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File:i think that writing a 250 eassy a bout this mount vesuvius is hard because u do not give u enougth details and it boring

Wikitravel isn't really here to be an academic source. The site is intended as a travel guide. Perhaps wikipedia would be a more suitable source for an academic work? Nrms 07:46, 27 October 2008 (EDT)

Who is the smartass that wrote that upper level parking will cost you an arm and a leg? How about providing the actual cost, idiot?

Needs information/map about where the parking area actually is... SECONDED! Looking at the map, there are at least 3 roads up towards the crater, and no article here or anywhere else actually tells you which one to take - I have to assume that the signposts lead you to it, but since one of them appears to come from the other side of the mountain, it would be useful to know which end to drive to.

4 June 2011 - Re walking from San Vito: We arrived in San Vito and could find no trace of any walking routes. The manager of San Vito's only (I think) hotel had no idea what we were talking about. Some more detail on the walking route from San Vito would be helpful - to save people a very dull walk back down to the bottom to get one of the 'tour' buses. JDF.