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This template is used to display a color-coded map of regions and a legend with the region color, name and description. It can only cope with a maximum of 20 regions. Use of this template is as follows:

| regionmap=Image file name of the region map to display
| regionmaptext=Text to display under the map image
| regionmapsize=The size of the map image in px. Defaults to 350px if not parsed
| region1name=The name of the first region
| region1color=The HTML color code to use in the legend for the first region
| region1items=An optional list of items to appear in parentheses next to the region name
| region1description=A description of the region

The parameters above should be repeated for additional regions, but replace "region1" with "region2", "region3", etc up to a maximum of 20 regions. An example usage of this template with real data follows (descriptions have been truncated for readability):

| regionmap=Map-USA-Regions01.png
| regionmaptext=Regions of the USA
| regionmapsize=300px
| region1name=[[California]]
| region1color=#e0fa92
| region1items=
| region1description=In some ways quintessentially American, and in...
| region2name=[[Pacific Northwest (United States of America)|Pacific Northwest]]
| region2color=#38911c
| region2items=[[Washington (state)|Washington]], [[Oregon]]
| region2description=The pleasantly mild Pacific Northwest offers...