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Air quality?[edit]

How is the air quality?

How polluting/clean is the transit?

In the winter, do people directly burn coal or wood in stoves? How are the homes heated?

How is power generated? Are there any green energy sources?

How is the air in the outlying areas as compared to the center city and around the port?

Climate section for insertion (tech help please).[edit]

Valparaíso has a very mild Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csb) closely resembling that of San Francisco or Santa Barbara at a similar latitude in the northern hemisphere. The summer is essentially dry, but the city is affected by fogs from the Humboldt Current during most of the year. In the winter, rainfall can occasionally be extremely heavy when a powerful frontal system crosses central Chile, but frequency of such rains varies greatly from year to year. Snowfall occurs rarely in the highest parts of the city. In winter, strong winds can make the thermal sensation drop below the freezing point.

There is a very nice article on the climate in Valparaíso at

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