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So should all the diseases currently linked below be merged into this page? It would certainly be more portable that way... and links like Malaria can be redirected to Tropical diseases#Malaria. Jpatokal 00:58, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)

There may be justification for having separate article on an intricate disease like Malaria or covering a major topic like food poisoning but I do not think every disease need to be enumerated and described in its own article. This is one of those Slippery slopes. -- Huttite 01:06, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)
I very strongly agree. After deleting the nominated typhoid and avian influenza articles I noticed that there are several more here (mosquitoes, yellow fever, dengue, etc). I think it would be best to keep things to a single page with a brief description of what the disease is, necessary precautions, and affected areas. Adding a link to the CDC or Wikipedia would suffice for those wanting more info. The specifics of, for example, how polio was nearly eradicated aren't necessarily relevant for a travel guide. -- Wrh2 15:06, 4 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Page Reversion[edit]

So I reverted the page! Yes I know that is a rather agressive move but I felt the page had been changed too much, and wrongly, so decided to go back to the previous good version. I had the following issues with the direction the page was being taken.

  1. Several non-goal articles were being created, and the potential for a lot more were apparently proposed.
  2. Some diseases were deleted => information loss
  3. Diseases were being confused Typhus is not Typhoid - I checked when I put them in.
  4. Specific diseases were being talked about when the more general ones were not. eg Avian Influenza may be specific to Asia but Influenza is not and should be covered too.
  5. Wikitravel is not a medical encyclopaedia.

I think this article should be kept fairly simple, for the lay-person, explaining precautions the traveller can take generally. Instead of writing another scientific disease article we should reference more elaborate scientific articles on other websites. I will try and incorporate some edits made into the article. -- Huttite 01:01, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)

I think there should be a general discussion which health topics should be mentioned in a travel guide.
1. You`re right, Wikitravel is not a medical encylopaedia
2. If I confused Typhus with Typhoid Fever, I regret!
On the other hand (my opinion) a travel guide should not only mention that a disease exist, but also give information about symptoms, precautions, vaccinations (& requiements), and the way the disease may be acquired. But the informations must be of value for the traveller. And it`s hard to give this information in only one sentence on a `general` site (e.g. tropical diseases). So there should be a general decision: more detailed information about every disease important for a traveller (e.g. Malaria, Hepatitis, AIDS, ...), which means a separate page for each disorder or only a brief introduction into the field without any specific diseases listed (so the user/ traveller must look for information elsewhere).
For me, it`s the first way I prefer ... -- Tniehoff 15:48, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)
I agree that the traveler should be informed about the diseases that exist and that is what I think this article should be about. Rather than just one sentence about a disease, I think there should be a couple of paragraphs, at least. Once we have that on this page, perhaps then we can launch forth into individual articles. However, by that stage the key information should have been communicated in the basic article.
Mind you, I think concentrating on the disease is the wrong approach. To go down that path is to presume you already know what disease you have. If that is the case then there is a lot more information that can be extracted from a google search than we could ever have on Wikitravel. I would rather see a concentration on Signs, Symptoms and History as that is what the traveler needs to render first aid to themselves and others. If you vomit, cannot get off the toilet, bleed, have pains or swelling, you know you are sick, though you probably do not care too much what you are sick with. All you really need to know is do I need to get to a doctor? now? or should I wait till morning?, should I go to a hospital or call an (air) ambulance or is an undertaker needed?
Certainly we should have information about vaccinations. But the details change from time to time, even within the year, so too much detail should be avoided as it will be difficult to keep up to date. We should deal in the general and advise people to consult an experienced doctor and relevant websites for the most current information. -- Huttite 17:52, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)
OK, you`ve won. Probably it`s time for WikiMedic or so. And now my pager makes me going to the A&E ... (-: -- Tniehoff 23:21, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)

Name change[edit]

Many of the diseases/ailments listed on this article, such as influenza, HIV, diarrhea, SARS etc etc, are not confined to tropical regions, so I propose that we 1. change the title to something more appropriate or 2. transfer the non-tropical diseases to a new article titled ???. WindHorse 12:13, 11 June 2007 (EDT)

And three and a half years later I agree with you. Condoms prevent tropical diseases!? --inas 20:22, 15 December 2010 (EST)