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When to use

This template is meant for non-obvious dangers to life and limb, and should be used sparingly. Appropriate uses include:

  • "civil war in this region"
  • "devastated by earthquake last week"
  • "frequent grizzly bear attacks"
  • "death penalty for marijuana possession"

Warningboxes can be used in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, but should be removed as soon as the destination becomes reachable again (airports open, hotels available, no more plague victims).

Do not use this for minor announcements ("closed for repairs"), minor dangers ("fine for littering", "do not feed the monkeys") or obvious dangers ("do not walk on railway tracks", "do not wander down dark alleys while intoxicated").

How to use

If the danger affects the entire region, the warning box can be placed at the very top of the article. If the danger is localised or avoidable, place it under "Stay safe".

The warning message should be placed after the | in the template.

To add advisories, insert the full and direct URLs of a particular government's country-specific information into the available country parameters: australia, canada, india, ireland, nz, southafrica, uk, us

Example: {{warningbox|March 2013: a large number of strikes and protests took place across the country in response to the trials of alleged war criminals. Both supporters and detractors of the accused are in civil disobedience campaigns. Strikes frequently turned violent, with over 60 people killed. Monitor local news for updates and try to avoid large crowds and protests. |australia= |canada= |ireland= |nz= |uk= |us= }}

Travel advisories

This template allows the addition of Government travel advisories. The following links may help find URLs of official advisories: