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Tetovo is a town tucked into the northwestern corner of North Macedonia, in the shadow of Sar Mountain. The town has about 65,000 people.


The population of Tetovo city is about 70% ethnic Albanian, 25% Macedonians and 5% others. It is a third largest city in North Macedonia. Travelers will be rewarded with local hospitality and beautiful scenery.


Although there may have been inhabitants in Tetovo's area as early as the Bronze Age, Tetovo was officially mentioned for a first time in the beginning of 13th century as a small medieval Orthodox settlement around the Sveta Bogorodica church in the upper part of town.

At the end of the 14th century, Tetovo, along with all of North Macedonia, was captured by the Ottoman Empire. As the Muslim population in North Macedonia began to expand in the early Ottoman period mosques, baths, and markets began to appear as early as the 15th century. Tetovo under Ottoman tutelage became an important trade center for the local farmers and craftsmen, as well as an important military fortification. Turkish influence deeply impacted Tetovo and it was renamed Kalkandelen to reinforce the new Islamic presence. Haci Halife in the 17th century noted in his writings that Kalkandelen was expanding at an amazing rate in its lowland areas.

By the 19th century, when the population of Tetovo began to increase with settlement from the surrounding villages, the French traveler Ami Bue noted that the population had reached about 4,500 people. In 1912, due to the Balkan wars, Tetovo became a Serbian city. During World War II Tetovo was jointly ruled by Italy and its regime in Albania. The Communist Party of North Macedonia, was formed on March 19th 1943 in Tetovo.

Today, Tetovo is prosperous city with many private companies, stores, two universities and lots a things to see.

Get in[edit]

By bus[edit]

There is perfect and regular bus conection with all of the cities in North Macedonia. There is a regular bus line from/to Skopje on every 30 minutes.

By car[edit]

The highway Skopje-Gostivar goes through Tetovo. It is very nice and smooth road, but you have to pay on pay-tolls to drive on it, price 20 denars.

Get around[edit]

See[edit][add listing]

Tetovo Mosque[edit]


The mosque is located on the old side of Tetovo and is closer to the Shkumbim River. It was built in 1945 and rebuilt and expanded from the foundation in 1833 by Abdurrahman Pasha, the son of Rexhep Pasha. This mosque, which with its unique appearance, is an introductory example and artistic work of objects of Islamic, spiritual, and cultural life of the city of North Macedonia.

The look of the Mosque dates back to the 19th century, the foundations of the Old Mosque were raised by two unmarried Sisters Hurghada and Mensure Hatun. But by the end of the century. 15 which in the nineteenth century. 17 was burned, with the minaret being completely renewed, the proof of this is the marble slab that is above the mosque door in the style of the dervish of that time known Mehmed Murti and rebuilt from the foundation and extended in 1833 by Abdurrahman Pasha, the son of Rexhep Pasha.

The lavish mosque is best known for the drawings that have inside and outside the impressive décor of the Ottoman-Turkish Baroque. Inside the walls of the Mosque are the names of the Prophets, the four Caliphs and Hazrat Hasani and Hussein, as well as the frescoes of Mecca and the towns of Anatolia. Also presented are geometric and plant motifs and improvisations of buildings. According to the traditions of the dying of colors, 30,000 egg whites were spent.

Tetovo Hill[edit]


The Hill of Sun in Tetovo is located at an altitude of over 1780 m, Tetovo 18 km and from the Skopje capital is 48 km. During the Winter is the main spot in this area of ​​the ski center, which has 11 ski lifts with length 7.7 km skiing paths in altitude of 1070-2510 m. The length of the ski trails is 20 km, of which 3 are according to FIS criteria.

It is an attractive place to attract numerous visitors especially during the winter when it is covered with snow.

During the Summer Season the Hill of Sun lets the impression with its beauties, the cold water springs from Sharr Mountain, endless greenery you can also find many different kinds of mountain fruits. The calmness that prevails, the fresh air, the organization made by the mountaineers' associations to climb to the top of Tito Vërv all these good things do not stop on the Hill of the Sun so it is worth visiting and enjoying by everybody's eye.

Hamam of the City of Tetovo[edit]

988c506f-f48b 8.jpg

The hamlet of the city of Tetovo, erected in the 16th century, is located on the left bank of Shkumbim River, near the river wind, facing the Mosque. The moats are incredibly powerful because lime plaster is used as a bonding material, this Hamam is one of the most interesting places or munitions of the Ottoman era in the country, but now the Macedonian Ministry of Culture is used for art galleries and showrooms.

The Arabati Baba Teḱe Complex[edit]


Arabati Baba Teḱe was built in 1538 by Sersem Ali Dede, which lasted until 1548. This building (Bektashi pagoda) was later renamed Teḱe Harabati, which means the building of sanctity or the Temple. With the recollection of this compound there began to flourish various activities, creativity in many spheres, where at the same time the extension of the complex with the construction of many other facilities, as the well-known place of the Islamic cult, began to flourish. The complex of facilities is characteristic because the constructed facilities are integrated into a unique harmonization unit. The Arabati Baba Teḱe Complex is located near the cemetery in Tetovo.

Castle of Tetovo[edit]

The Tetovo fortress, which is located on the top of Balltepe, with an altitude of 803 meters, is 220-250 meters high and with an area of ​​108,000 square meters.

The castle of Tetovo was built in 1820 by Abdurahman Pasha. According to some oral data it is said that the beginning of construction of this monument was started by Rexhep Pasha, father of Abdurahman Pasha, and its construction lasted for nearly 20 years.

Abdurahman Pasha failed to finish building her. This cultural monument is a rare beauty of the past

Do[edit][add listing]


Vera kulturore “cultural summer”- represents the biggest event in Tetovo that is held once a year in the summer season. It includes many activities like playing dramas in the theater of Tetovo, three fun nights of musicians of the country and of the district named as “The street of umbrellas”, games, races, concerts with different artists. It lasts approximately 1 month.

Tetova feston Nȅntorin “Tetovo celebrates November”' – is traditionally held on November and lasts for about 20 days. It involves various traditional activities such as concerts and drama with renown Albanian artists at the palace of the Tetovo culture, works of art by the Albanian artist at the art gallery of Tetovo etc.

TEHO Festival- The International Choir Festival of Tetovo. The two festivals are held in the Cultural Center in Tetovo, where choral music fans have the opportunity to enjoy choir performances from Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Albania etc. The first choir festival in Tetovo was held in 1973.


Skiing Center- The Hill of Sun in Tetovo is known as a good place for skiing where a lot of tourusts come and enjoy the fresh air. It has restaurants and coffes nearby, and cottages where you can sleep by renting them.

Swimming Pools - Tropico, is a public swimming pool, located in Brvenitsa,Marsal Tito Tetovo.Besides the large siwmming pool you can use the bar to get some snacks and drinks. Aqua Park- Besides the pool, the place involves a hotel where you can stay there on summer days and enjoy the swimming pool and its beauty. Free parking included.


  • State University of Tetovo - is one of the three Macedonian state universities. The university was established in 17 December 1994. Classes are held in Albanian, Macedonian and English.
  • South East European University - It was founded in October 2001 and is a member of the European University Association. It is a recognised and accredited autonomous higher education institution which was established in 2001 by an agreement between international donors, the government of the Republic of North Macedonia and the local academic community.

Buy[edit][add listing]


Pallma Mall - Bulevar Ilirija, Tetovo, North Macedonia A great shopping center, built according to world standards, spread on 32 thousand m². A place when you can spend a good time on shopping, eating and entertaining. This Mall also has a children’s corner where kids can enjoy playing, and a 7D Cinema. There are over 30 and more of different shops, including international brands like DM, LC Waikiki, Swarovski, Tom Tailor. A free parking place is also included.

ReMall- offering a lot of shops ,known worldwide as H&M, Lamas, Top Shop etc. Owns a restaurant, coffees where you can enjoy you free time. Also it has a playground for entertaining. Free parking included.

Eat[edit][add listing]

The Shopska salad is another phenomenal, yet simple, dish to be found in Tetovo. It consists of chopped up tomato, cucumber, onion, oil, a little salt and a generous topping of a domestic feta-like cheese. The local feta is usually less sharp than feta typically found in the west by a considerable margin. Most websites with recipes simply call it a brined sheep cheese and the French are known to make a similar feta. Another local trademark is the 'Urnebes' salad, literally translated as 'chaos' or 'pandemonium' - basically cream cheese in oil mixed with ground peppers, garlic and sometimes sesame.

AJVAR - is commonly prepared in the fall, making use of the abundant harvest of red bell peppers, which are charred over a fire, peeled, and combined with roasted eggplant, garlic, oil, and vinegar, for a sauce that can be canned and eaten throughout the rest of the year. It's usually served alongside grilled meats, but can also be enjoyed on its own or as a spread. If you are curious for its taste, You can find it at any traditional restaurant in Tetovo.

BUREK - is a baked phyllo pastry filled with meat, cheese, vegetables or fruits. This kind of pastry dominates in the city and you can find it at almost any pastry shop. You can buy it for very reasonable price.

FLIJA - is an albanian specialty traditional food, made with “Sac”. That its mostly prepared in mountainous areas. It is most certainly one of the typical Albanian dishes that everyone local will recommend and is traditionally eaten on important occasions.

  • Bakal Restaurant, Marsal Tito, Brvenitsa,Tetovo. It is located in the district of Tetovo, offering a warm interior and a fresh terrace fulfilled with flowers . It offers barbecue, European food and Vegan options.  edit
  • Driada Restaurant, Gajre,Tetovo. Located on the way to the skiing center "Popova Sapka", 5km from the center of Tetovo. There you can fulfill yourself with the fresh air, eat different specialties of meat and traditional food and enjoy the best view of the Sharr Mountains.  edit
  • Dinette Restaurant and Bar, Marsal Tito 46,Tetovo. With a European look you will be served in the most luxurious way. is the ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment. with a great variety of foods like Thai, Norwegian and different European food, you will enjoy them at very reasonable prices.  edit
  • Punto Verde, Dimo Gavrovski Kara, Tetovo. Offers a great service, a really cozy place to spend hours with your loved ones. Variety of meals, prepared in the best way, like sandwiches, salads, pasta and great desserts.  edit
  • Noel Restaurant Lounge, Noel Restaurant Lounge. Located in the center of Tetovo, shares with you a great terrace, which represents an unique view of the center of Tetovo. Creativity characterizes their working day. The cuisine represents a unique mix between modern European culinary and domestic traditions.  edit
  • Sharri, Lisec,Tetovo. Close to the village Lisec, it is a place where you can enjoy the fresh air,the nature, and the variety of specialties offered. On the beautiful garden you can spend a great time with you family, do business meetings and enjoy.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Tap water is drinkable in Tetovo. Locals like to boast that, Tetovo has the best water on Balkans. Although this claim can probably be contested, the water from the central supply system is drunk by most residents. More cautious visitors are advised to buy bottled water in any shop: a variety of brands are available.

There is a throng of cafes in downtown Tetovo, most of which serve various coffee drinks, beers and liquors. Some specialty bars serve a more limited scope of beverages.

Local wines are usually of the best of quality. The more expensive the better. International brands are offered in most bars.

Rakija, a powerful brandy made from various fruits (usually plum or grape), is a local favorite. Attention: some kinds may be pretty strong for a newbie.

BOZA– it is a drink with a very special taste and you can have it for a very cheap price. If you want to try it, you can find it in sweet -shops. It is made from corn flour, sugar and water.

CAI – called as “Russian tea” , is a kind of black tea served on tiny glasses made for it. Mostly is prepared at home, but you can find it even in coffeEs or restaurants.

Turkish coffee - is very strong black coffee served with the fine grounds in it. Its prepared by mixing coffee, sugar and water, and boil it in order to be ready for drinking it. It is a very common coffee used by all at their houses. Its packed in different quantity and offered at all bars.

M House-M House is a brand that offers and produces fresh juices, sweets, sandwiches and coffee. Currently is operating two locations in Tetovo, one in Boris Kidric in the center of the city and the other on Ilindenska Street near the Universities Seeu and UT. It offers a comfortable non smoking ambient and the healthiest products for families,students,professors and other costumers.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Hotel Lirak - Ilirija 10, 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia

Situated in the town's central Illyria Square, Hotel Lirak is the oldest hotel in Tetovo. It offers free WiFi and air-conditioned rooms. The on-site restaurant serves Macedonian and international dishes. This property also has one of the best-rated locations in Tetovo

Tivoli Hotel & Restaurant - Ilirija 10, 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia

Located in the city center of Tetovo, this new and comfortable hotel is one of the leading hotels in the area for both business and leisure stays. Air conditioning, free WiFi and free parking are provided. In the evenings you can relax in the hotel bar, with its fine furnishing and relaxed atmosphere perfectly accompanied by jazz music, where you can enjoy a relaxing drink after a meal in the restaurant.

Hotel Emka - Ilindenska b.b., 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia

Situated in Tetovo, 1.2 miles from the center, Hotel Emka offers free bikes and rooms with free Wi-Fi access. Among the various facilities of this property are a fitness centre, a garden and a terrace. The units in the hotel are equipped with a TV with cable channels. The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom with a hairdryer. The rooms at Hotel Emka are fitted with a seating area. A halal breakfast is served each morning at the property. The accommodation provides an ironing service, as well as business facilities like fax and photocopying

Hotel Petroll Company - Studena Voda bb, Tetovo, Tetovo, Macedonia Hotel Petrol Company is located in Tetovo, 6km from Center of the city. Offers air-conditioned rooms. With free Wi-Fi, this 3-star hotel offers a 24-hour front desk. The units in the hotel are fitted with a TV. All rooms are fitted with a private bathroom with free toiletries, while selected rooms are equipped with mountain views. All rooms include a wardrobe.

Agropolog Hotel-Restaurant - Highway Mother Teresa,Zhelino, Zelino, Zelino, Macedonia

7 km from Tetovo. Agropolog Hotel & Restaurant offers accommodation with on-site dining. This hotel offers a 24-hour front desk and free Wi-Fi. All rooms come with a balcony. At the hotel, each room includes a desk, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. A continental breakfast is served each morning at the property.

Stay safe[edit]

Tetovo by and large is a safe place to live and visit, with violent crime against tourists being rare, however you should always use general common sense to ensure you keep out of trouble.

Get out[edit]

  • Sar Mountain - the third largest mountain in North Macedonia
  • St. Atanasie - was bombed by Albanian rebels in the 2001 Macedonia conflict, but has since been rebuilt. It is located just outside Tetovo.
  • Popova Sapka - Famous skiing center 18 km from Tetovo, the cable car is currently out of order, Taxi 400-500 MKD

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