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Travel Warning

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This template is meant for non-life-threatening warnings that could affect a traveler's possessions, finances, or health, and other notices that need presentation in an attention-grabbing format. It should be used sparingly—only if normal prose is insufficient for some reason. Appropriate uses include:


  • "airport transport scams are very common"
  • "public displays of affection could result in jail time"
  • "do not let your bags out of your sight"


  • "young children frequently get underfoot"
  • "travel to this area is restricted"
  • "passport rules have changed recently"

Do not use this for minor announcements ("closed for repairs"), tangential factoids ("George Washington slept here"), organizational disclaimers ("The exclusion of Region X from the regional hierarchy is not..."), proper life-threatening dangers ("death penalty for drug possession", "civil war active") or obvious dangers ("do not walk on expressways", "do not wander down dark alleys while intoxicated").

If the danger affects the entire region, the caution box can be placed at the very top of the article. If the danger is localized or avoidable, place it under "Stay safe".