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Tango Festival

The Tango Festival in Seinäjoki takes place every year since 1985, on one week during the month of July, usually from Wednesday to Sunday. This is a great month for a celebration like this because the weather is the best of the year and most of the people are enjoying their summer holidays. It attracts over 100,000 people every time. This is the Tango event with the most tickets sold in the world. Participants have the choice of staying at one of Seinäjokis hotels or, as the majority does, bring a camper and park at the campig sites near Seinäjoki center and just enjoy the whole day and night this spectacle. It is incredible to see thousands of people dancing in the streets, especially at the Tango Street (Tangokatu). The energy comes from the enthusiasm of people about Tango. Most of them start dancing at around 5pm until 3am. There are different tango dance floors around the festival area, either in front of the stages or in some karaoke bars, as well as several events to please different kinds of tastes. There is even a “Tango-free Zone”, with rock and jazz concerts. People can enjoy every day the Tango parade, the Tango Street, tango shows in the theater and in the Seinäjoki Arena. There is no one minute without something going on. People have to schedule what they want to see so they can make the best of it. The coronation of the Tango King and Queen is one of the most important and emotional parts of the event. These figures receive much domestic media attention and often recording contracts as well and they also perform their own shows at the tango Festival the following years. Besides the opportunity for dancing and the Tango Royalty contest, another purpose of this Festival is to show new ways to do Tango and to erase the idea that Tango has only one style, the traditional style. Tango specialists say that this rehearsal can certainly have many other ways and many innovations, such us combining Finnish Folk and Tango, or Jazz and Tango, electronic Tango and so on. It is for sure an evolutionary art that changes with time and all the surrounding influences. It is impossible to ever get bored of it because of its infinitive ways of creating it. In addition, it is not just Finnish but it also a lot of international connections that are created in this event. Many artists from around the world come also to perform in this festival. Most of the times Argentinean Tango artists come to show the distinctive Argentinean tango style.

Tango Street (day and night)

It is a great experience to be in the Tango Street and feel the excitement of people. They are dancing from 5pm until 3am. Couples have the chance to be reunited, beginners to learn and practice the basic steps and friends to have a lot of fun. It is even hard to get tired because even the sun goes down after 11pm, the day light stay all night long, so when people less expect it is 2 or 3 in the morning.

Tango free zone article - Ilona

During the Tango Festival, people, especially the youth, can attend different bars and nightclubs in the evening with different rock and jazz shows. Ilona Night Club and Karma Bar are some of the options that young ones chose to explore and enjoy the Seinäjoki Night life. For more details visit: