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I am thinking about moving the line: This may be a problem if you rent a car from the majors. to Driving in Australia and changing it to be far more general. The problem would not only apply to major (?) rental companies but all rental companies. There needs to be more explained about why it is a problem.

I fail to see why driving on unpaved roads is a problem for rental companies as it is inevitable that tourists will need to drive on them at some stage. It has never been a problem for New Zealand rental companies. There are some roads that are excluded from car insurance policies generally, so the problem is not just for the rental cars but any car owner. What the rental companies and their insurers do is put statements in their contracts like:

  • The driver/hirer is responsible for any damage to the car => you pay for repairs or pay insurance.
  • Certain roads are excluded from the insurance policy and the driver is not permitted to operate the car on those roads. => you pay for repairs as well as insurance and may lose your bond too as well as being blacklisted.

I think the problem is a lot more general in that stated, but know little about the area to define it. Can anyone else enlighten me -- Huttite 21:40, 8 Apr 2004 (EDT)

Normally driving on unsealed roads with a car rented in Sydney from a major car rental company is not a problem. You can't go off-road, but a gravel road is usually no problem. --Inas 05:23, 25 September 2008 (EDT)