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Would it be out of line to make any more mention of the Branch Davidians than is already here? It's clearly not a topic that anyone in Waco relishes, but some of the surviving Davidians still live on the land, welcome visitors to a museum of sorts they have there and even give tours. Gorilla Jones 10:03, 20 October 2006 (EDT)

I think explaining what the beliefs are and what led up to the show down would be alright. I wouldn't get into all the details, though. -- Sapphire
I don't think anyone comes to Waco because of the Branch Davidians... and I always dislike folks associating Waco with this since it actually happened in Elk and not Waco proper. Just my two cents -- Samalex

I added a By Train section and mentioned the Amtrak station in McGregor, but I'm unsure if someone can rent a car there. If anyone knows this, please update the article since this is a great way to travel... Thanks -- Samalex