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I'm curious about the comment under places to stay that talks about electricity provided by a generator and thus turned off after midnight. Granted, I did not stay at that same place, I stayed slightly further south down the road at a place that strictly rented cabanas, but my understanding was that there had been some kind of discussion/agreement/vote by inhabitants along the Tulum coastline, with general consensus that they didn't want to turn into a bright-lights-all-night hotspot (like Cancun just north), so they used solar power; thus where I stayed the electricity was on each evening until it ran out, then off till the sun came up again. Also, I wonder whether it is appropiate (and am a little unsure about phrasing) to warn travelers that (some?) taxi drivers and (some?) restaurants have agreements established directing passengers/customers to each other. (My friend and I took a taxi into town looking for a particular restaurant highly recommended in our guide book. The taxi driver claimed never to have heard of the restaurant; he drove us around a couple blocks "looking for" the restaurant then dropped us off beside a restaurant he recommended - and had business cards for - several blocks from the taxi stand. We decided to look for our restaurant for a couple minutes and found it...directly beside the taxi stand! The restaurant he recommended might have been fine, but if you want to go some place in particular, it's helpful to know that you may have to find it on your own... Kengwen 17:40, 19 February 2007 (EST)