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(For a trinidadian living outside of T&T i must say that this article is a bit too inconclusive to be considered informative. I like roti just as much as the next person, however i don't think it merits being the unofficial official meal of T&T.. because of how varied food and culture is in trinidad and tobago, no single meal can effectively be considered as such.)

Some Indian owned homes.The majority of the populastion are decended from Blacks from Africa and Indians from India. The Racism is between the two not the indiggies. Asshole should meet people from more than one race. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)

As a black trini I was brought up with hot and cold running water and en suite bathrooms. Trinindad has great poverty wealth(oil money) racism and corruption.....I would suggest more travel around trinindad. Some parts are county and some are lovely black,indian or white suburbs. Education culminates in international o`levels and a`level from Oxford & Cambridge. Wealthy blacks tend go to college in Canada or England. Indians Trinidad or India. A Degree allow freedom of movement throught the Carrib via Carricom. In the UK and US Indians rejected Trinidad indians as most are of mixed blood. This has produced a strange Hindu nationalism bent on taking over the country through easy immigration from India a la Fiji. This is the root of an ever worsening racial situation. Canada has huge links with the black trini population. Most blacks travel there and to Venezuala. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)

I don't know where to start with this garbage from an unsigned, anonymous user. I think you have your facts "wrongside" as they say. Yes, I am an Trini Indian, but I sense deep racial overtones in your post! First of all, there is quite a large population of Trinidad Indians in North America. New York and Toronto have huge Trini Indian populations. In New York (where I lived for 6 years, until last year) there are huge Trinidad Indian populations in Queens (Richmond Hill, "Liberty", Ozone Park). There are also many Trini Indians in Florida. Due to the worsening crime situation (which has steadily declined with the PNM Government in power) many Trinidadians are fleeing for the states and Canada. Almost all of my family is in the US, and those that aren't are coming, because under the PNM, crime has gotten worse and worse. Secondly, Trinidad Indians are of mixed blood? Explain that one. FWIW, Indians in India are of mixed blood, so I don't get what you're saying. In the US, Indians (from India) don't "reject" Trinidad Indians. Rather, the cultural incompatibilities stem from the lack of a common Indian language (Trinidadians don't usually speak Hindi) and most Trini Indians don't know where in India they are from. But most of my Indian co-workers have no problem socializing with me and even inviting me to their homes. As for Indian "racism" in Trinidad, you are only talking about Sat maharaj and a few fundamentalists. The majority of Indians simply want a crime free and peaceful Trinidad which is not happening under PM Manning. People are FED UP of the crime situation and of Indian businessmen/businesswomen being kidnapped and killed by G-d only knows who. Finally, more Indians from Trinidad are going to college in the USA and Canada (many of my friends, in fact) than India. Not just wealthy folks, but many poor Indians who do well in school and who win scholarships. So next time, get your facts straight and please stop spreading this propaganda.Rjairam 21:58, 10 February 2007 (EST)


The article says that five of the world's major religions are represented in Trinidad. This should be clarified. For example, there is not a large Jewish community in Trinidad (Judaism being a major religion). This could be of importance to visitors from North America and Europe (especially Eastern Europe).Rjairam 19:49, 2 February 2007 (EST)

Actually, there is a small Jewish community in Trinidad - numbering approximately 100 persons. True, there is no synagogue or rabbi, but the community is there and it active.


Is June-September a bad time to visit? Thanks, 11:28, 1 May 2007 (EDT)

Main-Major airport/s in Trinidad-Tobago[edit]

Ok, this may seem obvious but what is the main airport to get into Trinidad from the outside? 19:58, 8 September 2007 (EDT)

Added. Jpatokal 02:32, 9 September 2007 (EDT)

Answer: POS (Port-of-Spain) has commercial service from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Miami, FL (MIA), Newark (EWR), and New York City's JKF Airport (JFK).

Houston (IAH) is also accessible.

Legal Handguns[edit]

What are the policies (official and customary) of honoring foreign Concealed Carry Permits for tourists who wish to carry their legally licensed handguns while visiting Trinidad & Tobago? What weapons can an American carry for self defense?