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Geographically and culturally Wales is divided into these regions:

In 1996 the following administrative areas were created:

So I moved this stuff here for an overhaul. First, do we need all of this? Is it really going to be useful to the majority of travellers? It there going to be enough content at each level to make it worth a users while to go Wales->South Wales->Cardiff(district)->Cardiff(city)? What would be on the North Wales article that would not be part of Wales or one of the destinations in North Wales? Secondly, the links need to be reworked to disambiguate districts from cities where needed (ie Cardiff) or from other places like Newport. Comments? Help? Majnoona 01:26, 31 Jan 2004 (EST)

I agree with you that perhaps the Admin districts are over the top. However, I think we need something to allow tourists to identify with particular areas. The problem at the moment in Wales is that there are the main geographical areas, the old traditional counties (which only exist in peoples minds, not on maps or road-signs), the old admin areas and the new admin areas. A good example is Glamorgan, this is the old county which doesn't really exist anymore, the old admin areas of South, Mid and West Glamorgan, and the multiple new admin counties such as Vale of Glamorgan etc etc. These all cover the same area. If you look at Wales Geography you'll see more information. My suggestion is that we add the geographical/cultural areas (North, South, Mid and West) and just give a verbal reference to the existence of the current admin areas to avoid confusion when people see them on road-signs. Liassic

Whilst from a tourist perspective a split of Wales say into say South, Mid and North is generally more useful, however there is some point in refering to the administrative areas, (or Unitary Authorities Areas) since generally each of these authorities has a department for promoting tourism within their territory, and may have some useful content on part of their website, even an official tourism website. (Added 10/1/7)