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Thasos, sometimes spelled Thassos (Greek: Θάσος), is a Greek Island tourist destination in the North Aegean Islands group, close to Kavala.


Thasos Island

Thasos is a green, mountainous island with many picturesque bays and sandy beaches. It has no first-rate ancient ruins and is not a party island, like Mykonos. It is the ideal holiday destination for families and people looking for recreation. There are a number of ancient ruins to visit and there are also beaches and nightlife, but not as pronounced as in the strongholds of the Greek island tourism.


The main centers of tourism are: Limenas/Thassos, Limenaria, Potos, Scala Panagia, Scala Potamia, Scala Maries, Scala Prinos.

Thasos Town, Limenas

Other destinations[edit]


The east and south side of the island have many nice popular bays and sand beaches while the west side has more long stretched lonely stony beaches but also nice sandy once. For people who like naturist beaches have a look at the webside “” for further information and for pictures of the beaches at "".

  • Thassos town beach: near old harbor, quite narrow sand beach, medium water quality
  • Makriamos: nice wide open bay with sandy beach with a big hotel, crowded
  • Saliara-, Marbel-, Vathi-Beach: one km before reaching Makriamos you turn to the right into a dirt track and follow for 4km to reach Saliara Beach (a very romantic bay, sandy, cristal clear water, overcrowded in high season, difficulties to park car). After another 600m you reach Marble Bay (white sandy bay, was used for shipping of marble, cristal clear water, from 2015 on with beach bar), crowded in high season. Another 2 km ahead is Vathi Bay. Also a sandy romantic bay, not too crowded due to bad road conditions, cristal clear water. A luxury hotel is under construction there. Although its only 5 km to Golden Beach from here the road is even for 4x4 cars difficult to drive. Return direction Makriamos.
  • Golden Beach (Scala Panagia, Scala Potamia). Once a romantic empty beach has become one of the main beaches of Thassos. Long wide sandy beach hemmed with hotels, restaurants, camping. Crowded in high season but still good water quality.
  • Kinira: stretched long stony beach, only partly with sand
  • Paradise Beach: about 2 km after the center of Kinira. Open sand beach with beach bar, also used by naturist s outside high season
  • Agios Joannis Bay, about 3 km before reaching Aliki, nice sand beach with olive trees, not crowded, popular by naturists
  • Aliki Beach: one of the most picturesque places in Thassos, extremely crowded in high season, a „must see“ place
  • Timonija Beach: sandy beach in front of hotels and guest houses
  • Livadi Bay: (below Archangelos monastery): Sandy beach, with beach bar. However there are submerged flat slippery rocks with some sea urchins. Popular for nudists outside high season.
  • Astris Beach: sandy beach near the road opposite of several hotels
  • Psili Amos Beach, 1 km after Astris beach, nice sandy beach, a bit crowded
  • Potos Beach & Pefkari. Potos is one of the touristic centers of Thassos, crowded long sand beach
  • Metalia Beach: 1 km before reaching Limenaria. Nice sand beach with beach bar and old mining left over buildings. One of the “must see” places
  • Limenaria: second largest village in Thassos and a center of tourism. Very long nice sandy beach, even in high season not too crowded, although many hotels line along the beach
  • Trypiti: picturesque small sand beach, crowded but a “must see” place.
  • Scala Maries: there are several sandy beaches on both sides of the village, usually not so crowded
  • From Scala Maries to Prinos: Along the roadside are many smaller often empty beaches. Even in the high season you will find quiet places to relax. Suitable for naturists. Most visited are the village beaches of Scala Kalirachi and Scala Sotiros.
  • Scala Prinos: several long good sandy beaches with beach bars, not too crowded
  • From Scala Prinos to Limenaria/Thassos: Along the roadside are many smaller beaches, mostly with beach bars. Most visited are the beaches around Scala Rachoni


One of the most tourism developed islands, Thasos gathers crowds of holidayers, especially for the North Greece, since it is so close, and it is also a place for a quick weekend getaway. Here a visit can choose either a lively or a quiet and relaxing holiday, since the island can satisfy both styles. Thasos is a verdurous island that has many quaint little villages and sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Some things to see are the port of Thasos, the ruins of the Venitian castle at the Limenaria and the mansions of Theologo.


Greek is the official language of Greece, and therefore it's spoken by all the permanent inhabitants of the island and most of its visitors, but the foreign visitor will have no problem at all communicating in foreign languages, mainly in English.

Get in[edit]

The only way to go to Thassos is by ferry boat. The ferry boat connections are from Kavala to the village of Prinos and from Keramoti to Thassos town. The Keramoti ferry is cheaper and travels more frequently.

Get around[edit]

There are many providers of rental cars, motorbikes, quads, scooters, etc in every of the bigger villages. Public buses go to all the places of the island on regular schedule. Taxis are also available in every village. The road system of the island is well planned and circles the island coastwise. By car you can reach most of the natural sites of the island as well as Mount Ipsariou

See[edit][add listing]

The main attractions are the beautiful sandy beaches, which are also in season rarely overcrowded, the picturesque mountain villages, and for the most part wooded mountains, suitable for relaxed hiking.

  • Thassos / Limenas: the old harbor with the customs building is a nice place to be while sitting in one of the restaurants there. Go from there to Karnagio ("Land's End", a nice viewpoint). The ruins of the ancient city center and the archaeological and folklore museum are close to the harbor too. The way up to the hill to the amphitheater and the Acropolis with castle ruins is a bit exhausting, but absolutely worth it. There is a fantastic view over the island and Limenas. The commercial street with souvenir shops, restaurants, fast food, nightlife is one of the biggest in Thassos.
    Limenas, Old Habor
  • Panagia: a romantic mountain village with old traditional houses, a few restaurants and a few souvenir shops in a beautiful location on a wooded mountain. Just opposite to the "Treis Piges", there is the impressive Church of the Virgin Mary. The The "Dragon's Cave" is also worth a visit, not so much because of the cave, as the environment.
  • Scala Panagia: (also referred to as Golden Beach, Chrysi Ammoudia, or Avlakia) is a very popular holiday destination due to the shallow clear waters and the soft sandy shore. Golden Beach is the largest beach of Thasos Island and has a great collection of hotels, camping, restaurants, etc. There is no center.
  • Potamia: is an old mountain village perched high on a wooded hill. Its less touristic than Panagia, but its more than worth to make a walk through the village. Scala Potamia (like Scala Panagia) its only a pure tourist place
  • Kinira: is a small pure tourist village without old center. It is consisting of a collection of hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Aliki: its one of the "must see locations' with a very romantic beach and some remains of an ancient temples. Aliki is not a village, but consists of only a few restaurants
  • Archangelos Monastery: the very interesting monastery complex is located on the mountainside and with its interesting icons and its flowers everywhere worth a visit. Very nice view of the sea. Appropriate dress and behavior is respected, because it is a monastery and not a tourist attraction
  • Giola: is a scenic natural pool overlooking the sea. It can be reached from the street coming from Aliki about 2 km before you reach Astrida. The descent to Giola is signposted. The trip goes on dirt roads to a parking lot and from there you can walk down the mountain to the pool. The walk is very strenuous, especially in high summer. Alternatively you can also drive down this way up to a canteen, but there you have to pay parking fees. If there are high waves in the sea, the pool is clean and inviting, but after days without fresh water supply from the sea it is dark and dirty. Therefore, only visit Giola if there is sufficient swell in the sea!!
  • Astrida: formerly abandoned village is built partially for tourist use, is well worth seeing.
  • Potos: is a one of the main centers of tourism of the island offering everything that guests are looking for. Its certainly worth a visit. Especially popular for younger people. The village has good shopping possibilities, many restaurants and bars, beaches full with beach bars and music, beach parties and an appropriate nightlife.
  • Theologos: beautiful "must see" mountain village whose houses are mostly built of stone and covered with stone slabs. Its also worth seeing the local museum.
  • Limenaria: the second largest town on the island with a lot of tourism. Its a “ must-see-location”. The promenade is lined with restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes, pubs, etc. Good shopping, banks, doctors, police station are available here. From Limenaria there is a dirt road to the village of Kastro. The road is very rough making it difficult to travel by normal car.
  • Kastro: located in the middle of the island it was a formerly dilapidated village. Now it is slowly being rebuilt. The journey is the reward in this case. The environment is more impressive than the place itself. A small waterfall is located near the village and can be reached on foot or by vehicle over Theologos.
  • Maries: very original old mountain village. Interesting to see is also the small lake with waterfall a few miles beyond the village
  • Scala Maries: a touristic seaside resort with a remarkable small fishing harbor
  • Kalirachi: one of the larger mountain village with narrow streets but not very touristy marked.
  • Scala Kalirachi: street village with a beautiful port, which invites you to linger.
  • Sotiros: small mountain village with a beautiful view over the westcoast, well worth seeing.
  • Scala Sotiros: elongated street village with remarkable fishing port
  • Prinos: large village with shops, less touristy marked.
  • Mikros Prinos/Micros Kasavitis: formerly dilapidated mountain village that is rebuilt for touristic purpose.
  • Megalos Prinos/Megalos Kasavitis: a "must see" mountain village with old, mostly renovated houses. At the very nice central square you can sit wonderfully cool even on the hottest summer days under the plane trees with restaurants.
  • Rachoni: village with little tourism. Before reaching the village there is a Church under large trees and with watercourses. It is a cool place to rest on a hot summer day. A tavern is also there.
  • Scala Rachoni: small, quiet village with harbor
  • Ag. Georgios: small village with little tourism


Do[edit][add listing]

HIKING: Thasos is suitable not only for bathing, but also offers many scenic walking tracks. Especially in the fall and in the spring when it is not so hot, many tourists use this break from beach life. There are local shops to buy hiking guide maps. Who does not like to go on his own in the mountains, also find a plentiful supply of organized tours. Information can be found in the Internet under "walk on Thasos". Some examples for tracks are: From Limenas to Makriamos to Golden Beach (4h., 13km, mostly flat) From Potos to Theologos (3 hrs., 10km, moderately ascending) From Theologos to Kastro (2 hrs., 6km steep climb) From Maries to the lake and waterfall (1 hr., 3km, mostly flat) From Ag. Georgios for the abandoned old village of Ag. Georgios 1.5-2 hrs., Steep climb)

For more info

WATER SPORTS: In many organized beaches there are boats, jet skis, banana boats or water parachutes available for rent. For people interested in diving there are 2 large dive schools in Potos and Pefkari.

Buy[edit][add listing]

There are many markets, little shops and beautiful boutiques around the island. During the summer, all the stores are open 7 days a week until late afternoon. Every Monday morning, there is a big street market in Prinos, selling low priced clothes and fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the most popular items tourists love to buy are local olive oil, pine honey and tsipouro as well as other ceramic and wooden goods.

  • Take Me With You - A contemporary Greek gift shop-, designer clothing, Greek art, and unique memorabilia - Golden Beach [].

Eat[edit][add listing]

There are an immense number of restaurants and fast foods all around the island. As the quality changes from season to season its impossible to give reliable recommendations. Its better to ask other tourists for their advice while you are there.

  • La Terrasse Restaurant at the Enavlion Hotel, Golden Beach (Enavlion Hotel), (0030) 2593058222, [1]. *Traditional Greek and modern Mediterranean Cuisine. *A la Carte Restaurant / Open Daily from 12:00 - 23:00. *Buffet Breakfast 8 am - 11 am ***Reservations (0030) 2593 0 58222***  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Drinking water quality is controlled but differs from village to village. In general its safer to buy water for drinking.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

There are a huge number of hotels, pensions and private rooms for rent. It is recommended to search for a hotel of your choice in one of the websites (e.g., There are two modern camping sites in Thasos, one in Scala Prinos, the other in Scala Panagia (Golden Beach). For those who want to sleep on low budged have a look at "". There is a nice garden directly at the seaside in Scala Prinos where even nude bathing is possible.

  • Alexandra Golden Boutique Hotel, Golden Beach, Agia Paraskevi (located right on Golden Beach), (+30)25930 58212 (fax: (+30)25930 58230), [2]. A 5-star boutique hotel.  edit
  • Enavlion Hotel Batagianni, Golden Beach (Just opposite to the beach), (+30)25930 58222 (fax: (+30)25930 58223), [3].  edit
  • IlioMare Resort, Dassilio Prinou, Thassos, +30 2593 072083, [4]. IlioMare Resort is one of the best 5-star beach-side hotels. (40.755524,24.562765) edit
  • Kallisti Hotel, St. Anthony, Potos, +30 25930 53316 (, fax: +30 25930 53317), [5]. checkin: 14.00; checkout: 12.00. A 4-star hotel. From €60.  edit
  • Sunny Hotel Thassos, Chrissi Ammoudia, +30 25930 58184 (, fax: +30 25930 58185), [7]. From €55.  edit
  • Studios Soti, Golden Beach (Chrysi Ammoudia), Thassos (Just 50m to the beach), +30 25930 62104 & +30 6937295131 (, fax: +30 25930 61221), [10]. ..  edit
  • Hotel Pegasus, Limenas (Thassos Town), +302593022061, [11]. A traditional yet modern, family-run hotel, with a private pool and parking area, located in Thassos town. The nearest beach lies 700 m. away. From €50.  edit

Stay safe[edit]

The island is generally safe.

Get out[edit]

Popular destinations include Kavala, Phillippi, the Nestos Gorge and the Nestos Delta (See Kavala). Create category

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