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This template is used to display a route shield.

  • The first parameter is the system the route is in
    • For states in the US, use the state postal code
    • For US Interstate Highways, use "I"
    • For Trans Canadian Highways, use "TCH"
    • For other national highways, use the internet country code (ex. DE for Germany, CN for China)
    • If the route is not a number, use the name of the route
  • The second parameter is the number of the route (left blank if there isn't one)
  • The third parameter is the size and it is optional (do not include "px")

To display just the name of the file (for routeboxes), use 0 for the third parameter.


{{routeicon|I|75|22}} → I-75 shield.png

{{routeicon|US|1|18}} → US 1.png

{{routeicon|New Jersey Turnpike||22}} → New Jersey Turnpike.png

{{routeicon|I|95|0}} → I-95.png

{{routeicon|QC|13|0}} → 200px-Quebec Autoroute 13.svg.png


  • Many route icon images are not uploaded yet so those will not work
  • If there is a route icon image uploaded and it doesn't work, you can add it to the list on Template:Routeicon/switch or leave a post on the talk page.