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Italian Unification[edit]

I'wold ask to add historical information about the city.

Torino was the first Italian capital (from 1861 to 1865) in the Italian unification. The celebration for 150 year will be in the 2011.

Winter Olympic Games[edit]

I'm going to open a special section in Turin page to handle all Olympic-related infos. There are a lot of special infos that are useless for a normal visit but very useful for next month event (as transportation issues) and inserting them among others is a bit messy (and it will be easier to delete them after the event). Hope I'm not wrong. -- Simone 07:25, 19 Jan 2006 (EST)

Go ahead! Jpatokal 09:47, 19 Jan 2006 (EST)
I wonder if we should instead have a Winter Olympics 2006 "special event" guide. --Evan 11:11, 19 Jan 2006 (EST)
I've thought that too, but many of the infos about Olympics are infos about the host city and the other are useless after the event, creating a special page would be a duplication. Maybe a page listing future Olympics could be more useful, but ,as a reader, i would expect to find infos on Beijing 2008 in the Beijing page. Simone 12:30, 19 Jan 2006 (EST)


Here's the Olympic info I deleted since it's over. Some of this stuff might be usefully re-incorporated in the page:

XX Winter Olympics[edit]

Torino 2006 XX Winter Olympic Games [1] will take place from February 10 to 26, 2006. The center of the Winter Olympics is Turin, here are press and tv center, the main Olympic Village, most of accommodation facilities and this is the centre of the transport network to/from mountain competition sites.

The Olympics will take place partly inside the city and partly in the mountain are between Chisone Valley (Pragelato and Sestriere) and High Susa Valley (Bardonecchia, Cesana and Sauze D'Oulx). The town of Pinerolo will host Curling competitions.



The best way to travel around in the city is public transport: GTT (Turin Transports Group) has beefed up its transportation network with more vehicles and improved timetables, and has set up a special transport network to deal with Olympic fans, the X lines. These lines have fewer stops than normal ones and great part of their route is on a reserved lane (Olympic Lane). Daily Olympic Pass (cost 5€) is a special card that allow you to travel all day long on every X line and on the whole public transportation network.

by car: outside the city 11 parking lots (9 free and 2 by booking) have been set up. Follow signals placed along the highway ring to get there. It is not possible to park near the competitions sites and is strongly recommended that you avoid entering the city by car. Every parking lot is connected to the X line network.

by train: Every Turin FS stations (Porta Nuova, Porta Susa, Lingotto and Torino Dora) is connected with the competitions sites, non-competition sites (Olympic Village, Olympic Stadium, Medal Plaza) and with main hotels by the X lines. This has been named train&ride system. Porta Susa station is the arrival place for Caselle Airport railway link.

Mountain Areas[edit]

by train: probably the best choice. There are two main railway line connecting Turin to Olympic Sites: Torino-Pinerolo line and Torino-Oulx-Bardonecchia line. Ride approx every 30 minutes. There are a number of special daily or multi-daily discounted pass.

by car: private car are not allowed to access Olympic Mountain Sites, there are a number of parking lot connected to competitions sites by free shuttle. Pay attention! Some of them are booking-only and you have to book your car park in advance at otherwise you will be rejected. This has been named Park&Ride system. There's no other way to access Mountain Sites by car, only inhabitants or guests with accommodations can apply for a limted number of special pass.

by bus: in order to let fans move freely around mountain areas has been set up a 4 lines, 24/7, free public transport network, the Dorsale Olimpica Montana (DOM). To deal with increased number on fans, on competition days there will be a special shuttle line departing from parking lots approx 4 hours before the competition starting and getting back when the competition have ended.

Olympic Locations[edit]

  • Torino -- the Olympic centre, is where every medal will be assigned (in Piazza Castello/Medal Plaza) and where on-track competitions will take place. Here is the main Press Center and the main Olympic Village.
  • Pinerolo -- medium-size city south-west of Torino, one of the two main roads to access Olympic Mountains.
  • Bardonecchia -- small town right off Frejus tunnel, host the second Olympic Village.
  • Cesana - San Sicario -- host the bob/skeleton/sledge track.
  • Pragelato -- host ski jumping and cross-country skiing.
  • Sauze D'Oulx -- beautiful town in the middle of wonderful woods, its ski resort is connected with Sestriere in Via Lattea ski resort.
  • Sestriere -- centre of one of greatest ski resort in Europe, host the third Olympic Village

check to know about competition locations, dates and schedule.

Safety and Restrictions[edit]

Every competition site access point will be equipped with metal detectors and x-ray machines. There will be also police officers manually inspecting your bags. Access to Olympic Sites will be denied to:

  • people not provided with tickets or pass.
  • people refusing safety checks.
  • people carrying objects subject to restriction.

In order to accelerate safety checks you'd better carrying only unavoidable necessities. Italian police are probably less paranoid than American police but it is still nearly impossible challenge policemans' statement (even if you are right).

Object prohibited at the Olympic Sites are:

  • cans and bottles, both plastic and glass-made
  • sprays
  • fireworks
  • lighter, helmets, coins
  • every object useful for damaging event facilities.

Objects subject to restrictions are:

  • Animals
  • balls, frisbees and such
  • bikes, skateboards, mopeds
  • cameras, videocameras and any other device capable of audio or video recording
  • trumpets and such
  • lasers
  • unauthorised commercial signage
  • flags bigger than 1.8 by 0.9 meters and flags for countries not taking part in the competition
  • food and beverages
  • big bags
  • unauthorised flyers or promotional gadgets

All Olympic Sites are Non-Smoking areas.

Royal Armoury added[edit]

The Armeria Reale is worth seeing in Torino. It can take 90 minutes if you are a boy, but female companions will be bored or horrified. 07:34, 26 April 2010 (EDT)

Turin or Torino?[edit]

US Olympic TV coverage used the Italian spelling, and I notice that the Padua article is listed under Padova. That seems to me to be a perfect analogy: Either we should go with Turin and Padua or Torino and Padova. Ikan Kekek 20:34, 3 January 2012 (EST)