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Official writing is Xi'an, not Xian. Therefor moved. LiangHH, 04.01.06

Wikitravel follows most common name policy, not official name policy. Therefore moved back. Jpatokal 06:53, 4 Jan 2006 (EST)
Thank you for plunging forward. Before moving this page again please first read Wikitravel:Article naming conventions and Wikitravel:Why Wikitravel doesn't use official names. I note that Google gives:
  • Xian - 3 million references
  • Xi'an - 1.8 million references
I think Xian is the most common name, though Xi'an is also well known, so both names should be given approximately equal prominence.
Also there is a bug with having a single quote in a page name that causes page errors. I think the page should be moved back to Xian too because it is more popular and less problematic. Sorry to be a pain, but they are the guidelines. Please discuss as I know this move will be controversial. -- Huttite 07:05, 4 Jan 2006 (EST)