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The section about bears seems like a lot of information on a rather specific topic that's tangential to backpacking, and possibly applicable in other contexts. It only applies in certain areas, and there are other animals that are more likely to pose a threat in other places (e.g. moose and cougars, where I've been). Do we need a separate article on bear safety (and one on cougar safety, etc.) or is this best handled in the individual articles where bears/moose/cougars/gryphons/etc are likely to be encountered? - Todd VerBeek 08:38, 20 June 2007 (EDT)

Good point. I appreciate your feedback. Yes, the bear info is somewhat excessive in relation to the article and is also not fully relevant to the topic (though not totally misplaced). Obviously, there is more that can be done in the event of a bear attack than say one by a lion or a moose. So, perhaps other animals do not need such extensive info and a simple warning to avoid their habitat is sufficient. Otherwise, perhaps a specific page dedicated to dangerous wild animals and safety could be established under an umbrella title. As someone who has encountered a bear, I think the info should definitely be in here, but in which format and where, I'm not sure. Personally, I would not favor placing the info on articles for places where these animals exist, because it would seem an unnecessary repetition. Take bears for example, barring Northern Europe, they exist in almost every temperate country, and so many articles would need to lose space to host exactly the same info. A link, as for 'high altitude sickness', would seem more appropriate. Anyway, just throwing out some ideas. By the way, to digress, did you see the movie 'Grizzly Man' about the guy who lived among grizzles in Alaska? He was one hell of a crazy guy, but you had to give him credit for living his passion... WindHorse 09:18, 20 June 2007 (EDT)

Coming from norway, this section seems a little excessive, yes. However after having hiked in the Rocky Mountains, I see the relevance. Impossible to camp in the mountains in the US without bear safety being a major issue. I assume it is similar in russia too.-- 18:58, 18 September 2009 (EDT)