sterrenbos' of the Netherlands)
  • De Moerenburg. (Small nature/rural area close to the city centre)
  • Loonse en Drunense Duinen (Loon op Zand. You'll see dunes within a big forest. Very beautiful)

Herdgangen (the once old villagecentres, now known as Tilburg. These are the best places to see how Tilburg used to be before it has became the city of today.

  • Korvelplein
  • Hasselt
  • De Schans (old village center, church)
  • De Heuvel (city centre)

Do[edit][add listing]


  • Natuurmuseum Brabant, Spoorlaan 434 5038 CH Tilburg, [3]
  • Nederlands Textielmuseum Dutch Textile museum, Goirkestraat 96 [4] Exhibition of textile machinery and industry.
  • De Pont Museum of Modern Art [5]
  • Peerke Donders Paviljoen.

Tilburg is home to some widely acclaimed musical and cultural festivals:

  • Incubate [6], a big festival with more than 200 artist on cutting edge culture as a whole. With alternative and independent music,art,theater,film and streetart. Is held in the middle of september and atracts a international line up and crowd. The Festival goes on for about a week and is held troughout the whole citycentre.
  • Roadburn festival [7], one of the most important festivals in the field of avantgarde-,doom-,psychedelic- and stonerrock. Held in April and it tends to be sold out within minutes and atracts visitors from all over the world. It goes on for a long weekend.
  • Neurotic death fest [8],The biggest indoor extreme metal event of Europe. Held in May and it goes on for three days.
  • Festival mundial [9], started out as a free festival on world music and global development issues. Has become a more commercial festival with more mainstream bands mixed with worldmusic. Open-air festival in the city. Held at the end of june.

Other things to do:

  • Dierenpark de Oliemeulen Reitse Hoevenstraat 30 [10], a small zoo existing mostly of reptiles, insects and birds of prey.
  • Efteling, a theme park, is close to Tilburg. It's the largest among the Benelux countries, and it's comparable with Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen) and Disneyland Resort (Paris).
  • Gipsyfestival - end of may - [11]
  • Tilburg Funfair (Tilburgse kermis), the largest funfair of the Benelux, which is held in July for ten days.
  • Get a beer-tasting and brewery tour at Abdij Koningshoeven.
  • See the schrobbeler fabric
  • Guided city tour with 'stadsgidserij' (ask about this at the VVV office)
  • See lots of live music, performed either by well known artists or local artists, in this 'music-city'. See the item 'culture' where you can find live music.


  • See a game of Willem II (soccer)
  • See a game of the 'Tilburg Trappers (ice hockey)


Tilburg has one university, known as Tilburg University in English or Universiteit van Tilburg (UvT) in Dutch. There are dozens of English-language only programmes. 8% out of 13,000 are foreign students. It specialises in Social sciences, Economy and Law. Unlike many other universities, it is not owned by government (Rijksuniversiteit).

There are also other schools with the bachelor/master system, such as Avans and Fontys. Also they offer many programmes in English. For the younger travellers: there are also secondary schools (American: High Schools) which offer a largely English-language programme.


Tilburg is the headquarters for:

  • ABAB (First Tilburg, then Best and back again)
  • Autotaalglas
  • Interpolis (Known for its tower in the city)
  • Kwantum (Interior shop)
  • MOL Logistics
  • The Sting

Tilburg also is home to distribution centre's for these brands:

  • Albert Heijn
  • Coca Cola
  • Fujifilm
  • Sacha Shoes

Buy[edit][add listing]

Tilburg is not that one shopping city, it has even been worse in the past, though. Now there are more chains of shopping since the opening of the renewed Pieter Vreedeplein. There are shops in the Heuvelstraat, the Pieter Vreedeplein, the Pieter Vreedestraat, the Emma Passage, the Stadhuisplein and also the Schouwburgpromenade Because Tilburg is not seen as a tourist city, there are no souvenir shops with products dedicated to Tilburg

Tourist Information

VVV Tilburg Nieuwlandstraat 34, 5038 SN Tilburg 0900 2020815 ‎

Emma Passage and Piusplein

  • Selexyz Gianotten, for many books, as well as English books and dictionaries


  • Apple Premium Reseller
  • H&M, Swedish clothes brand
  • HEMA, small-size department store, known for their smoked sausages sold at the entrance.
  • V&D, Medium-size department store. Upstairs there's the lunchroom of La Place. Also contains a Dixons, so Dixons is twice at the Heuvelstraat.
  • Vodafone, T-Mobile and Hi, for mobile telephones and issues with the telephone.

And many clothes and fashion shops

Pieter Vreedeplein

  • Saturn, a chain of electronics stores from the same owner as the MediaMarkt. Also here it has many Blu-Ray discs and games, but also things for the kitchen etc.
  • The Sting, Tilburgish brand of clothes, also is throughout Europe now.
  • V&D Back entrance.
  • Zara, clothing shop from Spain.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Restaurants in Tilburg are mostly concentrated on the Heuvelplein, the Piusplein, Piusharbour, the Oude Markt, Radiopleintje, 'Dwaalgebied' towards the train station and in the Spoorzone. Different shops in the city center provide food, mostly for lunch to eat on multiple places. There are supermarkets selling lunch to eat en route such as AH to go (near the central train station) and places where you can eat en route as well as inside, such as Bakker Bart (in the Heuvelstraat).


Tilburg is a really cheap city to get some food. A lot of bars have cheap deals during the week, aimed at luring in students. Look around at the korte heuvel or at the heuvelplein for some good deals. In general it's possible to have a decent meal including drinks for under €20 a person in most places. Most bars employ students as bar and service personnel. Be prepared for some badly trained personnel and below average service.

If you really want to have a cheap dinner the following places will fill your tummy for less than €10 including a -drink.

  • De frietboetiek De Heuvelstraat 3. Legendary snackbar at the beginning of the main shopping street Tilburg. Famous for their homemade sauces and french fries. Get some deepfried snacks "out of the wall" and have some frietje oorlog: french fries with mayonaise, peanutsauce, and (heavilly debated) onions.
  • Happy italy [12]Heuvelstraat 126 italian fastfood restaurant. They have pizza's that are way better then all the pizza/shoarma/kebab places you can find in the city and also serve decent pastas for low prices.
  • Mini-wok [13]Stadhuisplein 320Tilburg has several take-away wok restaurants. Yammies being the best, mini-wok being the cheapest. It's cheap, really fast and relatively healthy food.


  • Havanna's [14]Heuvel 22. Really decent meals for a decent price. Also has some nice cocktails. The spicy tenderloin pieces with twisterfries and the vegetarian enchillada's are especially nice. Unfortunately The place is infamous for their bad service. main course €10 - €17
  • Cafe Berlijn [15]Korvelseweg 169. A friendly and cosy bar owned and run by locals, outside of the main city centre. The small menu changes regularly. Quality food and a relaxed environment. Also has a decent selection of beers. For main course there's always two meat, one fish and one vegetarian dish. Don't leave without having one of their awesome cakes for dessert! main course €10 - €17
  • Het elfde gebod[16]paleisring 23. Worth visiting just for it's interior. The place is filled with catholic sculptures of maria and other holy characters.Always packed with locals coming for dinner and well known for their really good food for a decent price. Has a long tradition of winning the 'public's price' in Tilburgs restaurant competition. Main course €10 - €20
  • Gember & Sereh [17]korte heuvel 3. By far the best Indonesian restaurant in the city (Tilburg, as every other Dutch city has several). Main course €14 - €20
  • The Grass company (coffeeshop)[18]spoorlaan 360 arguably the coolest and most relaxed place to smoke a joint in the Netherlands. A cosy, fun place with decent personnel and actually quite a good menu. Expect big portions, because.. well, people might have the munchies. Also has nice smoothies,coffee and mocktails. "Main course €14 - €20"
  • Tortillas, Heuvel47 (centre), [1]. Kitchen is open 17:00-22:30. Mexican restaurant right in the centre of Tilburg. Very friendly staff good food (nachos, burritos, etc) and best margaritas in town. Peaceful garden at the back of the restaurant main course 12-17euros.  edit

Mid-High range[edit]

The following restaurants are a bit more expensive for Tilburg standards but are still quite affordable

  • Sarban Afghan restaurant[19]Besterdring 2 This is something special. An Afghan restaurant with a passionate owner who will personally tell you everything about the dishes you're being served. Real Good and traditional food and a special experience overall. Take the surprise menu! 3 course menu €27.50
  • Shinzo lounge [20]Piushaven 17 Tilburg has a lot of all you can eat sushi restaurants. The quality varies greatly. In our opinion this one is the best. It also has the best atmosphere. "sushi Koi" is also quite good but has bad acoustics. " All you can eat menu €25.50"
  • La cabana [21]Academielaan 73 By far the best tapas restaurant in the city. Awkwardly located in the middle of an residential area. Expect to spend about 20 to 25 euros a person on food.


Despite being the sixth city in the Netherlands, Tilburg hosts none of the (around 90) Michelinsta and one of the top 100 "Lekker gids" restaurants. That being said these are considered the best gourmet/haute cuisine restaurants in Tilburg.

  • Kok Verhoeven [22]NS Plein 32 €24 - €30 for a main course Known for it's excellent seafood.
  • Taste! [23][Heuvelpoort 300] Located in the hearth of the city, part of the mercure hotel. Rated 8.4 by €24.50 for a one course meal up to €74.50 for a ten course meal
  • Hofstede de Blaak []Dussenpad 1located in one of the suburbs of the city. According to Gaultmillau the best restaurant in Tilburg. Mentioned in the Michelinguide, but didn't receive a star. main course €24.50 - €33
  • Le Bistro [24] Juliana van Stolbergstraat 6 The most trendy restaurant in Tilburg.
  • Trattoria L'Olivo [25] Heuvel 41 A small restaurant in the city centre with an "undiscovered" feeling.
  • Auberge du Bonheur [26] Bredaseweg 441 Located in the suburbs, in a very green area. Definetly the most beautiful restaurant in Tilburg. Also a hotel.
  • De Burgerij [27] Noordstraat 87 In a quiet area in the city centre. Very good variety of French food, as wel as some dutch "stamppotjes". Known for it's oyster events every thursday. For reservations call +31 13 822 0989 (advised, because it's often full).
  • De Houtloods. New restaurant in the Spoorzone, western part.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Since Tilburg has a University [28] with several undergraduate and graduate schools, this college town boasts lots of places where people congregate for a drink. Cafés to drink are allowed to be opened until 4AM, where in the last hour before closure time, only may come people out and not in. To neutralize the effects of alcohol, the municipality decided that bread-selling shops, shawarma/kebab tents and equivalent places are allowed to open up to 5AM. These opening times mostly will only be applied on friday and saturday nights.

A typical drink for Tilburg is the Schrobbelèr. This is a liquor with an alcoholic percentage of 21.5%, and is an herbal (and bitter) liqueur, although being sweeter than most bitter liqueurs. The drink is sold throughout the year, although more popular when it's carnival. They are sold in many restaurants and liqueur stores, also national stores in the city.

For example:

Most out and about places are in and around the city center, in three areas, all of them within one kilometer radius:

  • Heuvel and Heuvelring, with the city's most discos and some restaurants.
  • Korte Heuvel, which is a small street, packed with nice and cosy cafés.
  • Stadhuisstraat, a bar street with student cafés.
  • Piusplein -- a residential area with one McDonald's and several cafés and restaurants.
  • Piusharbour - Upcoming area, very cosy and nice bars! (During. Summer there's a city beach).
  • Spoorzone - also new and upcoming. Creative urban industrial area.
  • Korvelseweg, shops and a few cafes.

Specific non-alcoholic drinking places

  • Mugs and Muffins, Willem II Straat 57, [33], tel: (0031-)013 590 4585 a cafe where tea and coffee are served, as well as muffins, cakes, donuts etc.


As a North-Brabant City, and lying just a few kilometers from the Belgian border Tilburg has a strong traditional beerculture. Most bars will serve a decent amount of specialty beers.

  • De Koningshoeven [34]

Tilburg hosts one of the few Trappist breweries in the world, and the only one in the Netherlands. The Abbey where the famous La Trappe beers are brewed lies just outside of the city and is definitely worth a visit, even if you don’t drink beer. Also a Great place to lunch if the weather is nice. Buy a la Trappe quadruppel oak aged if you really want to try something special. It's easy to reach by going by bus from the central station

The most famous beercafe in Tilburg. Has a selection of more than 300 beers. It's always busy here, it attracts an adult and relaxed crowd who come here to enjoy a good drink and have good conversation.

A slightly alternative bar with a diverse crowd (The name is translated as outsider, and that's the type of people you'll find) with a very good selection of beers. A lot(!) cheaper than Kadinsky. Might actually be the cheapest bar for specialty beers in all of the Netherlands (and no.. this isn't verified)

Sleep[edit][add listing]


When there is a festival or other big events, there is a pop-campsite.


  • Bastion Hotel, Kempenbaan 2, Tel: (0031-)013 5441999 situated next to the highway, near Hilvarenbeek and the Beekse Bergen.
  • Bed and Breakfast Tilburg "Gust van Dijk", Tivolistraat 22, Tel: (0031-) 013 544 4495 situated in a cosy neighborhood south of the Interpolis Tower.
  • City Hotel Tilburg, Heuvelring 126, Tel: (0031-)013 535 1355‎ situated in the city center, in the shopping district.
  • Hotel Brasserij Grand Central, Spoorlaan 422, Tel: (0031-)013 543 6234 situated in the opposite of the central train station.
  • Ibis Hotel, Dr. Hub Van Doorneweg 105, Tel: (0031-)013 4636465 situated next to the highway, near Goirle.
  • Mercure Hotel, Heuvelpoort 300, Tel: (0031-)013 5354675 situated in the city center, in the shopping district.
  • De Postelse Hoeve, Dr. Deelenlaan 10, Tel: (0031-)013 463 6335 situated north west, next to the road to the Efteling.


  • Auberge du Bonheur, Bredaseweg 441, Tel: (0031-) 013 468 6942 situated near the forests of the Kaaistoep.
  • Het Wapen van Tilburg, Spoorlaan 362, Tel: (0031-)013 542 2692 ‎ situated in the city center, near the shopping district as well as near the central train station.

Stay safe[edit]

Tilburg was in 2012 the third most criminal city in the Netherlands. In 2013 it was the seventh most criminal city, so things are getting better. Most of the crimes are in the suburbs though. Just take normal precautions in the city centre and you will be fine.

Avoid the area's Tilburg North (a mostly poor area) and Jerusalem (the poorest area of Brabant in 2007, although renovated since, still a dark and unsafe area, especially at night). Also parts of the area Broekhoven should only be entered with a little care at night.

Like many other cities at the outer provinces, never say you're in Holland. It causes disgust, because Brabant and Tilburg have, according to locals, an own identity and are not part of Holland but rather of the Netherlands.



In the Netherlands generally, mobile internet via your mobile phone may cost no more than EUR.3,50/Mb, and from july 1 2012 the law allows no more than EUR.0,90/Mb

Internet and Wifi locations: At the central library on 10, Koningsplein (King's Sq), there's internet, with payment. At the McDonald's, free WiFi at four locations: Piusplein 75, Zuid at Mina Krusemanweg 4, West/Reeshof at Aphroditestraat, and (December 2011) at the Kreitenmolenstraat, close to Udenhout and Oisterwijk. The uppermost floor of the V&D offers paid WiFi, at Heuvelstraat 33, at the La Place


Since the modernizing of the post system, no post office will (ever) serve Tilburg (anymore). To send post, you have either to do it via small points in supermarkets, unmanned, which are faster than the previous offices, and mostly open for longer hours too, since the shops where they are also keep open until 6, 8, 9 or even 10PM on some days and on some specific sundays too. To find a location, you can go to a web site of PostNL: [37]. Type in: Tilburg and click at Postkantoor van PostNL.


Tilburg is home to two hospitals:

St. Elisabeth Ziekenhuis Tilburg

Hilvarenbeekse Weg 60, 5022 GC

Tel:(31-)013 539 1313 ‎

Tweesteden Ziekenhuis Loc. Tilburg‎

Dr. Deelenlaan 5, 5042 AD

Tel:(31-)013 4655655

There are five police stations in Tilburg:

Inner City police station:

Stationsstraat 22 5038 ED Tilburg For the City Center and the southern part of Tilburg

Leijdal police station:

Ringbaan Zuid 498a

5026 PA Tilburg

For Tilburg southeast and Hilvarenbeek

West/Reeshof police station:

Karel Boddenweg 9

5044 EL Tilburg

For everyplace west of the 'Ringbaan West'

Wilhelmina Park police station:

Wilhelminapark 6

5041 EA Tilburg

For the northern half of inner Tilburg

Tilburg North police station:

Brucknerlaan 18

5011 DM Tilburg

For everyplace north of the Wilhelminakanaal

Get out[edit]

Routes through Tilburg
FlushingBreda  W noframe E  Eindhoven

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