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Thu dau mot

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Thu dau mot

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Thu dau mot is in Binh Duong, Vietnam.



Thủ Dầu Một is the capital city of Binh Duong Province, Vietnam and is located 20 km north of downtown Ho Chi Minh City, on the left bank of the Saigon River, upstream from the city. The city has an area of 118.66 km², the population is 244,277 . Although this is an administratively separate city, it is considered as a satellite city of the Ho Chi Minh City Metropolitan Area.

June 27, 2012, the Government issued Resolution No. 11/NQ-CP establishment of Thu Dau Mot town of Binh Duong Province, on the basis of the entire land area, population and administrative units directly the town of Thu Dau Mot and formal operations on July 1, 2012. The time Thu Dau Mot is a grade II.

Previously, the authors also said that the name of Thu Dau Mot Cambodian origin. But most other authors have thought of Thu Dau Mot is a Vietnamese phrase is formed from the combination of two elements, "Prime" (which means "keep") "Oil A" is the land, is formed way "a species name is from the herbs and just the number." According to oral tradition for soldiers stationed guards at districts Peace on big oil tree hill known as the "tree oil a" so called Dau Mot born.

Before 1954, the city is the province of the provincial town of Thu Dau Mot. Năm 1954 - 1975, the government renamed the Republic of Vietnam in Binh Duong province and the provincial capital named PhuCuong. 1976 to 1996 as the provincial town of Song Be province. January 1, 1997 to date is the provincial town of Binh Duong Province.

June 27, 2012, Thu Dau Mot town officially became a city in the province of Binh Duong, and formal operations on July 1, 2012


Focus on planning of urban construction investment Dau Mot period 2013 to 2015 to develop the city according to the criteria of grade I. Encourage and create favorable conditions for the industry to maintain handicraft production, create jobs for local workers

This is a center economic of Southeast. It is very important with develop economic.

This is center of industry and commerce.

Monuments and landscapes[edit]

  • Hoi Khanh Pagoda.
  • Ba ThienHau Temple (Wat Ba Thu Dau Mot)
  • AnThanhMieu (Temple of Mr. Horse).
  • Tibetan Temple.
  • PhuCuongDinh (Dinh Ba Lua).
  • PhuLoi Prison.
  • Cho Thu Dau Mot.
  • People's Committee of PhuCuong.
  • The bridesmaids Christian.

Traditional villages

  • Fireplace Village ceramic cup (ChanhNghia ward).
  • TuongBinhHiep Lacquer Village.

Get in[edit]

Thu Dau Mot city is located 30 km north of downtown Ho Chi Minh city, on the left bank of Saigon River, uptream from the city.

Get around[edit]

By taxi[edit]

Taxi is one of the most convenient transports in Thu Dau Mot City. Because the weather is very hot, getting around by taxi is the best choice for visitors, especially foreigners.

Except for taxi stations and big supermarkets, it is very hard to find a taxi. Not like as in the cities, you can not caught a taxi easily although you are in the city centre. You must wait a long time unless you had ever been there. If you want to take a taxi, you can call to the switchboard which is 0650.38383838 and 0650.38272727. The taxi will arrive in the place where you are after 5 minutes.

Taxis in Thu Dau Mot City are very clean and cheap. The price depends on how far you went. Taxi meters are strictly regulated and clearly visible to the passenger. If you are not sure if you have enough money for the trip, your driver may be able to guess the approximate cost of a trip beforehand.

Most taxi drivers cannot speak English. Having the address written on a piece of paper and knowing basic numbers in Vietnamese will greatly help.

To come to the destination exactly, you should carry a pamphlet or card of your hotel or destinations with the address on it can be very helpful. However if the destinations are well-known such as hotels, supermarkets or public facilities, you only say their name.

An interesting feature of Thu Dau Mot City’s taxis is that the drivers are very friendly and enthusiastic.

See[edit][add listing]

Do[edit][add listing]


  • Gò Đậu Stadium and Sport Center in Bình Dương New City: you can playing sports, watching football match and doing exercise,running marathon …there is a swimming pool and sauna room can help you relax after the exercise in Sport Centre in Bình Dương New City.


  • Nice, thế kỉ (new century), bóng trăng (Shadow), phương ngân [all in chánh nghĩa quarter] with nice place, latest song and good services..


  • Đêm Màu Hồng (Pink Night Club) [Chánh Nghĩa quarter]
  • Mimi Club [Cách mạng Tháng 8 street,on TDM center]
  • Bình Dương Club [next to Bình Dương University on high way 13] with lively music such as dance,pop,hiphop,..fantastic drinks: cocktail, wine, beer,…you can smoking shisha too..

Time Open and Close:8pm to 2am every day.


  • Thành Lễ Park [in highway 13] and Bình Dương New City Park: have beautiful views,trees,peacful,you can jogging every time you want. You might playing sports and go swimming in Thành Lễ park. Also it have a greatfully romantic lakes.
  • Dại Nam Park have a lot of fantastic entertament: 4D cinema, thriling games,water park, zoo,pangoda..these are the interesting places to have a picnic with your friends and your family on the weekend.


  • There is a cinema but it is not good.


  • Phú Cường Church in the centre, but it is building..


  • The temple of lady Thiên Hậu, the Ông temple,Tây Tạng, Hội Khánh pagoda is a Buddhist temple built in 1741. There is a nice views. In the main hall are the statues of Buddha. It is also 700 square metres.


You can also visit these interestign places to learn about Bình Dương history:

  • Phú Lợi prison [on Phú Lợi distric.Phú Lợi street]
  • the lacquer village of Tương Bình Hiệp
  • the ceramic village
  • the ancient house by the market of TDM
  • Bình Dương Libary: it is quite boring

Buy[edit][add listing]

Eat[edit][add listing]

Eating out is the major pastime of teenagers in TDMC. So, they know a lot of place to eat where it's not only cheap but also delicious.

  • Quán Gió in Chánh Nghĩa ward, you will be enjoyed kind of chickens. It is very good and it's cost is cheap
  • Hàng Dừa in Phú Văn ward, kind of beefs and snakeheads. Its cost about 60.000 VNĐ.
  • Seafood such shrimps, crabs, seashells, wherries and pawns, which is very tasteful and Its cost is suitable, is bought in Tư Nhớ (near Phú Cường park), Kim Dung (in Chánh Nghĩa ward), du lịch xanh- Dìn Ký-Bình Nhâm (near Cầu Ngang-Thuận An-Bình Dương) and Phương Nam resort (QL 13- direction from HCMC).
  • bánh bèo bì -Mỹ Liên (Búng Market, Thuận An, Bình Dương) where you can eat a speacial food in Bình Dương. Its cost is 26.000VNĐ.
  • Chinese noodle which is bought in Tàu's store (near Bình Minh-Fahasa bokkstore). its cost is 18.000VNĐ.
  • Dê Ngon in Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai street, Phú Hòa where buy especially some kind of goats. Its cost about 50.000VNĐ -110.000VNĐ.
  • An Viên's coffee on E1 street, Chánh Nghĩa ward.
  • Paradies's coffee on B1 street, Chánh Nghĩa ward.
  • Chiều Tím cafe (148),Ngọc Ánh cafe (44) onThích Quảng Đức street-TDM.
  • Tình Bằng Hữu cafe on 25 Yesin street-TDM.
  • Roma cafe on Hòa Lân crossroad, Thuận An ward.
  • Thùy Linh cafe (126/3),May's cafe (13) on Ngô Quyền street,TDM.
  • Caramen cafe (162),Mây Hồng cafe (1717) on Trần Văn Ơn street,TDM.
  • Gió và Nước (wNw) on 6/28T Phú Thọ ward, TDM.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • The Mira (5 star)[next ti BigC in highway 13] - in The Mira Hotel have buffet every morning and evening
  • Becamex (4 star) - Becamex Hotel have BBQ buffet every week
  • Lavender(3 star)[in Chánh Nghĩa quarter]
  • Thắng Lợi (3 star)
  • Hoàng Yến (3 star)...wonderfully nice views, lovely good service,delicious foods,


Get out[edit]

Cars and Motorbikes[edit]

Cars and Motobikes can use highway 13 to go to Ho Chi Minh city


You can get around Thu Dau Mot by taxi. There are a lot of reputable taxi such as Mai Linh, Vinasun and Thang Loi taxi. If you get around by pasive taxi, you will feel convenient. When you stay at hotel, a reception gives numbers of taxi to help you so you do not get worried about that for example Mai Linh taxi which is green, the phone number is 3717171. Vinasun taxi which is white, the phone number is 3827272. Thang Loi taxi which is silver and red, the phone number is 3835583.


Bus is a good way to travel to Thu Dau Mot. The main bus terriral is located at 30/4 street Thanh Nghia, Thu Dau Mot city. The phone number is (0650)3833610. it is near a substration and the second entrance is in front of Co-op Mart supermarket. There are all coaches and buses here which go to other towns or other city in Vietnam. It is really useful and cheap.

See the individual destination below for details.

Getting in/out of Thu Dau Mot
Bus numbers Journey time (min) Bus time (open/close) Bus long (km) From/To
4 45 5:30 – 19:30 21.7 Mien Dong termiral, Ho Chi Minh
613 45 5:30 – 19:00 33.0 An Suong termiral, Ho Chi Minh
7 45 5:30 – 20:20 31.7 Suoi Tien resort destination
1 30 5:30 – 19:30 26.1 My Phuoc, Ben Cat district
2 30 5:30 – 19:30 23.6 Cong Xanh, Tan Binh commune, Tan Uyen district
6 30 5:30 – 19:30 25 Uyen Hung, Tan Uyen district
5 30 5:30 – 19:30 25.6 Tan Van, Bien Hoa city

Note: bus fee is 10.000 VND/ person in 2013.

  • Binh Duong terminal to around.