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@User:Texugo: Why do you insist in putting Cachoeira and Aracaju as the major routes through Vitoria? Aracaju is much less important than both Salvador and Porto Seguro to begin with. The latter two are historical and cultural city that most brazilians and foreigners want to visit. What is there in those other cities that would make visitors change their destinations? I've been to Aracaju myself and I can say easily Salvador and Porto Seguro are much more important cities.

If you want highlight those other cities for some other reasons, do it in the right place (like "get out" sections or create a "off the beaten path" section). Plus Guarapari has no "í" in the end. I don't know where you got that. Check the wikitravel article of Guarapari yourself. -- Ricardo, April 17, 2009 9:25 UTC

I don't think you quite grasped the concept Routeboxes, it's meant for exploring the cities along a highway route - in this case the BR101, and should contain the two nearest towns we have guides for along the route, not the most interesting ones - it has nothing to do with notability. --Stefan (sertmann) Talk 05:43, 17 April 2009 (EDT)
I do get that those are cities along the BR101 route and that was already my assumption, Stefan. However, your hypothesis of "nearest" is unrealistic. By that assumption, we would need to list cities like São Mateus, Linhares, Teixeira de Freitas, etc. which are also in the BR101 route and are much nearer to Vitória than Aracaju, for example. How do you choose the best one? Since this is a site of tourism, I assume the listed cities should be the ones more interesting touristically, therefore, Salvador and Porto Seguro. You may argue that those cities aren't exactly in the BR101 route, requiring some sort of detour. If that's your argument, we have to remove also Rio, Vitória, Guarapari, etc. from that list. However, from Vitória, to get to Porto Seguro or Salvador, 99% of the route is through BR101. So, I insist on putting them there. Your points didn't convince me. -- Ricardo, 2:50, 20 April 2009 (UTC)
Just read the concept of routebox and I advise you and User:Texugo to do it. The minor destination should be the next nearest city in that route for which Wikitravel has an article. I don't know if Porto Seguro is the nearest but it is certainly nearer than Cachoeirinha. The major destination should be the next large metropolitan city or junction. Again, Salvador is nearer than Aracaju in that route. And the article clearly says that the city doesn't need to be exactly in the route to be included. -- Ricardo, 11:41, 20 April 2009 (UTC)
The two nearest are not that complicated, it simply implies the two nearest we have guides for, so if there are any towns or villages nearer than the two listed with pages on WT, please feel free to change them. The two major are the ones highway signs would post you are driving towards. --Stefan (sertmann) Talk 09:36, 20 April 2009 (EDT)