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Tara National Park

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Tara National Park

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Mountain Tara is located In the far West of Serbia in beautiful area bounded by the Drina River between Visegrad and Bajina Basta. Tara is medium-high mountain, with an mean altitude of 1,000-1,200 meters above sea level. The highest peak is Kozji (Goat) rid with high of 1,591 meters. Mt Tara was declared a National park in 1981 with the total area of 19.175 ha. Tara is a typical forest area, and for its preservation and diversity of forest ecosystems (many of which are relict) one of the richest and most valuable forest areas in Europe. In forest sense Tara are covered with mixed forests of European Spruce, Silver Fir and European Beech (over 85 % of forest area) and specificity compared to other mountains of the Balkan Peninsula is the large number of relict and endemic forest species and plant communities.

At Tara was identified more than 40 broadleaf, deciduous - coniferous and coniferous phytocenoses, then 1,156 species of vascular flora which makes 1/3 of the total flora of Serbia. From represented 76 plant species are endemic. Special value and importance of the Serbian Spruce (Picea omorika), endemic and relict species, which is inhabits canyons and ravines of the middle course of the Drina River managed to survive the last ice age.According to the results of previous research, an area inhabited by Tara over 5O species of mammals, 140 species of birds, 23 species of amphibians and reptiles and 19 species of fish. This area is inhabited by the largest population of brown bears in Serbia. The best-known species, for which it may be said to be symbol of fauna Mt Tara, is endemorelict Pancic's grasshopper (Pyrgomorphella serbica).

Throughout the park there are numerous archaeological sites and monuments dating from the Neolithic period to modern times. Most important are the Račа Monastery, оne of the most important centers of Serbian medieval literacy, and the necropolis with tombstones in Rastiste and Perucac, which are nominated for UNESCO World Heritage List.

In Tara National Park is currently 30 hiking trails and 2 international walking corridors (European long distance walking path E7 and Via Dinarica - Green trail) in total length of about 260 km. At the beginning of all the paths and at intersections along the trail are 276 signposts.

All hiking trails are available on the web page with basic data about trails, maps, altitude profiles and links to download the GPS tracks that can be used in navigation devices and smartphones. There are few pptions to sleep in Tara National Park. There are two hotels Omorika and Beli Bor located on Kaludjerske Bare. For budget travellers there is a Tara Hostel & Hiking Center providing beds at bacpacker prices. For good food there is restaurant Kurta and Jeremicak. Both provide good traditional food.