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I stayed at the lizbon guesthouse and had a very positiv experience. The former nomadic family ıs runnıng the guesthouse for the last 12 years. I can highly recomend the place where you can find out much about kurdish culter and how it changed over the last 60 years. The lovely owners are very helpful and more than happy to help you out with tours, informations or just having a chat. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)

The above highly suspicious recommendation was written using a Turkish keyboard and includes letters only found on Turkish computers.Don't let yourself be fooled into believing that this is genuine. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)

Urfa Harran and Gobeklitepe Tours[edit]

I had a tour from ura and it was great. I want to recomend to everybody. I didint stay the night at urfa cause it was very hot so i just pass to Kahta, and stayed in a Wooden and perfect aircontion Hotel, i want to advice every body who want to see urfa and Nemrut .

The Tour was like That : First visit Sanliurfa, visit Abrahams Cave and the Pools of Holy Carp surrounding it, than walk around oriental covered bazaar.Then drive Harran a village of Spellbinding Mud-Birck "beehive" houses mentioned in the book of genesis where Abraham spend last years of his life.Visit the ruins of Harran including city walls, oldest islamic university and the castle dated to eighteen century, drive to Kahta on the way visit Ataturk Dam. - Spend the night in Kahta Kommagene Hotel -2. Day : Wake up 2.00 am for sun rise tour to Nemrut Mountain. -Departure From Kahta at 02:00 am Route : Start from Kahta directly go to Nemrut mountain;watch sun rise , visit the statues ,East Terace , West Terace , and than line up go to Arsemia (old castle ) , New castle ( Eski Kahta Kalesi ) , Roman Bridge (Cendere Köprüsü ) , Black bird Tumulus ( Karakus Tepesi ) and than back to Adiyaman Kahta. - So our tour finish in Kahta, After that we will help you to take a bus from Kahta where ever you want.

I took that tour from Kommagene Hotel and Tour company. The tour was great and i want to advice this people everybody who want to see urfa and Nemrut.Their phone number is +905322003856 and e-mail is : [email protected] . They usually help for everything even bus tickets.

I hope everybody will enjoy Their trip.

Additions being identified as touting[edit]

Hi Yesterday Wrh2 (I think) removed both my listings from the Urfa page, simply becasue two listings were deemed touting. I get where you are coming from, but I am legitimatly representing a home stay operation in Sanliurfa and the Abraham Path Initiative (non-profit walking route created by Harvard University). I created and represent Yuvacali Village Home Stays, which I do on a voluntary basis, and which has been listed on Wikitravel since its inception. I took over as International Respresentative for the AP Initiative in Urfa about 6 months ago. I have two separate websites and two separate email addresses, and I am involved in two, non-profit sustainable outfits. How is that deemed touting? One is accommodation only, and one is an activity (i.e. 'walk the Path'. Of course, if they are removed again, I will get another member of the API team to post Abraham's Path, and then that will not be deemed as touting... Thoughts, please

In general, providing information about one's own organizations is deemed touting ;) But, that is not prohibited. Wikitravel:Don't tout does not allow more than one listing per business, though. More importantly, we have a really strict policy regarding tours, as Wikitravel is intended to be a primary resource to encourage independent travel (i.e., Wikitravel should be the only guide a traveler needs, and the information on how to get around to interesting places should be written here). I tried to clean things up at least a little bit in the sleep section, and added a note that Yuvacali Village Home Stays can arrange treks throughout the area, and your email is there, so I think that should take care of both your concerns and the usual Wikitravel policy concerns. (No one has a problem with what you're doing in Turkey, us janitors just try our best to uphold the site's policies.) --Peter Talk 14:44, 26 July 2012 (EDT)