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Template:o can be used to quickly colour a span of text olive (eg: for block quotes, or for examplars) if the first parameter is left as a null -
or to colour a span of text with any given colour, such as an RGB hex code, #C9E72A, or any of the web named colours such as red, blue, green, mocassin, or darkorchid, etc, etc.


{{o|name of colour or hex code of colour|Span of text}}


Not specifying any colour   {{o||Hello, world!}}
will colour the span of text the default olive colour:  Hello, world!

While specifying any other colour will colour the span of text that particular colour.
eg  {{o|Fuchsia|Hello, world!}} gives  Hello, world!
while {{o|#00F000|Hello, world!}} gives  Hello, world!

See Wikipedia:Web colors for a list of colours.